Legal Tor Links

Finding Tor links isn’t easy, and when it comes to finding legal links the hardship only increases considering how the Deep/Dark web is ill-famous for its illegal nature.

To solve this, we compiled a list of nearly 60 working, legal Tor links. Accessing any one of these deep web links is completely legal, and the working status of each tor website has manually been verified as of 30th August, 2018.

We’ve included everything that may interest you folks, and is still legal, such as whistle-blowing sites, free e-books, deep web forums for discussions, Bitcoin mixers and so on.

Note that the only two things guaranteed are the links’ working status, and their legality. However, how you use the links may at times lean towards illegal activities for which this article isn’t responsible.

If you are new to Tor network, check out this guide to know how to access Tor websites.

Legal Tor Links

bbzzzsvqcrqtki6umym6itiixfhni37ybtt7mkbjyxn2pgllzxf2qgyd.onionForum and marketplaceBreaking Bad

Talking of legal Tor links, BreakingBad is a forum that started out purely as an educational forum. Today, with over 10,000+ members, a very active marketplace, a wiki, and many dozen groups it’s one of the best dark web forums. It can be used to buy/sell items, learn more about chemicals and meet people from around the globe. The market can be used free of charge, although, there’s an escrow available for 5% of the transaction fee. It even has a drug combination feature that tells you the results for combining any two drugs.


One of the best uses the onion network could be put to, SecureDrop is one of those legal Tor links which lets people expose corruption in govt. / private organizations, or by VIPs / individuals. It’s a file-upload network where anyone can upload the potentially exposing documents without having to reveal their identities. Upon file-upload a secret string is provided which is used for further communication hence this random string is the only element which links an uploader to any uploaded file. Monitored by some of the leading news outlets on the planet and hence if and when the documents are really what they claim to be, it’s published on those global media leaders such as New York Times, Forbes etc.

tubemwive7gh35yolhtbuvxc52xncrrurk52u5eblil7cqx3krndvqqd  – Tor Video Streaming  OnionTube

It’s not just a legal Tor link for the sake of it. Rather, this is a very practical and helpful platform. It’s basically the Onion version of Youtube. No govt. censorship, no forced takedowns. You can watch and upload nearly everything as long as it’s not illegal. It’s 100% free as well. Registration is only required to watch 18+ videos. Just like Youtube, it too has a “Trending” feature, and a page for “top videos” making sure just because it’s on the TOR network doesn’t mean it has to be void of features. Subscriptions, comments, likes, dislikes and everything  else is available as well.

4wfea3faosc4srjs  –  Tor status  –  Tor Project Status

This is another 100% legal Tor link, on Tor, about Tor. It shows the status of various Tor aspects. For example you can see if version 3/2 Onion addresses are operational, directory authorities are functional, mailing list status and a lot more. It also has a list of recent incidents such as when v3 onion addresses went down. The amount of downtime and time required to resolve to issue too is recorded and shown. Now that’s transparency.

thehub7xbw4dc5r2ForumThe Hub

The Hub is a deep web forum run by a real doctor, who advises people on how to deal with drugs and minimise their adverse effects on the body. It’s here on this list of legal Tor links because it’s completely legal, and actually works towards helping users quit or reduce drug-intake. It explicitly prohibits all and any buying-selling which further enforces its legal nature. Moreover, it also includes information on how to avoid scammers on the Dark web, cryptocurrency news and stats and so on. Purely an information-exchange forum.

62gs2n5ydnyffzfy – Personal SiteIIT Underground

If you’ve one for secrets and history, the IIT Underground site is a site run by an individual who has taken upon himself to explore the hidden tunnels under the Illinois Institute of Technology. These tunnels are a part of many urban legends pertaining to their secret nature, and doubtful existence however which has been established to be true by this brave soldier who uploads and documents the tunnels on the IIT Underground site. The site hosts a number of photos and facts regarding the Tunnels, documented first-hand after visiting the Tunnels. It has categories such as “Roofs” “Maps” “Tunnels” etc which help users navigate around the site and reach areas of interest.


