Elite Market review – Is It Legit or Scam?

What would a mix of all the best Darknet Markets look like? That’s what we’ll be discussing in this Elite Market review today.

Elite Market in general seems to be packed with everything that most successful DNMs (Darknet Markets) brought with themselves. We’ll look at the features in detail when we answer the following questions:

We do believe these cover most of the things that a marketplace is made up of. If you agree, dive right in and let’s continue with this Elite Market review.

Elite Market at a glance

Before diving deeper, here’s an outline of the marketplace. If these are what you’re looking for, this Elite Market review wouldn’t be a waste of your time-

Elite Market Mirrors

The marketplace alike all other marketplaces is under constant attacks. It has a number of mirrors to help with the same-

  • elite6c3wh756biv7v2fyhnoitizvl2gmoisq7xgmp2b2c5ryicottyd.onion
  • elitehpgokwxb2indemy7bzhnu5e5zvarhehhg5njjr7bm2d4zmihwid.onion
  • elitemk4vggs2zlx7rjdc7hrkvrm6bslyetxwfyo5kt2yykgz5yg4wyd.onion
  • eliteuzdzrsc3nqe3hmbwh3ccoij6q5qvaonk2et7c35egqhytdtm4ad.onion
  • elitewrywbnvoud3sbhkuiot6a4oouyvqxlufakbscojlq2keqz3yvid.onion
  • elitejnmwyc6sfrsb4tqlxxl36m2uegrj3kxvjtsms2lbolytihlxxid.onion
  • elitexwoy625pr3yofvd5vcshceypmpbywtwlvudqmv5oepombom4wyd.onion

Does Elite Market need registrations?

Short answer – Yes. But, note that this is where we first encountered the uniqueness that the marketplace brings with itself. Most DNMs require users to Sign up before they’re allowed access to anything.

Elite Market on the other hand made sure that users only register when they’ve really need to. In other words, the market allows accessing/browsing the products without any registrations.

You can use most other features such as the Search-panel, the F.A.Q and announcements without registering.  If and when you do find something you’ll be purchasing, or maybe selling only then is registration required.

This is what the registration form looks like:

Agreed, it asks for a number of extras as compared to just a simple “username and password”. But all of this go towards making the marketplace a lot more secure.

Anyway, once you fill the form the account is activated instantly without requiring any wait-period.

How good is Elite Market user-interface?

A top-bar, a left-sidebar for product categorization, and the rest of the area left for displaying products. The classic Darknet market user-interface success recipe, isn’t it?

You can either click on the product-category of your choice from the left-sidebar, or choose something at random from the displayed products on the right.

You can scroll down to find BTC exchange rates, the latest feedback on the market, announcements etc. These don’t make massive differences, but are still desirable elements.

The following screenshot is the profile-interface. In our opinion, it too is pretty informative and easy to understand, isn’t it?

It shows you your favourite offers/users, blacklisted users, and offers the primary settings such as Security, Avatar and others right on the same page.

The marketplace also offers some neat looking buttons on the top-right corner to navigate around the marketplace just in case the top-bar isn’t cutting it for you.

Finding products, placing orders or just browsing through the site seemed pretty self-explanatory. A pretty easy to use marketplace we’d say.

What product are available on Elite Market?

The only way we can know that is by looking at the product-categories. This is what’s currently available:

It clearly shows the availability of:

  • Drugs and Chemicals.
  • Fraud
  • Porn and Erotica.
  • Digital Goods.
  • Jewels and Gold.
  • Guides and Tutorials
  • Services and many other products, doesn’t it?

So these for sure are available. However, we poked a little deeper. The Drugs & Chemical section seems to have collections of everything drug-related. This includes (but not limited to) Benzos, Steroids, Stimulants, Ecstasy and what not.

Fraud” being the second category with the most number of products definitely deserves a glimpse too, doesn’t it? It seems to hold products such as CVV & Cards, Dumps, Accounts, Bank drops etc.

Guides and Tutorials” too doesn’t seem to be far behind. The category holds guides for drugs, hacking, fraud, security etc. “Software and Malware” despite its name leans more towards the “malware” part. It consisted of products such as Exploits, Botnets, Security software etc.

DNMs are known for their ridiculously weird services, aren’t they? Fortunately Elite Market services seem to be on the saner side. They didn’t offer Kidnapping and murder services, rather guides to making money, gaining subscribers, E-mail bombers etc.

And lastly, we also glanced at the Jewellery available. To our surprise, it included some pretty rare luxury items for e.g. Rolex watches, Louis Vuitton bags, rings etc.

In a nutshell, I’d say everything that a Darknet Market shopper generally look for is available on Elite Market, isn’t it?

Is Elite Market Transparent?

It’s one of the most transparent marketplace we’ve ever seen. The transparency ensure a safe, scam-free trade and trading environment.

This is what its Vendor-transparency policy offers users-

As you can see, the marketplace transparently displays crucial information about the vendors, this includes:

  • His/her total sales.
  • Total offers.
  • Won Vs. Lost disputes.
  • Joining date.
  • And Reviews + Feedback from other users.

When audited properly, this information should get buyers a pretty good idea of the vendors’ legitimacy.

In addition to that, the market also displays “Top 10 Vendors by Score” on its left-sidebar.

This is a much easier and faster way of reaching vendors with established reputation. This helps even new buyers easily find vendors they can trust. Even for those buyers who have absolutely 0 experience finding trustworthy vendors on DNMs.

Is Elite Market secure?

So buyers won’t get scammed on Elite Market, good. But is it “technically” secure? Well fortunately it seems to be.

It offers everything including Escrow, 2-FA, login phrase, and a security PIN to secure user accounts.

2-FA can be enabled via PGP. Login phrase is set during registrations and is permanently displayed on the dashboard.  The security pin acts as an additional layer of security on top of the password & 2-FA

Chronologically, breaking the 2-FA and also the security PIN is next to impossible and hence the accounts are pretty much hack-proof.

Does Elite Market allow Vending?

Well yes it does. That’s what the “Vendor’s Dashboard” on the top-bar is for. Here’s what a standard vendor application form looks like:

Anyone with an extra USD $150.00 and products fitting the marketplace may start selling. However note that you’re not allowed to sell-

  • Murder/ hitman-services.
  • Harmful chemicals.
  • Illegal porn.
  • Prostitution-related services.
  • Or Weapons.

The list is all-inclusive, so anything not in the list is allowed.

What are the payment modes on Elite Market?

The same mode which existed on Silkroad, and almost all other DNMs- Bitcoin. You can’t pay with any other Cryptocurrency.

Also note that the fund-deposits aren’t live/wallet—less. As in, you can’t make the payments on the checkout-page of each order. Rather, there’s a central marketplace wallet and funds need to be deposited prior to making any purchases.

Wrapping up- Elite Market review

We wouldn’t stretch this Elite Market review any further than is actually required.  So far, we covered its UI, products, security, transparency, vending and payments. Hopefully that covers it all.

Almost everything about the marketplace seems to have been set for success. Except maybe its advance-deposit requirement and limitation to a “Bitcoin-only” mode.

The security features and transparency are pretty beefed up to be honest. Do you, or do you not agree with this Elite Market review? Do you believe Elite Market will be the next big thing? Let us know in the comments.

Disclaimer: Buying or selling products on Darknet Markets is illegal. Even browsing DNMs may be illegal in some jurisdictions. This guide is only for educational purposes. It’s your duty to verify and adhere to legalities before accessing anything on the internet, including Elite Market.