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  • 300+ Servers in 30 Countries
  • Good Speed
  • No Data Logging
  • Unlimited Simultaneous connections


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With nearly a thousand VPNs out there, all claiming to be the best in what they do it can get pretty confusing zeroing-in on a VPN which really provides you the privacy and anonymity that you deserve. The confusion is what this Spyoff VPN review aims at easing a bit.

Note that I at no point in any of my reviews state any tool/product to be the best, rather; I simply use the product, share my experience with the tool along with the features and services that it offers, the same holds true for this Spyoff VPN review as well.

Primary Features Spyoff VPN Offers:

Before embarking on this journey of this Spyoff VPN review, let me get you an eagle’s-eye view of what the VPN primarily offers.

Well for starters, most people think they need a VPN to change their IP addresses, that’s the most basic function a VPN offers but because it changes your IP addresses, a number of security protocols are initiated in the background as well.

  • Anonymity: When you use Spyoff’s IP addresses you can’t be traced, tracked or monitored on the internet. Neither can any of your activities be linked back to you.
  • Protection from Hackers: Hacking a system isn’t really as hard as shown in movies, specially the ones without protection such as the connections using Public Wi-Fi in cafes. Spyoff by changing your IP address makes that impossible as the IP address connecting to the internet isn’t really your own and hence can’t be used to hack into your systems.
  • Unblock Blocked/Censored Content: Organizations such as schools, or even countries as a whole block websites and online content quite often, even sites like Netflix, Google and Facebook are banned in some countries on the globe. When you use Spyoff, your IP address is changed and hence the ISPs can’t detect your location hence granting you access to the whole of the Internet without any restrictions!
  • Encrypted connections: The normal internet without a VPN isn’t encrypted or secure, it is with a VPN as a VPN uses a number of connection protocols to wrap the internet connection with security before sending it off on the Internet.

Those were the basic features most VPNs out there including Spyoff, now let’s get you some Spyoff specifics:

  • 30 Countries.
  • 4 Connection Protocols.
  • Kill-switch Available.
  • SmartConnect Available.
  • DNS Leak Protection.
  • WebRTC leak Protection.
  • Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth.
  • Unlimited Simultaneous connections.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what the tool offers, let’s get you a deeper insight into this Spyoff VPN Review.

Ease of Use

A VPN is a clichéd “hackers’ tool” which isn’t even remotely true in the real-world, any kid who simply uses to stay anonymous and protect his privacy can and should use a VPN.

Keeping that in mind, Spyoff VPN has crafted their tool with extreme simplicity and self-explanatory options which self-guide you through the setup and connecting procedure without requiring any explanation or tutorial.

They also recently (in 2018) updated their interface to make it more user-friendly and easy to use, Here’s what the new dashboard at Spyoff looks like:

Spyoff VPN Interface

As is evident, now connecting to the VPN is reduced to “one single click”! That’s right, simply clicking on the big, round power button at the center would connect you to the VPN’s IP address!

The same ease of use also applies to users when choosing locations, there’s the easily readable and well-placed button called “choose location”, simply clicking on it would let you choose from one of the 30+ available countries on the VPN!

30+ Available Countries / IP Addresses

One of the most important aspects of using a VPN is its list of countries, isn’t it? The more countries a VPN offers, the more options you have when choosing your IP address.

Spyoff VPN offers 30 countries to choose from currently, the list includes nearly all the major countries round the globe, including:

  • USA
  • UK
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • France etc.

Also note that most of these countries aren’t limited to a single location and rather offer multiple cities to choose from within the same country, hence offering many different IPs within the same country.

SpyOff VPN Server Locations

Especially useful when you’re accessing a location-specific site which can only be accessed from specific locations, but also need to keep your privacy secure by bouncing your IP address off different IP addresses.

It even offers “Smart connection” which is a feature you should click on in case you’re not sure of which country you should connect to, it auto-selects the best available location for you.


So it’s easy to use and offers a vast array of countries to choose from, all that comes into effect only if the VPN is secure-enough, isn’t it?

Well for starters, SpyOff is a comparatively newer player in the game when compared to other “established” names, which acts in favour of the VPN as it’s a fresh start it doesn’t have the problem of its IPs being blacklisted on major sites, which does happen in the case of those other older VPNs over time.

Another major plus for its security is that it’s not a part of “14 Eyes”; in case you don’t know what that is, it’s a group of countries which are in a secretive agreement to share intelligence data, force companies to reveal data and even help each other spy on their targets when required without breaking any laws “legally”!

How serious a benefit you’d have by using a VPN which isn’t a part of 14 eyes can be illustrated from the fact that the U.S govt. which is a part of “5 eyes” (the first of such group) forced Lavabit to not only let the govt. take control of their SSL keys and communications in real-time, but also to keep their mouths shut in public and intercept not only Snowden’s, but every Lavabit users communications freely!

It also offers Inbuilt IP tests, meaning once you connect to the VPN you can verify if you really are anonymous by simply clicking on the three dots on the top-right corner of the primary dashboard and then selecting “what is my IP?”

SpyOff VPN IP tests

This will take you to a page on Spyoff’s site which would show you your IP and current location, if this is not the same as your real location; you’re all set! You can also independently verify this by simply Googling “What is my IP Address” and let Google show you your location without bias!

Apart from that it offers AES 256-bit Encryption, 256-bit is a military grade encryption, one of the strongest encryption protocols currently known to man and is pretty impregnable.

In a nutshell, yes the VPN seems pretty secure and without any known security vulnerabilities at the moment.

4 Connection Protocols

Connection Protocols are the protocols used to encrypt your internet traffic. Most VPNs I’ve been with offer 3-4 protocols on an average the same can be said to be true for the VPN in this Spyoff VPN review as well.

