Dark Web Links for Services

Here is an ultimate list of dark web links which offer services like Hitman service, UK Passport service; US fake driving license service, USA citizenship service, programming project service and many more.

So if you are looking such type services, then check out the below section.

Warning: If you are browsing deep web first time then first checkout this guide about accessing dark web anonymous. Anonymity is the major concern while browsing deep web/dark web, so always first run your NordVPN and select Onion Over VPN server, once connection is established then start Tor Browser and don’t forget to disable Java Script. In this way, you add one extra layer of encryption and anonymity. Now no one can trace you, if they do, they will find VPN IP not your real IP.

Note: I am sharing this info for education purpose only. So if you are visiting these dark web links, you are only responsible for your any harm.

57f23hcybjqj4imeServicesetThemFree: Today I found this deep web site, and this is self hosted site, which admin name is Yury Bulka, I don’t know what type service here you can get, hope you will find.

vfqnd6mieccqyiit Service/FraudUK Passport: This dark web website offering service for UK Passport, if you need UK passport the you can visit this hidden internet site.

en35tuzqmn4lofbkService/FraudUSFakeIDs: do you need US driving license, then here you can buy US fake driving license by BTC, and each driving license looks like original.

xfnwyig7olypdq5r Service/Fraud/CitizenshipUSACitizenship: In this world, everyone wants to get USA citizenship. which they don’t have, but this process is so critical officially, But when I visit this site, I saw here, you can buy citizenship related documents by BTC. If you looking this type service then you can try this self hosted site.

cpartywvpihlabsyService/HackingCrypto Party: This is a great site because here you can read some interesting information about how you can protect you anonymously on the internet free, How and Where? For more information, you also can check https://www.cryptoparty.in/ site.

kobrabd77ppgjd2r – Service/Hacker – Scott Arciszewski: this is self-service blog, here you can find some great things information. Also by this site your can hire Scott for the programming project. Services which you can access my Scott PHP, bash, javascript with jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and Java.

apfrontcaqoorlrkclifojs3fjp4wnqxvzzwsgpbzoqc4r7knvwakiydAntipuritansky Front

This dark web blog is dedicated for sexual freedom, against sexual violenc. Here you will find a huge collection of PDFs. You can download these PDFs just clicking on the link.

estbdbp22h6ywcj5 Kabul War Diary

Here you can read about 75,000 secret US military reports covering the war in Afghanistan. Here you can browse content by Type, Category and date. If you are interested to read about secret documents, then you can visit this link from the list of dark web links.

ypyqkvgecfzq6mneFabio Casi Doxed

This is personal blog of Fabio Casi. He shares some info about him and his friend at his blog.

grams7enufi7jmdlServiceHelix – Grams: Same as info desk this is site also part of Grams site, but this section also provide unique information just like info desk. According to this section, you can clean your bitcoins, If you have some truble related bitcoins and want to clear your bitcoin status then helix can help you. but beforeyou need to know some extra informations. Minimum BTC 0.02 BTC accept for clear process and his taking fee 2.5% for this process. Note: I think 2.5% is huge.

grams7enufi7jmdlServiceHelix Light – Grams: Hilix light also offer same service just like Helix, for more information check helix service.

grams7enufi7jmdlServiceFlow – Grams: Same as previous two listing, this section also sub part of Grams Dark Web SEarch Engine, According to this dark web links, if you want to make any remembrable link then you can try this site. For example: you already know all dark web links are into encrypted form, which is remebrable but if you want to remember these type deep web sites name then you can make his name short links, which you can remember easily.

lxhbgl43362zhmocHire A HitmanHitman Pro – If you are looking hitman service on the deep web and want to hire any person for such type service then I found one dark web link that offer Hit the bood, Raped, shot dea, torure, killed, bone break, car on fire and so on.