If you read Mangas, this is a gold-mine for you. The site lists a number of categories, and then hundred of mangas in each category; the total number of available mangas could very well hit thousands. The links however aren’t in English and hence you’d have to use a translator, or trust your luck while clicking on them. No registration, privacy details are asked for, it’s more like an FTP-directory where you simply click on links to download/view the mangas.


The first online publication that won the Pulitzer and also one of the earliest legal Tor links promoting free speech, privacy, anti-censorship opinions and so on. The name makes itself clear, it’s pro-public and not for the govt. / politicians or rich Billionaires who escape murder convictions. It’s funded by some pretty rich pockets, among which the Sandler Foundation tops the charts. For users seeking truly unfiltered news this is the outlet to go to.

facebookcorewwwi Social NetworkFacebook

Even though Facebook’s prime source of income is Ads, which is possible only by collecting user-information and personal details, and even though the social network only allows “real” IDs, ironically this is the network’s onion URL. The only advantage it holds over the clearnet version is that user IP addresses would be hidden not that it would make any difference if you’ve used your real name and picture on the network. There are absolutely no other feature differences.

protonirockerxow EmailProtonmail

Sinbox is another one of the legal Tor links  providing free, anonymous, encrypted and secure Emailing platform. What makes it special is the fact that it uses encryption keys to encrypt the communications, which are completely decentralized and stored on the user’s machine, it’s required to login to the platform everytime and is valid only as long as the session exists, once the session is quit the key too is dissolved and exists nowhere else except the user’s system. Allows users to send unlimited number of messages, although for file-attachments the quota is limited at 5mb/individual message. Has advanced options such as keyboard shortcuts, and mail expiry-time.


One of the most popular and legal Tor links when it comes to “anonymous, free and TEMPORARY Email IDs”. It lets users create E-mail IDs which are valid only for the next 60 minutes. Can be used when you’re talking to someone with whom you probably won’t talk ever after; or in cases when you wish to keep your identity and primary Email ID safe and private. Users can create their own E-mail IDs along with choose from as many as 0 domain extensions. It’s completely free and unlimited.


Another one of the Dark web links which lets users send Emails (messages basically) to other users with extremely heavy encryption. Uses a “decryption key” which is used both to login to the platform, as well as to decrypt your messages. It’s not stored on the platform online rather stored locally (offline), hence the E-mails are accessible as long as a user is logged in, once you log out the messages are encrypted and can’t be decrypted without the decryption key. Has a public directory users can enlist themselves on. Offers unlimited Emails. Also has a public directory letting users enlist themselves, meet random other people and exchange messages.

nytimes3xbfgraghJournalismNew York Times

The New York Times is without doubt one of the most widely read and trusted newspapers on the planet, it too can be accessed on the Tor network by users who either wish to  keep their location or IP addresses anonymous, or just prefer the Tor browser for their everyday activities over the clearnet. There’s no news or time-difference between the news being updated on the clearnet and the Tor version.


RiseUp is like a “complete solution” to anonymous E-mailing and communications; it has three parts, RiseUpBlack- which offers encrypted VPN connections so you can change your IP address, be anonymous and access blocked content on the web, the RiseUP Red- which offers the E-mail accounts, and “other services” which includes free “mailing lists” primarily offered to social activists who need to reach the masses. Even though most of its services are free, it does accept a donation which helps keep the platform running.

doggyfipznipbaiaChat ServerCryptoDog

CryptoDog is a chat server, which lets random, anonymous people talk to each other without requiring any traditional registration or identity details. It’s simply a “enter username and chat” process. Users can either join the “lobby” which has a pool of random users who talk on just about anything on the planet, or there also is the option to talk private chat rooms considering the room username is known. It also features the possibility of being able to chat directly with other individuals without being in a group. It’s completely anonymous and no registration of any kind is required.

campfireagz2uf22Chat ServerCampFire

Similar to CryptoDog, CampFire too is an anonymous, encrypted chat server where users can talk to other users without having to reveal each others’ identities. Because it’s on the Dark web, there are no topic restrictions, nothing you can’t talk about (with some exceptions such as Child Porn). No registration is required, it only asks for a nickname to be set during login so other users can mention  and address you, along with a password which is used to encrypt your communications so it’s never leaked or hacked into.  Even though it’s not massively active, generally has 10-30 active users at any given time. Also acts as a kind of forum and has a plethora of links and images, primarily related to porn or of erotic nature.


