Bitcoin Mixing Service Review

So I was on the hunt for a better Bitcoin mixer, and by some strange stoke of luck stumbled upon Smartmixer, which finally led me to scribbling this review down.

Even though I was searching for just a “Bitcoin” mixer, Smartmixer seemed to offer a lot more than just that which appealed to me. Without beating around bush let’s get on with this review then?

What is is a Cryptocurrency mixer, one of a rare kind if not completely unique. A Cryptocurrency mixer is the same thing as a Bitcoin mixer, the only difference being it allows mixing of more than just “Bitcoin”. for one allows the mixing of Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin in addition to Bitcoin. It also has announced that Ethereum will be available for mixes in the near future.

The basic process remains the same. The mixer would take a user’s unclean, traceable coins; and send out different, clean and untraceable coins.  The same holds true for any coin you mix on

Who Can/Should use a Crypto Mixer?

You needn’t be a V.I.P, a hedge-fund manager, or a multi-millionaire to use a Crypto mixer.

If you’ve ever sent funds to a friend and don’t want them discovering the total amount in your wallet, or are someone who purchases products online using Cryptocurrencies, a Cryptomixer is for you.

Although it’s more of a necessity for those who had to purchase Crypto using their identity-proofs on exchanges and wallets but now would like to de-link the coins they finally use from their real-life identity.

Another personal reason I use a Cryptomixer is to send funds to multiple destinations, at once, with the added anonymity. Depositing funds to a mixer and specifying the output addresses automates the task, and all the recipients get the funds without me having to repeat the same process a dozen times.

So in a nutshell, anyone who even remotely used Cryptocurrencies can and should use a mixer (although only for legal purposes).

SmartMixer at a Glance

Don’t have the time or energy to go through the fine print? Worry not, this review can be gulped down in seconds if you go through the following points:

  • Clearnet URL:
  • Anonymous Onion Access: http://smrtmxdxognxhv64.onion/
  • Additional Addresses: 8
  • Deposit Time: 24 hours.
  • Time Delays: User Controlled (Minimum 0, Maximum 72 hours).
  • Fund Distribution: User Controlled.
  • Can mix: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin.
  • Fee: User Controlled, Min 1% / Max 5%.
  • Logs: No.
  • Registration: No.
  • Anti-Resend Same Coins (Smartcode): Yes

Tor Access

I’m not a big fan of the clearnet, something to do with it being regulated, traceable and completely privacy-breaching.

Fortunately, is one of those handful of mixers which also offer a “Tor” version of their platform.

Why it matters: Increases anonymity. It ensures that my IP address is always hidden, even from Smartmixer and that my connection would bounce off multiple nodes before finally reaching the website.

No Signup

Another feature I loved about the mixer is the fact that it doesn’t ask for registrations. Not just that, it also makes it clear that our personal information such as names, E-mail, address etc. won’t ever be asked for.

Why it matters: Increases Anonymity:  All your personal data (including IP address) remains personal.

No Logs Policy

The only other anonymity-check pending was its logs policy. Fortunately, it’s from the liberal side of the world and doesn’t keep any logs permanently.

It has a no logs policy which stores logs related to a transaction for 24 hours (for support purposes).

Although what makes it special is the fact that it grants users the power to delete the logs manually before this auto-delete 24 hour period as well.

Why it matters: No logs means nothing to trace, track or link you with. Even under duress, the company can’t produce any records because it doesn’t have them!

3 Coin Sources

Probably the most exciting feature I found with the mixer is its “Multiple Coin Pools”. It uses three separate coin pools for its clean coin output. The source of coins is what makes each of these pools different from each other.

The first pool is called the “Standard” Pool. It simply is the pool which consist of coins from other users just like us.

The second pool is the “Smart” pool. Whenever there’s a large-enough transaction from a user, instead of being sent to the “Standard pool”, those large chunks of funds are sent to the Smart Pool.

In addition to that, the mixer also throws in funds from its own reserve as well as money from investors in the Smart Pool. This makes the Smart Pool one of the most diverse and volume-rich pools.

Finally, the “Stealth Pool”, it’s basically the Smart pool (-minus) the funds from other users. In other words, only funds from the mixer’s own reserve and investors is kept here.

Why it Mattes: The Smart and Stealth pools can offer a lot more anonymous and “cleaner” coins (without a lot of dubious history) as compared to user-coins in the Standard Pool.

8 Customizable Output Addresses

Each output, for any coin on can be sent out to as many as 8 output addresses.

Each address has its own colour to help users change the other values of the mix easily.

The following values can be customized by the users for each address:

  • Payment time: Choose the exact time you’d like to receive funds in each of the addresses. The time-delay is precise can be customized to the “minute”.

  • Fund-Percentage: Choose what % of your total funds should be sent to any of the individual addresses. Breaking up the total funds adds a lot more anonymity to the mix.

Why it matters: Outputs to one address can be more easily tracked, as compared to broken down outputs to 8 different addresses, comprising of 8 different fund-values and preferably at different times.

User-Controlled Fee is all for user-control. Nearly every aspect of the mix can be controlled by the users.

The fee likewise is controlled by the users. They decide how much they’d like to pay for each transaction.

The minimum fee is fixed at 1%, while the maximum can be 5%. Users can pay anything in between.

Every additional address you add will be charged an extra /address fee. It depends on the currency you’re trying to mix and is shown on the fee-calculator:

Why it matters: Because the fee is user-controlled, it changes for every transaction and hence there’s no fixed transaction modifier (fee) for someone to track.

Discounts using SmartCode

Not many mixers offer discounts, does. It provides users with a “SmartCode” at the beginning of each mix.

This code is how a user can associate or identify him/herself with a mix /set of coins. Because there are no registration, presenting the code lets the mixer know which coins were sent by the code-holder in the past.

This helps the mixer not send the same coins again to the user on a second, third or fourth mix.

Then again, because this code verifies that the user has previously used the mixer, the platform offers them discounts on the fee depending on the mix-volume.

Smallest/Largest Deposits

The mixer seems fit for everyone, from the casual everyday person sending funds to a friend, to a millionaire trying to add anonymity layers to his/her networth.

The smallest deposit required is just:

  • 001 BTC (approx USD $10.00 currently)
  • 01 LTC
  • 0.01 BCH.

The platform seems to be in possession of USD $1 Million+ Bitcoins (100BTC) as most of my mixes keep showing that as the maximum deposit value. Although I’ve personally never sent funds that huge so it’s still debatable.

Final Verdict:

So if I have to put a dot in this review right now, my verdict for the platform would be : “Impressive”.

Starting with the extreme control the platform provides users with, then the low minimum-requirements making it friendly for everyone. It doesn’t store logs  nor asks for registrations.

Being available on Tor adds a whole another level of anonymity to it. Being honest, there really isn’t a major issue or problem I found on the platform.

And hence I invite you to go give the platform a try once you’ve combed through this review. Then come back  and tell me if you feel there’s something I missed?