Dark Web Forum Links| Dark Web Links To Access Forums at Deep Web

Dark Web Forums are great places for discussion and knowing others feedback about any deep web service, dark web link or product.

Here I am sharing active dark web forums links which you can join to know opinion of other members about any particular services or deep web link.

Mostly dark web forums are dedicated to particular niche so please check forum’s topics and then join. Like some forums having discussion about weapons so if you want to discuss about weapon then you can join then otherwise find other forum which are relevant to your topic.


To browse these dark web forums, first close all active programs and applications in your computer then start Your NordVPN software and select Onion Over VPN Server. Now start Tor Browser and disable Java script. In this way, you have created complete secure and untraceable environment for you.

If you think Tor Browser gives you full anonymity then you are wrong. Only premium VPN Service can provide you full secure and untraceable environment. I have tried my hands on many premium VPN service, and I found NordVPN beats their competitor in all features.

Note: I am sharing this info for education purpose only, I am not responsible for any activity you perform on dark web.

bbzzzsvqcrqtki6umym6itiixfhni37ybtt7mkbjyxn2pgllzxf2qgyd.onionForumBreaking Bad – It’s an educational forum on chemicals (drugs) that also serves as a marketplace. Registration is free and optional. Anyone can buy/sell. Escrow charges a 5% fee (minimum $10.00) when used. Has many educational videos, e-books, guides etc. There’s even an extremely detailed Wiki page as well as dozens of groups. The forum has over 10,000+ members, and over 20,000 messages.

zw3crggtadila2sgForumTorChan: Tor Chan is most using dark web sites, this site having many categories and each category having relation based questions and answers. Some popular category are Markets, Drugs, Hackings, Revolustion, Downloads, Hidden Services and more.

Note: If you are first time visitors on the TorChan, then you can faced problem to login related to username or password. when you click on the link you will got one notification popup screen. This popup also having username or password by which you can login this forum. Default Username or password is torchan2, torchan2.

rhe4faeuhjs4ldc5ForumAnonymous Forum: If you are black hat or white hat hacker and having some queries, which solution you want to get then this darkweb forum can help you.

support26v5pvkg6Forum/PornPedo Support Community: Forum offers Teen porn related thread, if you want to know about pedo then this forum is a best place for you.

suprbayoubiexnmpForumSuprBay – The Pirates Forum: do you have question about any thread or category related to Pirate Bay. This website can solve your questions and can find some interesting answers.

w363zoq3ylux5rf5ForumGlazy2: This dark web forum have the good number of users every day, if you have any question and looking solution then this dark web forum can help you.

oxwugzccvk3dk6tj Forum8Chan: This is another dark web community, where you can ask anything and also can reply to question. If you already visit torChan deep web site, then you can know, this forum also working same as TorChan.

oniichanylo2tsi4ForumNntpchan: here you also can ask anything and can find right answerAcording to some users site have good status and many users using this dark web forum everyday hope you will like.

qzbkwswfv5k2oj5dForum0Day: Best deep web forum, have more than 100+ active threads, and available all major category related to deep web , like as drugs, hacking, cracking, weapons, services, counterfiet, card dump and etc. If you have any type questions and looking right place then checkout 0Day darkweb forum.

ocu3errhpxppmwprForumAnonGTS: Another darkweb forum, but this forum is different from other because this forum is dedicated to art, cartoon or 3D design, if you art lover then checkout AnonGTS forum.

answerstedhctbek ForumHidden Answers: Another active hidden wiki forums, forum have more than 50000+ active threads related to all pupular deep web categories, If you are looking highly active dark web forum then you need to try Hidden Answers forum.

cashkxxqpzbgggg7 Dark Web ForumBitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a dedicated community to discuss about Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies. Here you can get info about jobs which pay in Bitcoin Cash, mining, Exchange and more. If you want to know more about Bitcoin Cash then you can join this community.

parazite.nn.fi/roguesci/ForumThe Explosive and Weapon Forums: This darkweb forum is entirely based on explosive and weapons. If you have any questions related to explosive and weapons then you can ask here, also you can reply to previously asked questions.

z2hjm7uhwisw5jm5ForumWall Street: this anonymous forum offers financial service related questions and answers threads. Here you can post a financial query related question, and also you can reply your thought means what you are thinking about thread.

rhe4faeuhjs4ldc5AN0NYM0US’z F0RUM

If you want to learn or discuss about white hat or black hat hacking, then you can consider this dark web forum from this dark web sites list. This forum seems less active as compared to other deep web forums links. Current status of this dark web forum is registered users 83, number of topics 8 and number of posts 6. Best thing about this forum, you can access threads without signing up. You can create an account here, perhaps some threads are only accessible to registers users only.

support26v5pvkg6Pedo Support Community

This is very active dark web community. Here you can share/discuss about personal issues, child love, your relationship with any child, fictional stories about paedophilia. Here you can get some Paedophilia and Security guides also. This dark web forum stats are 160,776 Posts, 12,189 Topics and 1,759 Members. Most of time, you will found 10+ member active here.


