Pastebin Deep Web Links

Here are some active deep web links which offer pastebin service. So if you are looking for a deep web link to share doc/code/text anonymously on the hidden web, check out below list. All are user-friendly, easy to use and offering some amazing features to having full control on your pastes.

Note: I am sharing these dark web links for education purpose only. So I am not responsible for your any activity which you perform on hidden web. It is your own responsibility.


If you are looking for a dark web link that offers pastebin service, then you can consider this one. It is very simple and easy to use. Once you visit this website, here you will see a message “Create a new paste” and blank box with a new message “Create a content here”. So simply put your message in content area and click on the Submit Query. Once you click submit a query option, you will get a shareable link which you can share with anyone anonymously.

pasternjaui2k53dPastebinPoster Ninja

Poster Ninja is another place to share code/document anonymously. To create paste, you can click on the given button “Paste New Content Now”. Your pastes URL are private. When I tried to create paste with them, it didn’t work, maybe some error is coming here. You can try your luck.


ZeroBin is an open source online Pastebin at the dark web. But for using this dark web link, you need to enable Javascript which is not good practice especially when you are exploring the dark web. But if you found enabling JavaScript is okay then you can acquire this dark web link pastebin service. Data on this deep web link is encrypted/decrypted in the browser using 256 bits AES.

nzxj65x32vh2fkhkPastebinStronghold Paste

If you are not satisfied with above dark web links for pastebin service, then consider this darknet website. It offers you pastebin service with some cool features like you can make your pastes password protected, Private, set a time to destroy. It is very simple to use, once you have entered data into box and select required options like password, private and timing, hit at Paste option. You will get a url for your paste which you can share with anyone. You can checking trending pastes also going to trending section of Stronghold Paste.


DeepPaste is another go to place for pastebin service on the hidden web. It is very easy to use. Here you can make your paste public, unlisted and self-destroying after reading. If you make your paste public, it will be available for everyone. In case of unlisted, it will not list at website.

dtt6tdtgroj63iudPastebinGarum: Paste

Garum Paste is another dark web link that offers pastebin service with some amazing features like user-friendly, Syntaxhighlighting for many languages, Trending pastes, Anti-Spam , Multilanguage support and many more. Here you can create an anonymous paste for a particular time according to your need. You can make it public or private also. If you make it public, it will show in Garum: Paste recent listing. If you make private, person who has link of paste only can view.