If you’re searching for a legal Tor link which would let you send messages either to an individual or a group anonymously also making sure the messages are fully encrypted; BitMessage is the tool to go with. The messages are heavily encrypted, and it has the unique concept of sending the message of every user, to the inbox of every Bitmessage user. The twist being, only the intended recipient is able to download/view the message this provides for plausible deniability of the message being intended for any single individual as it’s sent to every other inbox. It also provides “chans” which lets users broadcast message to a group in a single go.


Even though it’s a “Porn” forum, it explicitly mentions the content being “legal” so accessing the site won’t necessarily land you in jail. Although, it being a forum most of the content is user-generated and hence some unwanted content may creep in. Although child porn or rape are absolutely banned. The forum has dedicated threads for specific porn categories, or at times has links to third-party websites; even though the forum itself is free, some users use the forum traffic to make money by redirecting users to third-party websites where the porn content is hosted and needs to be purchased one way or another.

avengersdutyk3xfForumDNM Avengers

Talking of Legal Tor Links, DNM Avengers is one of the torch-bearers of the industry; it’s like the Dark web police comprising of vigilant volunteers who try and test various products from Darknet markets, primarily drugs and at times also vendors and posts their reviews and reputation on the forum. Darknet market users may read these reviews before going with individual vendors which increases their chances of getting the right quality products and not being scammed. What DNM Avengers does may be illegal; but accessing the site or reading reviews of vendors isn’t.


The Secret Story Archive – Fortunately reading porn isn’t illegal in most countries around the globe; that’s what The Secret Story Archive lets people do. It’s a platform with hundreds of E-book links, all in the Adult category. Although the e-books are “text-only” and are void of any graphics in them. It’s absolutely free to access, and no registration of any kind is required in order to access the sites. The name of the story, along with its category is listed along with the link which helps users land on the exact kind of stories they wish to read. Even though the categories are in some foreign language, the name of the books as well as the content is mostly English.

answerstedhctbekForumHidden Answers

As the name suggests, it lets people ask question and get hidden answers to them. In other words, it’s simply the Dark Web’s “Quora” and lets users ask questions, or answer questions asked by other users. It welcomes questions which aren’t exactly morally or ethically right or accepted in the everyday society, questions related to family sex, killing someone, stealing, or basically anything else on the planet. Because no registration is required it’s completely anonymous and can be used by people to get solutions to their queries without having to reveal their identities.

rrcc5uuudhh4oz3c ForumIntelExchange

The Deep/Dark web is always portrayed as a holder of conspiracies and people who believe in them, IntelExchange is one such site which justifies the Title. It’s a site where users exchange information on the most controversial, or interesting topics in the least. It’s categorized into “Conspiracy theories”, “Suppressed Tech”, “Leaked Secrets” and so on; anyone can access and exchange information over there neither registration nor any personal details are asked for.

beautyboysj2sgq3PornThe Beauty of Boys

The Beauty of Boys may be a creepy Tor link, not entirely morally correct either but it, without doubt, is one of the many Legal Tor links. It’s a site where photos of boys are shared, the photos contain nothing of pornographic nature, although they surely are sensual as most boys are without proper clothes. The images simply show boys in their everyday activities such as walking, swimming, smiling and so on. It may not be a site for everyone but for those with Pedophilic interests (if that’s even a word) it surely is a safe-haven considering how it may soothe their eyes, and is legal at the same time.

