Is the Dark Web Real?

If you want to know “is the dark web real?” then look no further. Here I have shared in-depth insight on same in this article to clear your all doubts regarding dark web.

Dark Web is close to infinity, the amount of data stored in this hidden part of the Internet is limitless.

However, the reliability of this data is questionable.

Dark Web doesn’t have only the illegal dealings like most of us believe; it also has useful information like academic lectures, books and many more.

You just need to know how to find the proper tools to access Dark Web while knowing what to avoid.

Now for the question, is the dark web real?

If you have ever browsed Dark Web, I’d ask a question to you. What do you think?

If you are yet to browse this part of the web, then I’d say it is both real and fake.

There are many reasons for it which we will discuss in this article.

The information that you seek in the Deep Web or Dark web seems very real to you, then it is too good to be true.

There are cases where the information is genuine.

So, it is difficult to judge about this data source since many will not consider them to be worth their time.

There are many circumstances and experiences from many dark web users who have shared it on many platforms which prove its reality.

Let’s discuss such scenarios to see if our claims of reality or fake can be backed by those facts.

Is the Dark Web Real or Fake?

You hear a lot of about drug dealings, hitman contracts, weapons selling and more that are illegal.

These things really do happen on Dark Web but every dark web site which says they deal with such stuff won’t deliver.

You need to know who a real seller of such illegal goods is and who isn’t.

Torture sessions with live streaming online, sexual abuse of infants, red rooms and many such atrocities done by humans to humans can be found in the Deep or Dark web.

The same question arises in your mind, is the dark web real?

A recent conviction in the Philippines of a couple, a local prostitute and an Australian male for sexual abuse of infants as little as 18 months up to 10 years, all female.

They have been charged with several cases of child abduction, human rights infringement and more.

This couple posted various videos of the infants being abused sexually in Dark Web.

This definitive proof says that the Dark Web is real as it gets.

Talking of the fake parts, many speculate that Dark Web has something called the Marina Web.

Marina Trench is the deepest place on the planet and this reference is applied here.

Marina Web is a myth as per Dark Web users since it hasn’t been accessed by anyone until now.

Dark Web users speculate that this part of the Dark web contains information about advanced science, information about contact with extraterrestrial beings, darkest secrets of humanity, a history which can shake your faith.

Reading these things will change your perspective on how you used to view things and how you will see things going forward.

Not a single dark web browser has accessed this part of the web and it is considered a myth.

Many dark web users say that if it hasn’t been found, you cannot say it doesn’t exist.

There are possibilities of this part of the dark secrets to exist but it is very low to none.

So, this can be considered as both real and fake.

Alien abductions are absurd but many have posted videos of such abductions.

These videos are so poorly made that we can easily guess it’s a fake video.

Even a first-time dark web user will see it is made up the story.

Were there alien abductions in the past?

None have been recorded with definitive proof in the history so far.

Many claims in the Dark web that aliens exist and they have been constantly visiting us and monitoring us via WWW.

This again brings only one question to my mind, is the dark web real?

Facts Uncovered

Cannibalism exists to this day.

You might think that I’m talking about those remote tribes who haven’t undergone any progress and still follow their ancient culture.

Well, you are partially correct and partially wrong.

Tribes still exist in the world who have completely cut off any outside connection, cannibalism is common among them.

However, have you heard of restaurants selling human meat?

This is the horror of Dark Web, it is very much true that human meat is being sold.

The location of these restaurants is almost impossible to find but in reality, it does exist.

So, cannibalism isn’t limited to the remote tribes but even the literate people would like to have human meat.

Another proven fact about the Deep or Dark web is, you find every type of illegal drug being sold.

Most of the dark web sites you visit related to this sector are fake trying to scam you but, there are some genuine ones who deliver.

Illegal drug mafia has got a platform to sell drugs and this platform has limitless potential.

Many countries and relevant authorities have shut down many deep web sites in the past and are still doing so.

Medically required drugs being bought online, I totally understand.

However, illegal drugs were bought from these darknet markets has to be stopped since it is a hindrance to the growth of the society.

We all know the history of World War II, Hitler did experiments on humans.

Those who admired Hitler for this aspect still lurk in the shadows of the Deep web with human experiments to this day.

Although this operation was shut down in the last decade and no related posts about human experimentation were found recently, we cannot ignore the fact that it was conducted even after 6 to 7 decades since World War II.

Logically Sound?

Coming to the logic part since many who don’t understand human emotions well understand logic.

This section is dedicated to those who completely believe in a logical world.

Many renowned physicists, unknown physicists, thinkers, visionaries and more people have made many speculations about the future.

Some of the indigestible truth about humanity will overturn the world to chaos.

These logical thinkers have many predictions which sound logical even to a normal man rather than a logical believer such as yourself.

Many companies who are dedicated to deciphering dark web have proven that dark web has its good and bad side.

Good side being information exchange about technology, games, privacy, written material, various education documents which aren’t found in your regular library and more.

The other fact noticed by these companies was that the .onion sites which emerged now will no longer exist after a few hours.

Many deep web links are non-functional since these deep web sites are usually maintained by a single person with minimal equipment and can’t sustain the site for long.

More than 5000 to 6000 hidden websites were found only during 2017, statistics from Tor browser and an estimate of 2% of the traffic from this browser visit these hidden sites.

This indicates tor sites are either illegal or dangerous. Who would like to keep their privacy and anonymity while using the Dark web will try to avoid such threatening sites. And I will advise you to use premium VPN software whether you are learning or browsing dark web. Have a look at this article to find out best VPN service provider.

This again reminds of the same question, is the dark web real?

I have a partial answer now, it is partially believable and it is partially fake.