If you are looking for Russian image board, you have got now. Using this image board you can share arts, images, and other stuff anonymously. Main Threads of this image board are /a/, /art/, /b/, /mu/, /vg/. It is recommended only for the people who understand Russian language.

gf2juatsqdph6x2hTorum Cyber Security Forum

Torum dedicated to cyber security. That’s why it is known as Cyber Security Forum. It is active from May 2017 at the hidden web. You can access this forum and its threads without registration. But to become a part of the discussion, you need to sign up here and also follow the Torum rules. Main threads are Cryptography, Development, Networking/Wireless, Website Pentesting, Operating System, Social Engineering and Hardware etc. Torum has 4000 members. I must say it is a good deep web forum to discuss cyber security in this list of dark web links.

qd73mvvc7v7zewwl Cebulka – Polish .Onion Forum

Cebulka is in Polish language. If you understand the Polish language the reading further otherwise move to next deep web forum links. Here you can discuss Tor Network/Deep Web and many other interesting topics. To know about Cebulka, you can visit given .onion link.

turkiyex6fkt46raAnonTurk – Anonymous Turkish Society

If you want to join Turkish community at deep web/dark web, AnonTurk can be a good choice for you from this deep web links list. If you are curious to know what you can discuss here or what about it is, then you can visit AnonTurk tor link and register here. Since only registered member can access forum threads and become a part of the discussion.

s6cco2jylmxqcdehCebolla Chanss

Cebolla Chanss is one of the popular dark web links on the deep web. It has 70K+ members and 1L + threads. But it is mainly for those people who know Spanish. To access forum content, you need to sign up here. If you are excited to become a part of this biggest Spanish community/Forum, you can check given link for more info.

pncldyerk4gqofhpFree Country

This forum is dedicated to Chinese people. If you are looking for a dark web forum where you can discuss with Chinese people, then you can consider this one. You can access forum threads after registration only.

rzb5nlpvy5oqnket Panoptykon Foundation

This is the community of the people who fight for human rights and freedom in today society. PanoptyKon foundation is offering service since 2009. If you want to be a part of this foundation, you can check out tor link for more information.

thehub7xbw4dc5r2 The Hub

To access The Hub, you need to register here. The Hub centers on cryptocurrency, darkent markets, drugs, shipping, and many other threads. This dark web forum is one of the most popular tor links. It has 34k+ active members which directly show its popularity on the hidden web.

suprbayoubiexnmp SuprBay: The PirateBay Forum

You can consider this forum at top in your dark web forums links. Here you can discuss about many topics like Music, movies, TV shows, Programming & development, Hardware & networking, online privacy & Censorship Busting and many more active threads and topics here. Forum stats are 164,499 posts, 37,937 threads and 24,823 members.

zyuzqglpmne5pkoiAnonim TurkForum

This forum is in Turkish language. If you understand Turkish, you can explore this forum. Since I don’t understand Turkish language that’s why I can’t tell more about this forum. If you visit this dark web and understand what is about this. Please write to me so I could share info about this deep web forum with my readers also.

dkzerogt6z6ybhcjRetroBBS II – Bringing Network Together

RetroBBS is one of the most popular dark web forums. Here you can find most of topics threads. They cover large number of category here like Entertainment, Hacking, I2P, Linux, Security, anonymity, bitcoin, books, documentaries and cryptocurrency etc. So if you have query related to above topics, you can join this forum and discuss here with other members.

realpissxny3hgylRealPiss Voyeur Community real uncensored female pee spycams

This deep web community is dedicated to real voyeur videos of real girls. They share new packs every month. It’s free to join. Images which are shared here, are fresh means never seen on the deep web. Every member need to contribute into community. For more info about this dark web community, you can visit above given onion link.

zzq7gpluliw6iq7l The Green Machine

Here you can discuss about many topics like cloned credit cards, hacking, betting system, money Honduras, fixed NHL games, fixed matches, PayPals, Swedish SIMCARD and many more. Sign up process is very simple like other dark web links. If you want to join this dark web forum, visit given link and fill the sign up forum.