3dboysn3o5d7dk3iPorn/Community3D Boys Home to Boys and Art

Even though it’s a Porn community, it does seem to be one of the legal Tor links considering how it doesn’t host any real porn pictures and the pictures are rather digital 3D renderings of porn which isn’t exactly illegal in most countries around the globe. It also has explicitly banned any and all content related to Child Pornographic enforcing my belief of it being considered as one of the legal Tor links. Does require registrations though which are open only for a short period of time throughout the year. It allows storytelling, as well as lets users 3D, render their own fantasies with “relaxation” as the only end-goal.

escrowytu7s7rlqn –  Escrow Service –  Dark Locker

A Darknet Escrow which claims to facilitate the trade of anything and everything is what DarkLocker is. Charges a 1% fee, it can be paid either by the Seller or the buyer, or can even be split 50-50.  Provides a “Locker Code” which is like the master-key for the transaction. Funds are processed only once this locker code is provided. Provides a transaction code for status-checking at a later time. Provides an environments almost completely controlled by the user. Delivery-time, and action-to-be-taken in case the deliver-time is failed can be specified before initiating a transaction.

bitmixbizymuphkcBitcoin MixingBitMix Bitcoin Mixing Service

An easy to use Bitcoin Mixer which helps users mix their Bitcoins with other sets of BTC and make the coins anonymous. Allows for as many as 5 additional addresses, allows users to manually decide the fee although it’s set at a minimum of 0.4% and maximum of 4%. Also lets users set the time-delay manually which can be set at a minimum of 0 hours and maximum of 24 hours. Also lets users skip the manual setup and rather just click on the “Randomize” button. As for past reputation has mixed around 429BTC for 1718 users.

smartmixnjmuoixj Bitcoin MixingBitcoin Mixer

Another one of the legal Tor links in the “Bitcoin mixing” industry which lets users mix Bitcoins with utmost simplicity. Has an easy to understand user-interface, a low minimum-deposit requirement of  0.001BTC. Lets users send the clean coins to as many as 5 different Bitcoin addresses for an additional price of 0.0001BTC/extra address. The deposits need to reach minimum 2 confirmations before the coins are mixed, the fee isn’t user-controlled and users need to pay a 0.5% off their transaction along with the fee for the additional addresses for the mix to be processed.

blenderiocpxfemaBitcoin MixingBlender too is an easy to use Bitcoin mixer which has a Bitcoin reserve of its own letting users send in their unclean coins to the mixer, and receive an equivalent amount in BTC (minus the fee). It charges a random fee between 0.5%-3% this makes sure not all mixer outputs have the same fee and hence don’t leave a pattern to follow. The fee for extra Bitcoin addresses is 0.0001BTC and it allows as many as 8 additional addresses to be used/cleaning process. It’s completely anonymous and doesn’t keep any logs which can be traced back to any user, or any transaction. All deposits are processed once they reach 3 confirmations.

coinpigih6i444lm Bitcoin WalletCoinPig

CoinPig is both a Bitcoin Mixer, as well as a Bitcoin Wallet both the aspects of which are completely legal. It charges a 0.5% mixing fee which is at par with what other similar platforms in the industry are charging, the additional address fee too is standard and is set at 0.0001BTC/address. Its wallet is a hybrid wallet and hence the BTC Private keys are encrypted before they reach the platform making sure no one else, not even the company can transfer your funds without your permission. It pays upto 8% interest based on the amount of cleaning transactions you’re doing, or just storing on the wallet. Registration is required even though it’s anonymous.

penguinsmbshtgmfBitcoin MixingPenguinMixer

Penguin Mixer is another one of the legal Tor links which is a Bitcoin Mixer, it’s completely open-source making sure anyone can vet its working process and security features. With an extremely simple user-interface, it’s a one-page mixer which allows as many as 5 additional addresses and charges a random fee between 1-3% for each mix with an additional fee of 0.0001BTC/additional address. Has two simple radio buttons, “fast” and “delayed” which control how soon you’ll receive your output, the delayed mode is generally the safer way to go. Although there’s not a lot of user-control when it comes to the fee or percentage distribution of funds to individual addresses. Offers “Letter of Guarantee”.

