Deep Web Links: Red Room, Social Media, Music,Movie,Torrents,Web Design and More

Here you will find deep web links for most of activity. Means it is Miscellaneous Dark Web Links collection. Below collection having links for social media, torrenting, games, movies, software, hacking, magazine, red room, experimentation and research and many more.

If you are new to Tor network/deep web, check out this guide for your security and safety.

Attention: If you are not using any premium VPN service for accessing deep web, you are in danger. So always run NordVPN + Onion Over VPN Server, then start Tor Browser, disable java script and close all working application in your laptop or mobile whatever you are using. Once you have done all mentioned activates, you are ready to browse on Dark Web.

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Let’s get started with the Miscellaneous Deep Web Links.

Facebook & Twitter Social Media Alternative Dark Web Links

7qzmtqy2itl7dwuu Social MediaDiaspora* (tor)

Diaspora is the first pick for social media dark web links. The best thing about Diaspora, they don’t use your data for advertising like Facebook. Here you own your own data. You can choose your audience yourself. Here you don’t need to use your real identity. You can be who you want to be. It is full anonymity social media platform. But for using this social media darknet website, you need to enable JavaScript.

occ4c3gx3w5esnmnnetwork Social MediaOurbook

Ourbook is fully distributed p2p social network which is using online routing. If you want to use this, first you need to download the ourbook app then you will able to join this anonymous social network on the dark web.

totozzimg6zbvthl Social

Next is in the list of social media dark web links. If you are looking for a Facebook alternative at dark web where you can connect with your friends for sharing and chatting with them then you can visit dark web link. To use this social media dark web link, you need to create an account here. Once you register here, you will know about this social media network features.

mango7ujh3rmxgohSocial MediaMiddle Earth Hobbit’s Social Network

I tried to create an account at this dark web social network but it is taking too much time at the current moment. You can give a try to visit this darknet social media site link to know about this. To create an account at Middle Earth Hobbit’s Social Network, you need to click Need an account option which you will find at top.

secushare.cheettyiapsyciewSocial MediaSecureShare

Did you ever imagine? There should be one platform which is offering all Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail and Skype features. Is it not cool? If you are excited to know about such platform, check out SecureShare deep web link for more information.

npdaaf3s3f2xrmloSocial MediaTwitterClone: This dark web site is the clone of Twitter social media site, here you can post micro-blog type status.

Web Design Deep Web Links

gmoindowca2xzlmcWeb DesignThe Button Website: The World Wide Guten Moin Offical Website

At this dark web site, you will find 5 -6 button designs. But I am wondering what they are offering since there is no source code for these buttons and no function to create new buttons. So I pretty confused what they are offering here. If you are looking for something where you can find buttons, check once yourself. If you find something interesting about this hidden web website, don’t forget to share with us.

dtt6tdtgroj63iudService/Web DesignDeep Design

If you are looking best web design service dark web link, then you have got this now. Deep Design is offering great web designing service at dark web. Whether you want a website to sell things or show things, they will make for you. Except web designing services, they can help you on Deep SEO, Web hosting and marketing needs for your website. If you find them interesting, visit for more info.

cpbiijtwjyn4enziWeb DesignEscape Velocity by HTML5 UP

Planning to launch a website on dark web and looking for a free responsive template? If yes, you can visit this dark web link. They are offering a free responsive template which is built on HTML5 and CSS3 And released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. You can use this template both person and commercial purpose as you want. You just need to give create to HTML5 UP. For template design, visit this web design dark web link and check yourself.

Red Room Deep Web Links

redroomfing27toi Red Room Deep WebRed Room

If you are looking for the red room on the dark web, then you can consider this link. Red Room deep web links are for those persons who are interested in watching or participating in real time torture. When you will visit this Red Room website, you will found the timing of next event and two options, one for Join Red Room and second for leave the website. Once you click on Join option, you will get info about availability and price. Price is different for Spectator, commander, master. For more information, you can visit given dark web red room link.

shadowznwuibgi7wRed Room Dark WebShadow Web

Shadow web is another dark website that offers a way to watch DISGUISTING PICTURES OR VIDEOS, EXTREME PORN, UNDERAGE, KILLING, SNUFF. If you feel weird or disgusting when you watch such stuff, then avoid this website. To know more about Shadow Web, visit given dark web link, they have detailed information about them at their homepage.

llf6yyalipib4jauFun/Red RoomCSS Gate: I think this site is related to red room, some website says red room site offer real time torture, crime shows. if you belive on these bastred things then you can visit this site. But when I try to visit this site and click on given link. new page open into new tab and i fount some text tile, when I try to download then I only can download this file if I pay to given bitcoin address. accessing price is 0.6 BTC.

pgdnvi6nf26gbzgfCrime Serious Gore: do you like some serious gore pictures or videos, today I found one link which has some very dangerous pictures and videos. I am recommending you please don’t visit this dark web links, I am adding this link here only for information.

kpynyvym6xqi7wz2 CrimeMadrid Train Bombings March 11th 2004: If you want to check Madrid train bombing real-time pictures then visit here and check. Truly disgusting images.

