Mixero Review – Best Bitcoin Tumbler Service

In this Mixero.io review, I’d walk you through all the primary features and flaws that the mixer brings with itself.

I’m not saying it’s the best BTC mixer out there, I’m not denying it. My job here is to get you an extremely transparent and honest review of the service.

In the next few minutes, your unclean Bitcoin problem probably will be fixed. Let’s get started?

Note: Bitcoin mixing is legal, mixing illegal Bitcoins isn’t. Make sure you only use this review for legal purposes. Only you are responsible for your actions.

Mixero.io – An Introduction

Mixero is a Bitcoin mixer that accepts your Bitcoin deposits and gives you clean, new coins.

Yes, currently it’s limited only to Bitcoins. However, it does have an optional “advanced” mode that does an internal BTC > XMR > BTC conversion for added anonymity.

Here’s everything that defines the mixer:

If the features seem acceptable, this review is just for you.

No Accounts/Registrations Required.

One of the primary features that boosts anonymity on Mixero is that it doesn’t require any registration whatsoever.

This means, there’s no account tied to you personally. There’s no signup, not even anonymous accounts.

But wait! What about your IP address? Well, that’s taken care of as well (read the next section foe details).


You can access Mixero on its Tor URL – http://mixeroyubx5g5yxaucsxcd767vn2lnujuuz2dh53quwabukhrok2ekid.onion/

In case you’re new, the above URL can be accessed using the anonymous Tor browser.

Tor is special because it hides your actual IP address. When you access the website, it routes your IP through multiple other nodes. Hence, to the website, it appears as if the final node is your IP address.

Of course, I’d still recommend using a VPN even with this Tor version for added support.

Strict “No logs” Policy

Any mixer that keeps logs defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

Fortunately, Mixero.io doesn’t. It has a very clear no logs policy.

For starters, the website has no idea of your identity  or IP address (if you use Tor and/or VPN). So, it can not identify you even if it wanted to.

Then, it deletes everything it does have (the session details) within 24 hours. Even with this data, you still remain anonymous and untraceable!

Mixero Review

Smallest and Largest Mixing Amounts

Do you need to be a millionaire to use Mixero? Not exactly.

This particular Bitcoin mixing service seems extremely accommodating.

It allows you to mix amounts as small as 0.002 BTC. This is equal to about $57 today (with Bitcoin at $28000.00), no complaints, eh?

Do note that if you send amounts lower than the minimum limit (0.002BTC)¸ they’re considered donations. In other words, there’s no refund. You can not send additional amount later to add to this, for security purposes.

If I’m honest, I am not entirely sure of its maximum limit. Initially, it used to accept 100BTC at the most, however, now I see a 250 BTC messages whenever I’m mixing.

Of course, I’ve never tried crossing the maximum limit in any case and this is why I’m not sure of the limit.

However, if I’m to assume, I’d say it easily will let you mix almost any amount unless you’re a multi-millionaire. If you mix over 250BTC, do let me know how it goes?

5 Output and Multiple Deposit Addresses

Output addresses are one of the easiest but most anonymity-boosting factor when it comes to mixers, aren’t they?

Fortunately, Mixero allows 5 output addresses. Meaning, you can enter up to 5 different addresses where you’d like to receive your funds.

Mixero Review

That’s expected. While it’s an extremely desirable feature, I’ve certainly seen almost all mixers offer multiple output addresses.

However, its “multiple input/deposit” addresses are what impressed me. This here is an extremely rare feature that just skyrockets your anonymity.

So, the “deposit/input address” is basically the address that sends you funds. This is the address you receive clean funds from.

On Mixero, you can choose to receive your clean funds from multiple address. The feature is called “Random input”.

Mixero Review

You do not get to choose how many, or which addresses. But, your funds are now sent to you not from one but many different addresses.

So, it almost becomes impossible for anyone to link your original deposit, to any one of your clean outputs!

Also, this is a feature that I’ve only seen 2 other mixers offer in the past half decade! Yeah, it’s rare.

Affordable Fees (that you control)

A logical question here is, how much does it cost to use Mixero?

Well, that depends on a number of factors. Mixero fee depends on:

  • Your mixing mode
  • If you selected or skipped the “random input” feature.

By default however, you get 100% control over this fee.

Mixero Review

See the slider? That’s how you select how much you’d like to pay. You can choose to pay as low as 0.7% for each transaction, or as high as 4.7%.

Do note that if you select the “Advanced” mode (discussed below)  for the mix, the fee is set at 1.928%

The fact that Mixero doesn’t force a fee on you makes it a pretty decent choice, doesn’t it?

CoinJoin & Advanced Mode

Mixero is one of the few mixers that offers more than one mixing modes. This mode influences your new coins’ anonymity, privacy, fee for the mix etc.

So, the CoinJoin mode does exactly what the name says it does “joins coins”. In simpler words, your funds are deposited in a pool of coins from many other users.

You’re then sent out clean, unrelated coins which aren’t related to your old and probably tainted deposits.

The CoinJoin mode costs a 0.002BTC extra in fees, on top of the service fee that you pay.

Then there’s the advanced mode. It makes your coins anonymous by first exchanging them for XMR (Monero) and then converting them back to Bitcoins.

The advanced mode only allows 1 output addresses though. It also doesn’t allow a custom fee and the fee is set as discussed above.

2-Click Mixing Process

How hard is it to use Mixero? Fortunately, not at all! In fact, you can be done in about 2 clicks!

So, this is what the mixing page looks like.

Mixero Review

So, you enter your output address and click “proceed”! Those are the only two “mandatory” fields you must interact with.

Even on the most anonymous mode, you only require 6 clicks! Change mode to advanced > add additional addresses > enter addresses > change fee > enable random input >.

This clearly is extremely simple to use and understand, do you disagree?

In-built Calculator

Now this isn’t a feature that would change your decision of going or not going with the mixer.  It however does still make things easy.

On the primary mix page, you simply enter the number of Bitcoins you’re sending in.

Mixero Review

The calculator shows you the amount you’ll receive instantly. This is live and real-time. Meaning, if you change the fee above, the output amount changes instantly.


Just because it’s a crypto tool doesn’t mean their support is anonymous or invisible as well.

The company has a very responsive support team which can be reached at [email protected].

But, what do you say? There’s no account, how do you get support for your coins/mixes?

Well, that’s where the “Letter of Guarantee” comes in. You get this on the deposit page (the page that shows you the address where you’re supposed to deposit your unclean funds).

This is a signed letter from the company. Without revealing any personal data about you or your identity, the team is able to locate your funds and assist you with whatever problems you’ve got.

Mixero Review Pros and Cons

So, let’s sum all of this up? Here are its best parts and what can be improved in a nutshell:


  • No registration
  • Optional Tor-access
  • More than one input addresses
  • 5 output addresses
  • No accounts/logs
  • Manually adjustable fee


  • Time-delays aren’t manually controlled.
  • Fund-distribution (for each address) isn’t manually controlled.


Is this the mixer you should use to mix your Bitcoins? From a privacy perspective, certainly. 100%. Your mixes are 100% untraceable, and not linked to you in any way. The mixer doesn’t store logs and anonymity is added if you use the advanced mode.

Additionally, you get to control the fee, as well as the number of addresses. More importantly, it’s one of the very few and very rare mixers that allow multiple input addresses!

If all of those aren’t green signals, I don’t know what are.

Sure, there’s room for improvement? But can Mixero make your coins untraceable and anonymous? Without doubt.

Hey, this Mixero review is just my own opinion and experience. Go try it out on your own? That’s the only way to form a legitimate opinion, isn’t it?