coinmixibh45abn7Bitcoin MixingCoinMixer

CoinMixer is one of the most well-established Bitcoin mixers in the industry. It’s graphic-rich and easy to use, the minimum deposit limit is set at 0.01BTC amounts lower than this are considered donations are neither refunded nor mixed. It needs 1 confirmation for transactions lower than 25BTC, for higher transactions the confirmations vary and may go upto as many as 5 confirmations for transactions worth 1,000+BTC. It doesn’t keep any logs whatsoever. It’s one of the very few legal Tor links in the Bitcoin industry which have proven their Bitcoin reserves publicly, as of today they hold a verified 2,000+BTC reserve which makes them pretty trustworthy .Although only a single output address/transaction seems to be available. Charges a 0.1% transaction fee and allows for manual time-delays.

blockchainbdgpzkBitcoin is one of the world’s most trusted and leading Bitcoin wallets which also recently started letting users buy Bitcoin as well as Ether on the platform. It also can be used as to trace or follow transactions on the Blockchain. Has advanced security features such as 2-factor authentication and Email verification for each individual login. It features over 200,000 Bitcoin transactions everyday. It also offers advanced charts and data along with API integration for advanced users who need to monitor the market, make notes for research or predictions or for anything else.

bitblendervrfkzr  – Bitcoin MixerBitBlender

It’s one of the simplest existing Bitcoin mixers in the industry, accessible only on the Tor network. Offers optional registrations for added features; although the coins can also be mixed without registering. The registration if opted for, is completely anonymous. It charges a randomized fee between 1 and 3% without can’t be controlled by users. Also allows 10 additional addresses the funds distribution however to each address aren’t controlled by the users either. Has a minimum Bitcoin mix limit set at 0.01BTC. Doesn’t keep any logs whatsoever after a retention period of 10 days.

chipmixerwzxtzbwBitcoin MixerChipmixer

ChipMixer is arguably the first and only Bitcoin mixer which has brought in a kind of “time-travel”  working infrastructure; it funds Chip Mixer wallets with “Chips” for specific amounts, and provides the access to these wallets to users once their deposits are confirmed. Because the wallets are funded before any individual user’s deposits, it’s like the clean set of coins are provided before the unclean coins are sent in to the mixer, hence time-travel! Has advanced features such as “Deposits” and “gambling” which help randomize the output making them more anonymous. The minimum deposit limit is 0.001BTC. Also has the unique fee requirement of “Pay what you like”. Needs 1 confirmation for most transactions, although for higher amounts it may go as high as 6. Offers unlimited time-delays and output addresses totally controlled by the users. MixerBit Cloak

Another one of the legal Tor links providing Bitcoin Mixing services which allows for as many as 10 additional addresses, although the fee is slightly higher than what’s charged on other mixers and is set at a 2% static for each mixing request, along with an additional 0.0004BTC for each extra address. The minimum deposit limit however is at par with other mixers and is set at 0.01BTC. No registrations or personal details required. Offers time-delays for anonymity although it’s not totally user-controlled and the time-delay set by users is applicable only for the first output, for the other additional addresses it’s randomized.

tr5ods7ncr6eznnyBitcoin MixerPrivCoin

PrivCoin too is one of the most well-established Bitcoin mixers although the fee it charges is higher than other platforms and is set at 0.8% for each mixing request with an additional 0.0005BTC/additional address. Offers a lot of control to the users though and lets users set time-delays to the minute. Has a minimum deposit limit set at 0.005BTC although provides a letter of guarantee making sure users aren’t scammed. It’s completely anonymous and requires no registration of any kind.

bitwhiskv7myl5d2Bitcoin MixerBitWhisk

For users seeking ultimate control over their mixes, Bit Whisk is the best place to go to. It charges a 0.5% fee for each mix and lets users control the time-delays for each individual address, along with complete distribution control as well. The fee can be randomized by users above the minimum requirement for added anonymity. Needs 2 confirmations before the coins are mixed.

rlujtxikez5kicwj MediaTorTube

The clearnet Youtube isn’t exactly privacy-friendly, it needs registration for most actions to be performed, monitors and logs your activities, choices, videos you watch and everything else, and bombards users with forced ads both on the videos as well as on the sidebar. Well TorTube as the name may have suggested is the Tor Youtube. Doesn’t need any registrations, doesn’t shove ads down your throat and is completely free. Although it’s not as video-rich as the actual Youtube, some would still prefer trading the availability of videos for anonymity.