Music/Movie/Torrents Deep Web Links

uj3wazyk5u4hnvtkDark Web TorrentThe Pirate Bay: You already know about The Pirates Bay torrent site, If you are looking this site anonymous version. This dark web links can help you. Available Torrent category Video, Audio, Application, Games, Porn and others.

hackerw6dcplg3ej Movies/Links/Videos/Hackerplace: This is another good dark web links alternative for you, because this is single place where you can find movies, magazine, video, porn, hacking, software, darknet links, books and much more. But when I visit this site and click on given link. I found one problem, all links are sorted by Bitly, which is not good for security reasons. but I don’t know why these links are not working on my workstation, hope these links will worked your side.

Note: Here I am recommending you, don’t put your any personal document here.

uuxrei5or65anucgMusic – This deep web links offer music service, here you can download available tracks, and all access environment is just like FTP file directory.

wbyi72yt6gitdcqdMovie/Music/TV Shows/VideoAnonymous Usenet File Search Engine: Do you love usenet and looking any deep web sites by which you can download movies, videos, music , software or any other NZB file then this site can provide you lated usenet relate content.

artifaxdeep.torpress2sarn7xwRadioArtifax Deep Radio

Want to listen to music and looking for the best source on the deep web? You should check Artifax Deep Radio Onion link. They play their music 24/7 and have live DJ from 10 am – 4 pm EST. You can request your desired song in chat when you see DJ online.

kurdox4tfzujxddqDeep Web RadioRadio Jobiwan

Next pick for music dark web links is Radio Jobiwan. Their stream URL is kurdox4tfzujxddq.onion:8000/stream.m3u. Current song is Tears For Fears – Shout. If you want to listen to music at the dark web and not find good source onion link and then try this.

hlsf2cw74ydheg6fDeep Web MusicPremium Music Codes

Are you Spotify lover? If yes then you will love this deep web music online link to get premium Spotify codes at a very cheap price. Once you buy Spotify codes from this dark web link, you need to visit to claim codes to your account. If you have any issue to redeem codes, you can write an email to them. You will find their email id at bottom of website. Price for 6 months is 0.003 BTC and 12 months price is 0.004 BTC. Check out one of best premium music deep web links for more information.

radiocbsi2q27tobDark Web Radio

This dark web site is not in English language and current language of the site is not untestable for me. So I am not able to tell you what they are offering exactly. If you still not find a good dark web link to listen to Radio, and then visit this onion link. And if you understand this, don’t forget to share with us. I will happy to update info here.

Extra Deep Web Links

hbetshipq5yhhrsd Deep Web BettingBet Fixed Matches \ Safe Bets!

BetFixedMatches is operated by a small group of people including sports agents, former referees, former athletes, and others. They offer three packages, price varies according to information. Payment options are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero. They also accept bitcoin escrows (conditions applied). To know more details about services, you need to check given onion link. If you have any doubt or query, you can take a look to FAQs section.

xrwveit2nw6etj4bDeep Web ReviewHidden Reviews

Hidden Reviews is a block chain based service on the Tor, it will a revolution on Tor by making a more secure and safe place for buyers. Here any one can write review about any hidden service, darknet market or any deep web store. Once a user write review and it goes live, no one can change or delete this due to involvement of Blockchain technology. It will surely help in decreasing scammer at deep web. Users who share their feedback about vendors, they will get HRC (Hidden Reviews Coin). User can trade HRC on Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX) service. Key features of Hidden Reviews are Decentralization, Authenticity, Transparency, Reliability, Anonymity, and Profitability. If you want to know more about Hidden Reviews, then you can visit given dark web site link.

ponieslzi3ivbyndExtra/FunYoy Ponies: do you love Yay Ponies magazine, DVD collection, episodes, tutorials, visit here and download all these type files free.

32ixi6myw3thingsExtraGone Things: Basically I don’t know how you can use this site information, when you will visit this dark web sites then you can find something helpful here.

kaarvixjxfdy2wv2ExtraStart[Wizardry and Steamworks]: Today when I visited this dark web links then I am not able to understand how I can use this site, but not understand, hope you will find best way.

