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I recently stumbled upon a marketplace which finally lead me to this Torrez market review.

The sole reason I decided of getting this review out is because I saw the marketplace offering a number of “never-before” features.

Is it the best darkweb market out there? Probably not. Or, maybe it is? Everyone has their own definition of “best”.

But, if you’re searching for a darkweb market, there aren’t many things you wouldn’t like about it. Here are some of the questions I’ve answered in this Torrez review:

Let’s proceed then?

Torrez Market Overview

Before you commit yourself to this Torrez market review, here’s a glimpse of the marketplace in general:

  • Tor URL: yxuy5oau7nugw4kpb4lclrqdbixp3wvc4iuiad23ebyp2q3gx7rtrgqd
  • Wallet-less: Yes
  • Centralized wallet: Yes (optional)
  • Payments: BTC/XMR/LTC/ZEC
  • Vending: Allowed, $250.00 one-time fee.
  • Vending commission: 4%-5%/sale (paid by vendors).
  • Escrow: Standard + Multisig transactions
  • 2-FA: PGP / TOTP (third-party apps, time-based OTPs).
  • Security PIN: Yes
  • Mnemonic code: Yes
  • Age: 9 months.

Alternative Mirrors: 

Formed an idea of the marketplace? If you did, and you like it, your time on this Torrez market review wouldn’t be wasted.


We are not encouraging you to buy/sell/trade on Torrez market. Most items/goods/services/products on the marketplace are illegal.

Hence, buying/selling on the marketplace is mostly illegal. Do not trade on the marketplace. If you choose to trade on the marketplace, you disclaim us from all your actions.

Hence, all and any of your actions will 100% be your own responsibility. This Torrez market review is only for educational purposes. Using it for illegal purposes is prohibited.

We can’t be held liable for your losses or actions in any case whatsoever.

Does Torrez Market Need Registrations?

Yes, it does. Alike all darknet markets, the registration-form is completely anonymous. Here’s what it looks like:

The registration  doesn’t have a “wait-period” either. You sign up, and the account is activated instantly.

So, the only required details are a username, a password, and a security PIN. The PIN is optional and hence even that can be left blank.

After registration, Torrez markets provides a 12-word mnemonic code. Its “unique” traits start right here.

It’s the only marketplace in the industry which offers the mnemonic code in 5 different languages.

This code is used not only to recover accounts, but also to reset the security PIN if and when it’s lost.

What Products are Available on Torrez Market?

What exactly do you expect from Torrez knowing it’s a darknet market? Most of those expectations can be purchased on the marketplace (with a few exceptions.)

So, it has exactly 4748 listings as of today. Just so you get an idea, the number has grown +150 in the last 24 hours alone. It sees an average of 100-150 new products everyday.

Obviously, the standard darknet categories such as drugs, fraud, services, carded items, software & malware etc. are available.

However, you’d not find any “transfers”. Meaning, those $1000 PayPal transfer for $100.00 and other similar products (for Western Union, Bitcoins, Bank or anything else.) These are banned.

Similarly, you also wouldn’t find prepaid cards listed. Do not confuse this with cards in general. Cards and CVV are sold. “Prepaid/toupable” cards are prohibited.

Fentanyl, poison, weapon, and organs are some other items not allowed to be sold on the marketplace.

Is Torrez Market Wallet-Less?

Considering the Empire Market exit-scam, this has become one of the most important factors users seek in a marketplace, hasn’t it?

If you’re new, just know that wallet-less marketplaces do not require advance deposits. You do not have to keep funds on the market. You only pay for each order, individually.

Fortunately, yes, Torrez market is primarily wallet-less. That’s the mode it was launched with.

However, recently, they also implemented centralized wallets. Note that these are completely optional. You may choose to ignore these completely and still use the market to its fullest extent.

Again, if you’re new, centralized wallets are wallets on the marketplace. First these wallets need to be funded and only then these funds can be used for payments. It’s riskier than the wallet-less mode.

What Are the Payment Cryptocurrencies and Policies?

Torrez totally impressed me here. It accepts the following Cryptocurrencies for payments:

  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, ZCash (both T and Z addresses).

All the Cryptocurrencies can be used either for wallet-less payments, or, can be deposited to the centralized market wallet for each Cryptocurrency respectively.

Each deposit address (wallet-less checkout) can be used for up to 4 times, only if you sent insufficient funds the first time. However ,sending more than the order-amount counts as donation and isn’t refunded.

What Are The Torrez Market Vending Policies?

Torrez isn’t a single-admin marketplace. Hence, anyone can apply to be a vendor on the marketplace. The vendor-bond costs $250.00.  On top of this, there’s a 4%-5% commission on each sale.

Alike most other darknet markets, this bond isn’t required for established  vendors (those who can prove the same.)

Vendors are assigned “ranks” based on the number of sales. These help buyers filter the more established, legit vendors from the newer, potential scammers.

The list above shows how you can calculate a vendor’s no. of sales depending on their ranks. However, such details (no. of sales/ feedback etc.) are also directly shown on a vendor’s account for better transparency.

Does Torrez Market offer Multisig Transactions?

It most definitely does. Multisig transactions make sure no one party scams the other. Because there are 3 signatures required for a transaction to go through, it’s a more secure form of transactions.

The multisig protects user-funds in case the vendor or the market exit-scam. Other scenarios may include the market getting seized, or shutdown due to attacks.

As long as 2 of the three involved parties (market/vendor/buyer) are available, a transaction can be processed.

Obviously, the standard escrow is available as well. Also, XMR is limited to the normal Escrow and isn’t available for multisig transactions.

Is Torrez Market Secure?

I wish to make this Torrez market fair, honest and transparent. So, I’d not make a direct comment. Rather, let me discuss the available security features and then I’ll let you be the judge.

Remember the “security PIN” we set during registration? That’s just one layer of protection it provides to your funds.

2-Factor authentication can be enabled via PGP. It’s standard, expected and not unique yet secure.

However, the market also offers TOTPs (Time-based OTPs). I’m sure you’ve heard of, or used Google Authenticator? That’s just one of the apps which can be integrated with Torrez to receive one-time OTPs valid for a specific duration.

The mnemonic code, while not exactly a “security” feature still can be counted as one. Primarily because it lets you recover your account in case you lose it. Or, reset your security PIN in case your account is hacked.

The market also has a number of back-end security features. E.g. it removes all “timestamps” from the site. This prevents, or minimizes profiling risks.

Complete order-data too is deleted after a specific amount of time (not specified.) This is basically like a “no log policy” that VPNs offer. If there’s no data, nothing can be traced back to you, right?

And then, it also allows deleting accounts completely. This is the wipeout feature which removes your existence from the marketplace.

Did I mention the warrant canary that it publishes every 14 days? Well yes, that’s there as well

So, in my opinion, well yes it’s secure. But hey, you decide for yourself.

Conclusion – Torrez Market Review

So, is Torrez a good darkweb marketplace? I’d say definitely. I mean,  do you see any major features missing? I sure don’t.

Obviously there are things it didn’t opt for, e.g. the “login phrase”. But then, that can’t be a reason why someone will reject the marketplace altogether, right?

It’s the first marketplace which offers both a wallet-less and centralized wallet-modes. It accepts 4 Cryptocurrencies. Multisig transactions aren’t missing either. Even 2-FA is possible not just via PGP but also other apps.

The only aspect that’s not at its best right now is its no. of products. But, that probably will increase in the near future, won’t it?

So, for now, I’ll conclude this Torrez market review saying that if you need a darknet market or an Empire Market alternative, it’s definitely worth a peek.