Nothing can be more legal and harmless than the dotted-snake game or whatever it’s called; the game which encapsulated our childhoods and was available on most cell phones; the snake which had to be controlled to collide with dots (or balls) which increased its lengths, and the snake couldn’t hit its own body parts or else it’d die, yes that’s what this legal Tor link is all about. There’s no apparent reason why it’s hosted on the Tor network, but either way no registration, privacy details or

7qzmtqy2itl7dwuuSocial MediaDispora*(Tor)

If you need a social media on the Tor network, and don’t want it to be Facebook; well Dispora is your solution. Diaspora was created primarily with “anonymity and privacy” in mind letting users interact with friends as well as strangers, without having to reveal their identities, or confirm to any complicated terms and conditions as is the case with most clearnet networks. Also because it’s on the Tor network, it allows posting/sharing nearly everything and anything which may be banned on the clearnet including Porn, Conspiracy theories, Politics and what not. Registration is absolutely free and anonymous.


PasterNinja is the Darknet Pastebin, or in other words one of the many legal Tor links alike Pastebin on the Tor network. It’s heavily encrypted client-side making sure the server can never read the information pasted on the platform, the encryption key is always saved on the user’s system and not online or on the server. It’s a completely standalone site without any third-party components or plugins making it extra secure. Upon the text being pasted, a URL is generated which can be shared with those you wish to share the content with. Has advanced features which let users set a password so only those with the password may read the text; with an additional feature of “content expiry” after which time the URL won’t work anymore.


Alike PasterNinja Zerobin too is one of the many legal Tor links which lets users paste content on a page and share it with others. Doesn’t need any registration or personal details, and because it’s on the Tor network the IP address can’t be traced back to the pastor either. The server doesn’t have access to the pasted content and it’s encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption. Also provides for advanced features such as password protection of the pasted content along with expiry time for it. It’s also open-source hence the website code can be verified by anyone to really be as secure and anonymous as it claims to be.

5h5ps743nnqsjq4lBooksCalibre Web

A Russian Books platform which lets users read as well as download books for free; both the website as well as the books are completely Russian hence it would probably interest only those with Russian origins, or speakers of the language. As of today the platform easily has over 200 enlisted books. The books aren’t categorized or organized and are just laid out on a page. Although each book link has a cover photo as well as the name of the book displayed helping find books of interest easily. It’s completely free and anonymous, no registration required.

kgycm2bjsc75u4acBooksThe Crazy Bastards Cookbook

For those who entertain conspiracy theories, potential secrets, interesting facts and things like that “The Crazy Bastards CookBook” is the book for you. It’s a pdf file compiled by one single individual who seems to have strolled the Dark web vastly and came up with the above said Book. It’s completely legal and contains no child pornography, or even pornogrpahy in general, surely the theories may offend the authorities but fortunately no one’s jailed (yet) for sharing or reading conspiracy theories.

xfmro77i3lixucjaBooksImperials Library

With 18,6169 books in the Imperial Library it may just as well be the most heavily-stocked E-book library on the Dark web. Note that some books may contain copyrights although some are just free yet rare to find books which the library has stocked up or just personal e-books. They’re well categorized into “Most visited books” “recently added” and so on. Anyone can upload Ebooks on the platform even if it’s your own considering it adds some value. Uploading, as well as downloading/accessing the books is absolutely free without requiring any registration whatsoever.

yuxv6qujajqvmypvBooksA beginner comprehensive guide

Even though Tor is often considered illegal, it’s not, and neither is learning how to use Tor or use it to the safest possible extent. Well that’s what this book is all about. It teaches how to be completely secure on the Dark web while using Tor, or anonymous operating systems and browsers. In case you’re new to Tor, the browser isn’t enough to keep the authorities off you; it needs to be tweaked and modified to reach maximum security and at times additional tools such as a VPN may be required for an added layer of protection as well; that’s exactly what this book teaches users about. It’s frequently updated as well and the latest update was less than 4 months ago making sure the information is pretty updated!