RuTor is Russian forum. If you understand Russian language then you can visit this forum and discuss here with other forum members. This forum is not much active like above forum dark web site. Only few threads are here. If you want to know more about this forum, you can visit given link and browse forum.

cnwv3ycmy4uc7vouCrimeNetwork – Unleased Scene

CrimeNetwork is one of the most popular dark web forums in the list of dark web sites. When I was checking this website, I noticed 231 members was online that was really huge. Here you can discuss about Fraud, Real Crimes, Webhacing, Websecurity, Coding, Malware, Social Engineering, marketplaces and many more. Total members of forum are 6656. For more detailed information, please visit yourself and know.

answerstedhctbekHidden Answers

If you are looking for anonymous service on the hidden web to ask questions and get answered, then you can consider Hidden Answers onion link. This question answer community is very popular and having lots of active users. Before asking or answering, read rules carefully. Major categories are Technology, Security and Privacy, cryptoanarchy and darknets, markets, scams & scammers, money, jobs, drugs, sex and relationships etc.

avengersdutyk3xfDNM Avengers

DNM Avengers is another dark web forum where you can discuss about darknet marketplace, Philosophy, Technical, Security, Privacy and Vendor. But you can access forum content after creating account at this dark web forum link.


Jungs.WTF is a deep web community which is quite popular among boylovers who are looking for support, fellowship, discussion and happiness in their life. If you have interest in boys and looking for same person or want to discuss something with the person having same interest, then this is the good choice for you from this list of dark web links.

rfwtogljhrrzxyrl Lolita City

You can get HQ Legal stuff here. Only registered member can view forum content. So if you want to know what you can discuss here, what exactly other members are sharing here, visit given onion link and register yourself here.

wayawaytcl3k66fl Wayaway

This deep web forum is in Russian language. If you understand Russian language, you can join this forum. It is active forum unlike other forums dark web links. I don’t understand much so couldn’t tell exactly what you can discuss here. So to know about this forum, you need to visit given onion link yourself.

joincgmc55oplangA Cannabis Community –CGMC

If you want to join cannabis community, then you have got it now. Here you can get info about cannabis products and mushrooms. To join the dark web community, you need to click on Request an Invite option. This is dedicated to Cannabis as name suggests itself. For more info, you can browse given tor link.

vwlkx7ovcnvagl6qAddicted to the Darkweb

This darkweb forum seems dead. Means only few posts and topics are here. You can access forum content without registration. I didn’t find this forum much useful. If you really want to join forum for discussion purpose, you can join one from above dark web links.


Brmlab is a nonprofit community, running in Prague. It was started in June 22, 2010. It is a great place for all the people who have interest in computers, electronics, science, digital art and inventing stuff. Currently they are planning to move to another location.


Lolifox is the next mention in the list of dark web forums links. Its interface is like 4chan community. They have multiple boards like Education, Programming, Crypto-Anarchism, Art, Games and more. You can create your own board also. If you find this dark web forum interesting and want to join, then make sure to read all rules before posting stuff at this onion link.

kbyz2vu3fnv2di7lItalian Deep Web

This deep web forum is recommended for Italian or who understand Italian language. You can access forum content after registration. If you want to join Italian community then go ahead and get register here yourself.

fdwmarkvokb5i7whFrench Deep Community

If you understand French, then you can consider this community to get info about France local dealers, drugs stores, marketplace, drugs quality & pricing and trusted vendors etc. Find interesting? Want to know more about this? Then you can follow above given onion link.

yulxt5toyxavkb7r Japanese Anonymous Group

Next community in this dark web sites list is Japanese Anonymous Group. This is an anonymous group of hacktivist. Currently they are hiring people who have good skills in hacking and security. If you want to join them, then you need to visit given Tor link and follow all sign up instructions. Sign up process is different from other dark web links.

highkorea5ou4wcyHigh Korea

This is another regional based forum like above dark web links. If you understand Korean then you can find this forum interesting to get info about drugs, Crypto currencies and many other topics. This forum is highly active and you will find lots of interesting content here.

zx7ec2etdihlbfr4nsa.monitor.server.do.not.use on nntpchan

Are you looking for 4chan based board? If yes, then you can consider above onion link. Main threads are about Animation, Hacking, technology, and more. If these topics interest you, you can count this dark web board in your list of dark web links.

