Dark Web Sites to Buy Gadgets (iPhone, iPad, MacBook & More)

Here is a list of working dark web sites that deals in Gadgets on Tor Network. All sites are listed with a brief description for your ease. I check these dark web links regularly to ensure they are online.

If you want to buy gadgets like iPhone, iPad, MacBook , Laptop, Chromebook, Playstation, Cameras, Apple Watch and etc., then you can check out below given gadgets store deep web links.

Mostly dark web sites only accept payment in Crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Etherum , Litecoin, and Ripple etc. If you have bitcoin, then you have more option stores to buy. Since, Bitcoin is accepted more as compared to other Crypto currencies.

Attention: Privacy is first thing which you should worry about if you are browsing deep web/dark web. Don’t fall in the trap that Tor Browser gives you full anonymity and safety. Always add an additional layer of encryption and anonymity with best VPN Service.

Follow essential steps to make yourself untraceable.

  • Always make sure, there is no program active at your laptop which is using Internet.
  • Start NordVPN Software, Connect Tor Over VPN Server and wait until connection is established.
  • Now launch Tor Browser and disable JavaScript by clicking on S! button. (If Tor is new to you, you can check depth guide on Tor)

All is done, now you can access deep web/dark web safely.

Note: Here I am sharing these dark web sites just for information or education purpose. My intention is only to share information. I am not recommending you to visit these deep web links in any way. So you are the one who is responsible for your all activity, any harm or loss.

Let’s get started with the list of gadgets deep web stores links.

Dark Web Sites to Buy Gadgets (iPhone, iPad, MacBook & More)

cardedlxzxsphu5yGadgets/Smartphone/GiftsCardsGiftsCards|Carded Store: this is best self-hosted dark web sites, where you can buy latest gadgets, gifts cards, and smartphone. Available products are Apple iPhone 7, Samsung Note 7, Motorola Z, Microsoft Lumia, LG G5, iPad, Chromebook, Microsoft Surface, XBox, Playstation, MacBook, Gaming Laptop, Cameras, Amazon GiftsCards.

tfwdi3izigxllureGadgets/SmartphoneApple4Bitcoin: Today do you want to buy iPhone and you have bitcoins and want to buy iPhone by Bitcoins then you can visit this deep web sites. this site offers best price for iPhone or iPad.

mobil7rab6nuf7vxGadgetsMobile Store – Best Unlocked Smartphone: Do you planning to buy a brand new smartphone like Samsung or iPhone. This dark web sites can help you to buy these type products by BTC in suitable price.

electrotev3tgo2pGadgetsELECTRONION: same as upper.


DeepTech is biggest electronic store on the deep web. Here you can buy carded electronics in good price including Phones, Tablets, Computers, Cameras, consoles. Shipping time is 72 hours. They provide shipping service in European countries, Canada, South and North America, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Asia or Southeast Asia. Shipping price depends on weight, height, width and location. DeepTech has 10 day return policies.

35flmpspwpnarbosApple World – Limited Time Free Shipping!

Apple World is another safe carded Apple store on the dark web. Here you can buy iPhones, iPads, MACBOOKs, and iMacs. All products are new, original and unlocked. Apple World offers shipping service WorldWide. If you have any query, you can visit this dark web gadget store link and write an email at given email id.

trinixy73gm6z4fqTrinixy! Reliable Electronic Discounter

Trinixy is the next mention in the list of Gadgets dark web sites. Here you can buy Phones, Laptops, Tablet PCs, Apple products and others at huge discount. Here you can find all latest gadgets. This dark web gadget store ships Worldwide. All gadgets are original as they claim. To know buying procedure, you can check website’s how to order section. Here you will find all instructions to buy any gadget.

applekfwov4jebmrApple Store

This dark web store offers Mac, iPad, iPhone, Accessories, and GoPro at 50% of the retail price. They have been around since June 2015 and now one of the largest store for Apple products at dark web. All iPhones are unlocked. And you can use them with GSM/CDMA network worldwide. If you have any query, you can check FAQ section for more information.

etrrdbuorwng2hkw – Samsungshop

At this dark web gadget store, you can buy all SamSung products at retail price including Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables, TVs, Home, IT, Audio and more. Products prices depend on daily Samsung retailer price. Payment options are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum unlike major dark web links. Shipping time depends on the location. This dark web site supports Escrow. If you want to know any more information, you can visit website onion link.

2wkwv7m4hetvqo3dZ33 Shop

This dark web link is the onion version of z33shop.com. Here you can buy phones, computers, consoles and Tablets like major gadgets dark web links. Z33 shop offers Worldwide shipping. Accepted currency for payment is Bitcoin. Escrow is also accepted. For pricing and available products info, you can visit given Z33 shop onion link.

cardedlxzxsphu5y Carded Store

Next pick is Carded Store in the list of dark web sites for gadgets. Here you can buy cellphones and electronics at wholesale price. At wholesale orders, you can get up to 30% discount. To know other details like shipping fees, shipping delivery time, duty taxes etc., you can visit this dark web site link.

mobileay2syyw6qf Mobile Store – Best Unlocked Cell Phones

This dark web mobile store deals in Apple and Samsung phones. All phones are unlocked. To buy phones from this dark web site, you need Bitcoin like major deep web links. Currently available products are Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Apple iPhone 7 , iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note8, Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and Samsung Galaxy 7, Galaxy S7 edge. Shipping fee is $30. If you are interested in buying Apple and Samsung phones, then you can visit website link.


Here you can buy mostly electronic gadgets like Smartphones, Laptops, Desktops, Ultrabooks, TVs, and others. Here you can get up to 60% discount. They only accept payment in Bitcoin like other dark web sites in the list. They accept Escrow also.


Currently only few products are available here like shoes, hat, shirts etc. If you are interesting in buying from then you can contact at given email id.

dc5gee72qyaayr4dMobile Store

If you want to buy Apple or Samsung phones, you can consider this website into your list of dark web links to buy phones. All phones are new and unlocked. Currently, they are offering iPhone7 and Samsung Galaxy S8. To know pricing and shipping information, you can visit this deep website link.

applei7nkshrsnihAppleMerch – Stolen & Carded Merchandise

As compared to other gadgets dark web links, AppleMerch has more products to offer. Here you can buy iPhone X, iPhone 8/8+, Apple Watch 3, iMac Pro, iPad Pro 10.5, iPhone 7/7+, Mac mini, Mac Pro, iMac 4k and many more. To know all available products and pricing information, you can visit this dark web site link. If you want to know about shipping delivery time, shipping fees, tracking number etc., then you can check FAQ section. They accept Escrow also.

mallgdjice7qaar6GadgetsElectron Shop: This is another alternative link for electronic gadget, if you are still looking some deep web links where you can buy lastest gadgets then here is the best place for you. only click on link and now site will be front of you. Available products iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, iPad Apple TV.

gzxmaxe23eaj6raoGadgets Electronion: This site offers ellectronic gadgets for buy, If you are interested and want to buy Apple iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Samsung Galaxy note, Galaxy S5, Google Nexus, Galaxy tab, Sony Xperia, ASUS VIVOTab, Vivo Transformar book, Asus Taichi, VAIO Pro Laptop, Vaio Duo then you can try this site.