2mn4ahxcgjud3yvkExtraContact me on Holiday: This darkweb link also not have sufficient information, only webpage have contact form. If you know anything about this website and want to share here, share by comments.

npdaaf3s3f2xrmloExtra/FunTwitterClone: this darkweb site is the clone of Twitter social media site, here you can post micro-blog type status.

v6gdwmm7ed4oifvdExtra/FunSecureDrop: this is another dark web sites, which providing service to protect journalist document anonymously. If you are a journalist, then you can easily understand how you can use this site.

jlve2y45zacpbz6sExtra/FunTorStatus: Today do you want to know the status of Tor route then visit here, I don’t have enough information about this site, hope you can find something important for you.

xjj6wjpujmh4evkbExtra/FunMyFreeCam: this site offers MFC site tokens, If you want to access MFC site token and don’t want to pay for his services then this site can help you.

sixteen7iuqazme7Extra – This site not working well because admin block his service.

y3okdpapmjnfgcpyExtraFree Test is a site which have content related to experimentation and research of Tor and .onion net. If you looking these type information then visit here.

fixerwex7oobu4ki ExtraLester Service: I think this dark web links also offer self service because when I visit, that time I saw black screen and one home meny button. But when I click on this button then anything didn’t happen.

ejz7kqoryhqwosbkExtraBittit: This website provide picture selling service, here you can sele your picture into BTC and can make some money anonymously. Hope this website will prove helpful for you.

abigispddied4mecExtraA Big ISP

Here you will find sampling of random things which website admin do at Project Section. Few of them are happy-dance, paranoid-prosody, tor bridge bootstrap, ad block gen. To better understand, visit website once. Perhaps you can find some useful information.

anna4nvrvn6fgo6d ExtraAnna is Sad

If you want to donate Bitcoins for some good cause, you can use this dark web site. They will send you a gift also after receiving your donation. But they are not offering any information at their website. If you really want to donate, there are lots of darknet websites which are offering good services to deep web users, you can donate to them. It will a great help for them to run their website smoothly.

kotnikdvbq6lnbfzExtra/ServiceNikola Kotur

This dark web site is run by Nikola Kotur, he is Serbian but really a geek who has been fascinated with computers. If you are looking for someone to hire who knows high-level languages like Python and PHP, then you can visit this website. Here you will find Nikola Kotur skype id and email id. You can write to him and discuss if he is available for new projects.

xfmro77i3lixucja – Books – Imperial Library: This dark web site hold great amount of library, here you can find all categories book. According to website database, this site have 101542 books. Some popular available categories are Fiction, General, Fantasy, Roman, Science, Fiction, Thriller, Paranormal, Contemporary, Historical, General, Interest, Romance, Mystery & Detective, Suspense, Science, fiction, Thrillers, Adventure and many more.


I do not understand what they are offering at their website. If you are curious to know about them, visit given deep web link. If you understand what exactly they are offering, feel free to write to us. I will happy to update info here.

torc5bhzq6xorhb4Extra Turkish Citizenship Database

This deep website has data 49,611,709 Turkish citizens. Data includes National Identifier (TC Kimlik No), First Name, Last Name, Mother’s First Name, Father’s First Name, Gender, City of Birth,Date of Birth, D Registration City and District, and Full Address. If you are interested in downloading this data, then visit given link. You will find the download link at bottom of website.

darknetco4i4prlpExtraThe Darknet Company

I think The Darknet Company is offering advertising space at MYStats mystats2cjxjiu7w. And if you are interested in advertising, a partnership with them, you can visit above given dark web link and fill the form. But it is just a guess. I am not 100% sure about their services. If this info interests you, you can visit the website and try to know about their services.

parckwartvo7fskpPersonal – Parckwart’s Website

This dark website is run by Parckwart. He shares computer stuff at his website. Some recently covered topics are Music Streams in Tor, Tor2web is a Mess, Automatic Archiving of YouTube Channels and SSH Server as Tor Onion Service etc.

evbe2k4syrvewwq3Personal – X Code 404

This darknet site is run by coder. There is not much information available at website. If any information is updated in future, I will glad to provide you here.

cheenazap345z6a7Personal – Cheena

This dark web link is having information about Cheena along with her Twitter profile, email address, and blog URL. And bitcoin address is also here for donation.

th2yjjp5cmsoxmmbPersonal – KGDSKILL

Donillo run this website to promote his services on the dark web. His public services are XMPP aka Jabber, IRC and Mumble. If you want to setup XMPP with Pidgin, here you will find step by step tutorial with screenshot. For more information you can visit given dark web link.

glowlandpvb6q2tlPersonal – Glowland
Glowland is Larry Sheradon’s website. He shares his social media links, Etsy shop link, KeyBase link, and SoundCloud link. If you want to connect with Larry Sheradon then you can use Glowland onion link.