bm6hsivrmdnxmw2f BeamStat

Here you can get info about all bitmessage state and channel lists. Mostly channel have 100+ active threads here. If you want to get/share info about bitmessage state, then you can visit provided Tor link.

tq2ghppfea4hz7nnBlackMarket (BMBR)

This dark web forum is only for those people who understand Portuguese language. Here you can learn and share about technology related stuff, security tutorials and guides and more. If you find this interesting, then you can visit given onion link for more detailed info and get registered yourself at this dark web forum. It is single dark web forum in this list of dark web forums link which support Portuguese language.

hchanu2or24rjm4dirxfo7uzbvd444uvg3uwdttdv4ikbabms6ddavyd HiddenChan

HiddenChan is very popular dark web community. Lots of members are active here. You can find illegal and legal stuff here. Here you can get stuff related to anime, anonymity, cp, crime, datalove, games, hackers, life, market, music, politics, porn, science, technology and more. I think it is go to destination for your all need whatever it is music or porn.

bodytomind5hql5r Body To Mind

This dark web forum is in Russian language so if you understand Russian then you can count this onion link from this list of dark web sites. This forum is quite popular and has lots of active threads. Here you can discuss about Labor exchange, Business Start, Drugs, Production, Chillout zone and more.

arhivachovtj2jrpАрхивач — Архив тредов имиджборд

This is a Russian language base community site having large number of active posts and topics. If you understand Russian language and want to share/discuss something with other Russians, then you can join this website from this list of dark web links.

hxnibog5m2ocjeefForumDeep Web Ministries: another forum which have some cool treads. Previously available treads are General(Open Discussion, News, Prayer Request, Privacy, The Confessional) Christian Doctrine(The end times, The trinitym salvation, sola scriptura), Apologetics(Reaching Muslim Through Christ), Surviving and Thriving(Surviving and Overcoming Rape, abuse, death and Trials of life), Deepweb vices(Pornography, pedophila and drugs) and much more.


This deep web community is based on the Chan. Here you can discuss about Anime, General, hentai, Internacional, Conspiranoia, Burras de Colores, Política, Paranormal, Anonimato,Hacking, Servicios Ocultos and more.

rrcc5uuudhh4oz3cForumIntelExchange: This forum is very popular into dark web community, and every day lot of people use this forum for find his question answers. Forum have great amount threads, For Example: General, Hacking, Cracking, Dark Web Links, Software, Hardware. Note: Without registration your don’t access some thread that’s why first registred yourself then access all threads.

anonywebix6vi6gzForumAnonyweb: This is another darkweb forum, this forum offering you all type services, like here you can ask anything which you want.

anonymzn3twqpxq5 ForumDBA Forum: This forum is related to DBA. Also you can find some hacking craking DOS, Exploit related thread.

cebollaw3p37wrsqCafé – Cebolla

If you are looking for a dark web forum, where members are active, then you can count this in your list. This forum is dedicated to carding, hacking, programming, general stuff and many other categories. Some threads are in English language and some in other language. If you want to know about this deep web forum, then you can visit Cebolla onion link. Best thing about Cebolla, you can access forum content, without registration like major deep web links.

zzq7gplcs5avm6tzThe Green Machine

Only registered users can access the dark web community content. If you are eager to know what is about this deep web community, then register here. Here you can ask about any anoonumous services which are available on the dark web like carding service, paypal accounts, codes gift card, fixed NHL games and more. You can ask here your any query.


64Chan is Chan based board on the dark web. It is stated recently. Currently, only few threads are available here.

vrimutd6so6a565xThe Dark Lair

The Dark Lair initially started as a free message dashboard and shared gallery. Now it has become a social network where you can share your posts and engage with others. To use this social network, you don’t need to sign up but you need to follow some rules like No CP, No Terrorism, and No Racism. Currently anonymous posting is closed so if you want to post some stuff, you need to reserve your name.