Impossible Things

Many things that you think impossible are portrayed as possible in many .onion websites in the Dark web.

Scammers always try to get a hold of any personal and bank information for all the users accessing their site and it is more common in dark web.

People always try to scam you in dark web. The slogan you need to remember while using the dark web is “Trust nobody, don’t provide any personal information”.

This will help you to a certain extent to avoid trouble and data compromise.

Next Show on So and So Date

An illegal live stream of a torture session, child pornography,and many such heinous acts are common in dark web.

Many such deep websites scam users to rip you off and also gain access to your personal and confidential information.

People who are interested in such heinous acts fall victim to it.

An upfront fee is mandated to view such shows and many sites shut down within the next few hours.

So, a show on so and so date is a scam and if you paid anything, you are scammed.

New identity?

There are many sites which clearly and openly sells citizenship documents for many countries.

A new identity in a new country sounds like a new life for those who wish to leave the current one and start over.

Although, you may have a genuine reason to start over, using such shady sites will only cause you grief and loss of  money.

It is impossible to obtain new identity overnight and especially via these sites which aren’t reliable in any way.

These are just two impossible things that dark web says that they make it possible.

Certain things are impossible, so let’s leave it at that.

After reading this section, I ask myself the same question again. Is the dark web real?

Mankind and its Atrocities

Did you know a harsh yet truthful fact about humanity?

Humans have committed heinous acts against humanity than any other living creature in the world.

The genocide, wars, plague and many such natural and unnatural disasters are caused by humans.

We are not living to better ourselves rather we’re destroying each other even though at a very slow pace if I might add.

Some of the atrocities that mankind has done to its own kind will send a chill down your spine. It is horrific yet it has occurred in the past. The following two examples should get you some idea-

Cooking a live woman with instructions

A live woman is being cooked.

The cooking procedure has been explained in a detailed manner including the cuts on a woman’s body which makes her stay alive for as long as possible while being cooked.

I’m not sure about a video if it exists or not but a guide does exist related to cooking live women.

Two Types of Pedophiles

For and against child molestation are two types of pedophiles.

A large pedophiles community can be seen in the dark web.

They have two factions.

Some of these pedophiles control the urge to hurt or abuse children while many are interested in rape and abuse children sexually.

Infants as little as 18 months are abused sexually which reminds of the fact that humans aren’t meant to be underestimated and I mean it in the cruelest possible way.

A female baby less than 2 years old being molested and abused, viewers pay and subscribe to watch such heinous acts.

Only two such atrocities are enough for you to get a brief idea about data contained in dark web.

The atrocious acts committed against humanity by humans are unforgivable and disgusting.

How can a person reach such depths of insanity to hurt another person or a child?

Is it due to a rough childhood they had?

Or is it due to a trauma?

This question remains unanswered while the other question, is the dark web real?

I have a definitive answer now that is it is both real and fake.

I know this is not the answer you were expecting but, there are real proven facts while there are fake and impossible things being promised in the same part of the internet.

The Deep Web Vs. Dark Web Difference

It’s important I address this before wrapping this piece up.

The Deep Web and the Dark Web aren’t the same thing. They have their similarities, but also stark differences.

In other words, let me just say that the Dark web is a sub-set of the Deep web.

The similarity primarily is that both the Deep and the Dark web content isn’t indexed by clearnet search-engines like Google/Yahoo etc.

However, the dark web primarily refers to the “illegal, non-indexed content” on the Internet.

The Deep Web on the other hand may be any information/data/file/webpage which is not indexed. Even if the content is legal, it’s still Deep web content.

For e.g. your social media stories, settings, bank account data, school reports etc. are all deep web content.

Simply because no one will find links to these on standard search engines.

However, dark web content refers to darknet marketplaces, contract-killing sites, red rooms and every other illegal-content/product offering site.

So in other words, dark web content is almost always also deep web content. But, deep web content may not always be dark web content.

And there’s absolutely no doubt whatsoever as far as the existence of the deep web goes.

Accessing The Dark Web and Legalities

The dark web is 100% real.

The only way to prove it is to show you how to access the dark web.

Well, follow these steps:

If you’re lazy, just Download NordVPN > Launch VPN > Connect to “Onion over VPN” server > Download TOR > Launch TOR > enter any Darkweb URL in the URL-bar (e.g. http://smrtmxdxognxhv64.onion/).

Once you do all of that, you’ll believe in the dark web more than you do in climate change.

Now for the legalities.

This article is only to prove that the dark web exists.

That people buy and sell drugs, weapons, and even hitman services on the Dark web.

Just so you know that this “exists”.

This doesn’t mean that we’re promoting/encouraging or supporting these activities.

Any activity which is illegal in your real-life (e.g. buying guns), is also illegal on the Dark web.

Do not get involved in any such activity.

If you do so, it’ll be 100% your own responsibility.

That been said, it’s legal to simply “visit” these URLs as long as you do not partake in any activity.

However, that may not be always true. E.g. willingly viewing illegal porn (photos/videos) is illegal as well.

This is why I recommend using a VPN. So, if without your knowledge you do land on an illegal link, you do not get in any legal trouble.

Final Thoughts

The question again- is the dark web real? I’m sure you’re confused as the information on this page tells you that the Dark web is both real, and fake.

In the end, I’d say that you need to believe what you see but, videos that you see may be fake too.

So, believe what you wish to would be more appropriate when it comes to the dark web.

But note that the Dark web is completely and 100% real, in the sense that “it does exist”. The products/items being sold however may be scams and non-existent.

Many dark web experts speculate reliable information obtained and also fake information under circulation in dark web.

I hope this provides if not a complete but a little clarity on “is the dark web real?”