Sinbad Crypto Tumbler Review

A Bitcoin-only mixer that seems to offer nearly everything you could ask from a mixer.

No, that’s not a bias speaking. Once you go through this review, you’d agree the mixer does seem to have all bases covered.

You get 8 addresses, complete control over every single mix aspect, and a 0.5% fee. I’ve used over 20 mixers so far and I’ve not seen many offer more, or even these many features.

Anyway, if it’s Bitcoin you wish to mix, this Sinbad review may be worth your time.

Let’s get you a detailed insight?

Sinbad Overview

Here’s everything that the mixer flaunts:

If you’ve any mixer experience whatsoever, you’d agree these features are more than acceptable and almost impressive, aren’t they?

Security tip: Always use a VPN with Sinbad, or any mixer. It makes you untouchable.

No registration/Signup Required

The primary feature/reason why anyone will use Sinbad mixer is “anonymity” isn’t it?

So, you can use Sinbad without any registration or sign up whatsoever. There’s no personal (or basically any) detail required.

All you need are your funds. Sinbad doesn’t care who sent them, where you got the funds or anything else.

Yes, despite there not being an account, you can still track all your mixes!


I’ve always loved single-page interfaces. Meaning, unlike most mixers, Sinbad doesn’t need you to hop from one page to another to configure your mix.

You get all the settings right on the homepage!

Sinbad Crypto Tumbler Review

Simply set your addresses, scroll down, set your distribution, scroll down, set your delays and fee! As simple as that.

Secondly, you did notice how it’s all extremely easy to configure, didn’t you?

There’s this “slider” you can use to control every aspect of the mix. Simply move the slider left or right to increase/decrease the settings.

This surely is extremely easy and beginner-friendly, isn’t it?

Break Coins into 8 Parts/Wallets

The coins you receive from Sinbad are obviously completely new coins, unrelated to your actual deposit.

However, the mixer also lets you set 8 different output addresses. These are the addresses you’ll get your new coins at. 8 is obviously the maximum number, you can also choose any number in between, even 1.

Because your total output is sent in many different parts, it’s now completely de-linked to whatever your original deposit was.

Do note that every additional address levies an additional 0.0001 BTC cost.

This obviously is expected because each new address requires a new “transaction” and additional efforts, doesn’t it?

Set Delay for each Address

A lot of mixers let you set delays. Delays basically mean the time that the mixer waits before sending your clean coins to you.

It’s a good idea to not ask for clean coins right away and have a few hours in-between the transactions, isn’t it?

Now, what a lot of mixers don’t do is letting you set the delay for every single address. Sinbad does.

Yes, if you specify 10 addresses (or any number of addresses), Sinbad will let you choose exactly how long to wait before sending out your coins.

Sinbad Crypto Tumbler Review

The longer this gap, the better it’s for you. You obviously can also choose to receive the funds instantly.

This does not add any additional cost/fee to your mix.

Choose Fund Amount for Each Address

So let’s say you choose to receive your clean coins in 6 different addresses.

What amount of your total funds should be sent to each address? That’s something Sinbad lets you decide as well.

Again, this is completely free. You do not pay extra simply for setting different amounts for each address.

Remember the sliders we discussed earlier on this Sinbad review? You can slide it left or right and it’ll adjust the distribution for the address accordingly.


This obviously is an aspect any Sinbad review ought to discuss, wouldn’t you agree?

Well, as already discussed, Sinbad doesn’t have any of your personal information. It also doesn’t store permanent logs of “input & output addresses”.

Meaning, once your funds have been cleaned and sent to you, it deletes the output addresses it sent the funds to.

This obviously isn’t done “instantly” so as to help with any future issues in case you haven’t received your funds. However, the logs are never kept permanently .

Secondly, the company does provide a “Letter of Guarantee”. This is how most mixers let you prove your ownership of the coins that you sent to the mixer. The company can’t deny receiving your funds or their ownership of the wallet address shown to you.

Finally, there’s the “mixing code”. It makes sure the mixer doesn’t send you your own previously sent coins as “new coins” for your future mixes. Every mix code is attached to a deposit. So, when a mix code is used, the mixer makes sure the sent coins attached to the mix code aren’t used.

Tor Access

You can totally use Sinbad on your normal browsers. Simply go to and you’re set.

However, did you know your browser collects a TON of information about you? It knows your screen size, OS, graphic card, RAM and so much more.

When using Sinbad, you do not have to use your normal browsers. You can use the way more anonymous and secure Tor browser.

It’s a browser that not only hides all your fingerprints, but also changes your IP ADDRESS!

This literally means there is no way Sinbad will ever receive any identifiable information about you.

Very Affordable Minimum Requirements

Not everyone on this Sinbad mixer review is a millionaire, obviously. Sinbad knows that. This is why they have a very low minimum requirement, set at 0.001BTC.

Just in case you’re a millionaire, it lets you mix as high as 100 BTC in a single go. (If you’re a millionaire by any chance, consider making a donation to us maybe?)

Sinbad Pricing

Like all services on the planet, Sinbad too isn’t “free”. However, how much you wish to pay depends on you.

The company lets you choose your fee manually. You can either pay the lowest possible fee that’s 0.5%, or increase it anywhere up to 2.5%.

Changing your fee for each mix helps you avoid blockchain analysis and increase privacy.

The fee you select also determines how fast or slow your transaction will be. If you go for the bare minimum (0.5%) your transaction is obviously slower.

Sinbad Pros and Cons

Here’s everything I like, and didn’t like about the company.

What I liked:

  • Accessible both on Tor and clearnet
  • Manual control over everything- fees/distribution/delays
  • Very affordable minimum limits
  • Absolutely no logs.

What I didn’t like:

  • I couldn’t find a single feature that’s missing or core problem with Sinbad.

Frequently asked questions

Before I sum this Sinbad review up, here are a few questions that you may be asking right about now.

  • Is Sinbad legal?

Yes. Sinbad is 100% legal. It’s just a service which takes your coins and gives you clean coins. The legitimacy of the coins depends on you as you’re the one who sends in the coins.

  • Is Tor mandatory to access Sinbad?

No. Unlike most other Bitcoin mixers, Tor isn’t mandatory to access Sinbad. It’s optional. Sinbad is also accessible on the clearnet. Accessing Sinbad on the clearnet isn’t a major security risk however it’s definitely less secure than Tor.

  • Can I trust Sinbad?

If you trust any other mixer, Sinbad clearly deserves a bit more trust. That’s because they aren’t Tor-only and their clearnet version can be more easily traced to the team. This ensures they aren’t trying to “hide”. So, while there’s nothing like “absolute trust”, it in no way is less trustworthy than any other mixer out there.


Let’s wrap this Sinbad mixer review up? I’d rate it a 5/5 based on all its features. It’s quite literally a “flawless crypto mixer”. If I’m wrong, feel free to point out what you’d like to see improved.

The security features are on point, I’ve never seen a mixer offer more output addresses, the fee is not just very affordable but also adjustable. Seriously, I’m not seeing red flags.

So yes, I’d say Sinbad is probably one of the best mixers in the industry so far.