DrugBB forum is dedicated to drugs as name implies. Here you can get all type drugs information. And if you have query about any drug, then you can discuss with other forum members.

hellamz4kpl26ltrHell Forum

Hello Forum can be your next choice to connect with other members for discussion and sharing about various topics. Only registered member can access forum‘s thread. To join Hell Forum, you need to deposit 0.01 BTC. Your deposit will refund to your wallet once you contribute in forum. (As they claim)


Here you can discuss about many topics like Audio Books, Conspiracy, Documentary, eBooks, Games, Paranormal,Random Stuff, News and Miscellaneous etc. if these stuff interest you, you can explore this dark forum link.

ukmafiao6elqbltkUK Mafia Forum

UK Mafia Forum is my next pick in the list of dark web links. Here you can discuss with other members about Security & OPSEC, Bitcoin & Crypto Currency, Market Discussion, Vendor Instructions, Vendor discussion and offers etc. You can access forum content without registration also unlike other dark web sites.

lk77akehj7cjj2qpLS Magazine Forum

LS Magazine Forum is dedicated to LS Magazine. You can access forum threads without registration. But to become a part of the discussion, you need to register yourself. This Forum has only high-quality legal stuff. Total registered member is 26K+ and topics are 116.

mllpfi3dsfp7wjmsKreeptor Forum

Kreeptor forum is a dark web porn forum. Here you can access porn pictures, videos, and stories. Currently, it has 400+ members. If you want to participate in porn discussion, it can be a good choice.

babyixntjlabwkpiBaby Heart

Baby Heart is very popular deep web forum in the list of deep web links. Currently, it has 1 lakh members and 4512 topics. To access all threads and topics, you need to register here.

bchz4vggexx63qvyRockSolid Light

RockSolid Light lets you discuss dancing elephants, encryption, entertainment, Freenet, general, hacking, helpdesk, i2p, Linux, news, offtopic, retrobbs, security, and tor. If you are searching for a dark web forum, where you can discuss many topics, RockSolid can be a good choice.

csrinru3c2ownkepSteam Underground Community

Steam Underground Community lets you discuss steam games. If you love to play steam games and want to share/discuss something with other steam gamers, then this deep web steam community can be the best place on the hidden web.

dnfcht2zyeejnzz5Dark Net Free Chat

Dark Net Free Chat is the next option in this list of dark web links. It lets you share any information for which it has a special thread called Information. Additionally, here you can discuss technology, music art, and entertainment. Also, it lets you post questions if you have any doubt. You can explore this deep web forum without registration. Currently, it has 2009 topics and 300 members.

4irggmmtsjlgo2su The Fallen

The Fallen can be a good place for open discussion, you get it now. It allows you to share your experience with other forum members and know other members views on any doubt/thoughts.

didwzweiypgcznonDeutschland – Informationskontrolle, Nein Danke

It can be the right choice for them who are looking for a Dutch forum on the deep web. It seems quite active as it has 8k registered members. Its main threads are related to drugs, counterfeit, services, hacking, warez, etc.

vvvvvvvv766nz273Russian Forum

If you are looking for a Russian forum on the dark web to learn/share about anonymity and security, then you can consider this forum form this list of deep web links.


Avenoel supports French language only. This forum has 27k+ registered members & 214K posted topics. It lets you discuss many different topics. You can visit given onion link to know about forums thread.

onionlandbakyt3j Onionland

Onionland is very popular dark web forum in this list of dark web sites. Every thread has huge posts. Members are active here. I noticed many dark web forums are dead. But it is active forum as I said very popular. Here you can learn or discuss about Darknet classes, Arrest Reports, Security & OPSEC, Technology and Security Tutorials, Blackhat knowledge, Market discussion, and Cryptocurrencies. If these topics interest you, then you can join this dark web forum.


This dark web community is in Russian language. If you understand Russian language, you can visit this community. Here you can contact directly with vendors who deals in drugs, carding, paypal accounts, counterfeit service and many more. They have own threads where you can discuss with them directly. Only you need to get register yourself at website.


Next mention in the list of deep web forums is HackWeb. Here you can learn about Ethical hacking, Cryptography, Hardware, Illegal Hacking, and more. So if you are interested in learning Ethical hacking and Cryptography, you can join this deep web forum.

x7giprgefwfvkeepHidden Clubs

Hidden Clubs is next mention in the list of forums dark web sites list. It is very popular anonymous community board. Here you can discuss about tech, hacking, news, gaming, cryptocurrencies and more. Here you will find many clubs, you can join which you find relevant for yourself to discuss and learn. Most of clubs are closed means only club member can see content of club. For better understanding, visit given dark web link and join Hidden Clubs.

fdwocbsnity6vzwdForum/FrenchFrench Deep Web: This forum is only for French people who is looking deep web related information into french language, if you are looking this type forum then french deep web site can help you.