The protocols offered are:

  • OpenVPN -TCP / UDP
  • PPTP
  • L2TP

TCP and UDP are Connection “types” which can be employed with the OpenVPN connection protocol. OpenVPN is one of the most secure, fastest and most stable VPN protocols available in the industry, although it does require manual setup. It uses 160bit and 256bit encryption protocols and is also supported on just about every modern device that exists out there.

Spyoff also offers PPTP which stands for Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol. It’s not as good as OpenVPN when it comes to encryption and uses only 128bit encryption; but is fast (due to lower encryption). Is stable as well; best suited for people who prioritise speed over encryption.

L2TP is used in pair with IPSec and uses 256bit encryption which is much better than PPTP’s 128bit, infact L2TP may just as well be one of the most secure connection protocols any VPN can offer as it encapsulates data not just once, but twice! It even auto-checks data integrity!

The speed however may be slightly slower due to the massive data encryption, also because it needs to encapsulate data twice it requires more CPU resources than PPTP or OpenVPN.

Best suited for people who need extreme security and can bear with slightly reduced speeds.

In a nutshell, Spyoff seems to have one for everyone, you can choose the security protocol according to your own needs without having to compromise on any front.

Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

Now this is something that puts Spyoff VPN in a totally different league altogether. Most VPNs use the fact that most people have more than one devices to make more money, Spyoff doesn’t!

It’s one of the very (very) few VPNS in the world which offers unlimited simultaneous connections, meaning you can connect to as many devices as you want without having to pay a single extra buck! Just one Spyoff account secures all your devices, devices of your other family members, your “family-to-be” and even your neighbours if you’re ultra-generous.

Now I’ve been with a lot of VPNs, even some super-expensive ones and even then I was limited at a maximum of 8 devices so yes unlimited devices does sound like a deal-maker to me.

Unlimited Server Changes, Speed and Bandwidth

Spyoff, the tool that keeps giving! Most other VPNs have a daily, weekly or monthly limit set at the amount of bandwidth you can use with the VPN.

Spyoff doesn’t have any such limit. Meaning you can use as much Bandwidth as you want/need over the VPN without having to upgrade or pay extra.

The same applies to its speed; you get the same speed on your last day of the VPN as you did on your first, without any strings attached with the bandwidth used, days passed or any other such conditions!

And finally, there’s no limit on how many times you can change your IP address either, I personally attest in this Spyoff VPN review that, when you get Spyoff VPN, you get all of it without any strings attached, feel free to change your IP as frequently as you like, there’s no running out of it!

Speed Review

One of the worst truths most VPNs have to adhere to is that they reduce speed, no matter which VPN it is due to all the encryption and routing that occurs, some reduction does occur.

The level of this reduction is what makes one VPN better or worse than the other. So how much speed does Spyoff reduce? Well here’s real-life data from my internet connection:

Before using the VPN I had a speed of around 11MBps, then I used the VPN and connected to “India, Bangalore” and it got the speed of around 7Mbps.

SpyOff VPN Speed

Now I did lose around 4Mbps of speed, but well at my location even 7Mbps is a luxury and is fast enough for most websites or even video-streaming on Youtube.

So my two cents when it comes to the speed for this Spyoff VPN review is that it does reduce speed but the speed is still acceptable and will get most jobs done.

Kill Switch

Kill-switch is an advanced feature the tool offers which makes sure if and when your VPN connection drops, your Internet as a whole is dropped making sure the user at no moment is left unprotected.

Without the kill-switch, even if the VPN connection drops in the background users would continue surfing the web exposing their real IP addresses.

DNS and WebRTC Leak Protections

DNS Leak protection ensures your computer under no conditions ignores the VPN connection and connect to the Internet independently, which does happen quite often with VPNs without the DNSLeak protection.

WebRTC translates into Web Real Time Communication, basically anything you do where you directly connect another peer, such as video-calling, online games etc. may be vulnerable on some systems and this vulnerability is what WebRTC protection protects you against.

Even though DNSLeak protection is common with VPNs these days, WebRTC protection isn’t, again adding a feather in the cap of this Spyoff VPN review.

No Logs Policy

This is the most important feature that I can scribble down in this Spyoff VPN review, or any VPN review for that matter. Any VPN without the “No logs policy” is a ticking time-bomb which can go off anytime taking your privacy, anonymity and security to its grave.

Spyoff does have the policy, which guarantees it doesn’t keep any logs whatsoever and hence which IPs you connect to, or what you do on the web  isn’t known even to the Spyoff team!

Pricing Plans

From the above Spyoff VPN review, it does establish the fact that it’s a feature-rich, privacy-respecting tool, but does it fit your pockets? Well that depends on your pocket sizes but on an average the three plans I can include in this Spyoff VPN review that the tool offers are:

SpyOff VPN Pricing

  • 16 Months: USD $5.60/month.
  • 6 Months: USD $10.99/month.
  • 1Month: USD $12.99/month.


Finally, does Spyoff support your device? It most probably does, currently it offers support for Android, iOS, Mac OS X,  and Windows.

Although note you’ll need .net framework version 4.5+ for the tool to work on Windows.

Final Words on Spyoff VPN Review

So that’s a wrap as far as this Spyoff VPN goes folks! I’ve tried to cover nearly everything that goes into making of a VPN, or matters for us as users.

So should you go for Spyoff VPN? Well the answer depends on what your goals are, if you need extremely fast speeds or more connection protocols you may have to look for alternatives, but for those looking for ultra secure connections, satisfactory speeds and a “not so expensive” VPN, Spyoff does seem to fit the criteria.

Although those are just my two cents, do let me know what you think of this Spyoff VPN Review, as well as of the VPN in general as well in the comments or on our social media channels!