3g2upl4pq6kufc4mSearch EngineDuckDuckGo

Duck Duck Go is just as popular a search engine as Google, or probably more popular among the privacy-lovers considering how it’s the default Tor search engine, doesn’t show any ads whatsoever and most importantly doesn’t log your activities, interests, searches or anything else which Google, Yahoo or other clearnet search-engine leaders so blatantly do. Duckduckgo even though is a privacy-oriented browser isn’t an “onion browser” and doesn’t show URLs which keeps it more legal considering how the network at time comprises of illegal links such as Darknet Markets and Illegal services.

hss3uro2hsxfogfq Search EnginenotEvil

NotEvil is a search engine, meaning it indexes pages on the onion network. It’s still a legal Tor link because not everything on the network or the Deep web is illegal as the above list of legal Tor links should’ve established by now. The search engine by itself is completely legal, although if you use the engine to search for Darknet markets, Drug stores, killers, and purchase/hire those goods/services that’s a different story. By itself it’s just a search engine which can be used to find links which can both be legal as well as illegal. It doesn’t show any ads, and the interface too isn’t that impressive but it gets the job done.

msydqstlz2kzerdgSearch EngineAhmia

Ahmia is another one of the legal Tor links for a Deep Web search engine. It has a much better interface than most other similar search engines and does display search results. It has a pretty clean layout and doesn’t show any ads, or record your activities/searches which keeps your anonymity intact. Along with the search results it also displays the last updated time of those results, although lacks result-descriptions. Lets users report abusive or unacceptable links which further establishes the fact of it being a legal Tor link.

xmh57jrzrnw6insl Search EngineTorch

Torch has this unique feature of showing complete URLs of web pages in the search results without cropping them out, it’s important pertaining to the massive phishing attacks the URLs generally faces due to their long and unrecognizable nature. Although Torch does show some ads, which aren’t based on user interests or choices but are just static banners, they remain same for everyone, and the legitimacy of those companies/individuals isn’t guaranteed. Apart from that the search engine does a pretty slick job of bringing up results when asked for.


If you buy goods off the Darknet, which may not even be illegal such as rare products or goods which you’d rather keep off the govt’s radar, using an Escrow is generally the best way to guarantee safe delivery and payment of the product both for the vendor as well as the buyer. Escrow Defence is one such Escrow which is a completely legal platform by itself, as facilitating legal, secure trades between two parties isn’t illegal, as long as no illegal goods /products are involved. Even though it can be used for illegal purposes, simply using the Escrow service won’t land you in jail as long as your goods are legal.  Charges a 1% fee on the purchase amount.

escrow3e7meryzm5 EscrowService

Another one of the legal Tor links for an Escrow service whose legality depends on the intentions of the vendor and the buyer. It charges a 1.50% fee which is paid by the vendor and hence the buyer doesn’t pay anything extra above the purchase amount. They verify the goods delivery, and payment for the same. In case of a dispute, they bring in a neutral third party for settlement which keeps things fair.


WikiLeaks, the globally acclaimed non-profit organization which leaks govt. secrets and classified data is probably one of the most interesting legal Tor links on this entire list. Note that it’s legal to access/read WikiLeaks for most citizens, including those in the U.S; however transmitting/sharing it with others intentionally is illegal, hence it’s safe as long as you simply consume data and do not share it with others or contribute to it in any way. It’s obviously illegal for the uploaders of the data but that’s not our problem, as far as users and readers are concerned it’s just an information sharing platform which can be accessed without legal consequences.

psychk3hrpclistdMedicalPsychology Tools

For those who suspect having a psychological disorder, or mental instability the Psychology tools website lets them have a complete  assessment  without needing to go to a real-life psychiatrist. This helps keep your identity and problem anonymous, and would provide solutions and report regarding your problem. The platform provides users with multiple choice questions, based on the answers of these questions the final report regarding the mental health of the users is presented. It’s completely free to access, without requiring any personal identity details.

dnadsjkrk57cd2fuAd NetworkDarknet Ads

If you own a site and are having trouble getting traffic, the Darknet Ad network would solve your problem, for free! It’s a platform which lets anyone sign up for free, and exchange banners with other members on the platform. The same member may exchange banner with more than one, or all members of the platform, hence your banners will be displayed on all those sites and in return you too would have to put up banners from those other sites on your own site. It may not be the most professional way to generate traffic, but it sure is one of the options.


Parazite is one of my favorite legal Tor links for when I’m bored; it’s simply a site which generates random Tor websites links for users to visit; at times some really interesting game sites, conspiracy theories and secret platforms are revealed. There’s no knowing what lies on the other side of your next click on the platform, the site by itself is completely legal although the links which are randomly generated may not be; for e.g. if it takes you to a Drug store it’s totally illegal but not all generated links are illegal either. Hence you can keep clicking till you land on one of those interesting yet legal Tor links, while ignoring/closing the illegal ones.

dreadditevelidot RedditDread

Dread is a more liberal, accommodating version of Reddit on the deep web; although any official affiliations to the actual Reddit aren’t confirmed. It’s a place you can go to either interact with other deep web users, read reviews about specific deep web sites, interact with Administrators and moderators of specific platform and so on. It’s exactly alike Reddit both in functioning and features, using the site is completely legal as well as free; doesn’t require any registration either for most part and keeps your identity safe as well as anonymous.

tssa3saypkimmkcy – Artwork

A simple site with images. Completely legal and free to access. It hosts images of just about anything on the planet, you can find a farm, a girl, a ship, basically anything that simply exists. The images can be viewed by clicking on the provided links without requiring any registration, personal details or anything of that sort.


One of the most favorite destinations for knowledge-lovers on the Deep web; knowledge as we know it isn’t freely distributed on the planet, it’s heavily censored and the best research papers and extensively detailed studies are kept from the public. Sci-Hub works towards liberating such studies by making the rarest, most well.

zqktlwi4fecvo6ri – Link-DirectoryThe Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is where most users start off when they first arrive on the Deep Web. It’s simply a links’ directory which contains a number of links along with their descriptions. It surely contains a number of illegal links, but accessing the links directory itself isn’t illegal neither is using the links as long as they’re the legal ones. The one downside though is the links haven’t been updated in a long time, and do contain scammers as well. However; for who’s just starting it makes for a good stepping stone.

torlinkbgs6aabnsLink-DirectoryTor Links – It’s the exact same thing as The Hidden Wiki; a links directory for onion links. This directory contains not only legal Tor links, but also illegal ones although accessing the directory is completely legal and stays that way as long as it’s used to access the legal links enlisted over there. It has slightly better interface the THW and has well organized categories on the top-bar such as Drugs, Politics, Digital Goods and so on which help users directly find the types of links they’re searching for. It’s also more frequently updated than The Hidden Wiki, although it too may contain scam links.

oneih74xv7pekigg Link-Directory – Oneirun

It’s a search-engine, or better to say a links’ directory. A number of links (not a lot, just around a hundred or less) are enlisted in various categories. In our experience, majority of the links do not work or haven’t been updated. However, some sure do. Both legal as well as illegal links can be found. However the link-directory itself is completely legal. It’s available in Russian as well as English. No registration required. Does have sister-sites such as a Marketplace although those will be illegal.

bbcnewsv2vjtpsuy – NewsBBC

It clearly is a Tor link, and is 100% legal which makes it a legal Tor link. BBC stands for “British Broadcasting Corporation“. It’s one of the most popular broadcasters on the planet, and employs the highest number of employees as far as broadcasters go. In simpler words, it’s a news portal. Videos, articles and everything else covering the entirety of the globe are featured and published. This Tor link however is extremely slow, the company may not care much for its Tor users. But, it without doubt is working and functional if you’ve the patience to wait for it.


So that’s a wrap folks, this list may not be massive but it sure holds quite a few links you won’t run out of anytime soon.

As explained earlier, the links are completely working although how legitimate they or the information on the links are isn’t guaranteed and I’d urge each of you to take the sites with a pinch of salt.

Let me know if you’ve got questions regarding the legality or working status of any of the above legal Tor links.