Dream Market Review – Best Darknet Marketplace

Dream Market is one of the oldest and most trusted darknet markets around, the last Dream market review I did was nearly a year ago, since then they’ve implemented a lot of new security features, more products, better servers and what not, so let’s get you acquainted.

My primary focus throughout this piece will be to get you links related to Dream market, such as the Dream market URL, the forum, mirror links etc. so if you’re here for those, luck’s on your side.

Dream Market Overview

The market came into being around 2013, which makes it a 5-year-old marketplace now.

Back then, Silkroute, Hansamarket, Alphabay and other such giants did exist which made the limelight scarce for this newcomer in the industry.

But as of today, all three of the above-named marketplaces have been seized by law enforcement agencies and there aren’t many marketplaces existing today from back then, making it one of the most established and trusted marketplaces around.

Anyway, here’s an overview of the marketplace with just about everything you need:

  • Dream market URL: wet4o7ali46htxkm/
  • Dream market forum: tmskhzavkycdupbr/
  • Total number of products: 124400 (as of 01.06.2018)

Dream Market Alternative Mirror Links

New Mirror Series Launched at 14 feb 2019.

    • lchudifyeqm4ldjj
    • 2m7l7ivlrtxae7op/
    • wet4o7ali46htxkm/
    • 2m7l7ivlrtxae7op
    • uhivlt5grrqjhad7
    • ptlsz6dxboul2u3z
    • jd6yhuwcivehvdt4
    • t3e6ly3uoif4zcw2
    • 6frnzrkfkoyyp2gk
    • ocan7onexbaad3g7
    • s2c4cmjtvqvdlpw4
    • 2op42f4qv2reca5b
    • 53tae27o6zd27rvf

    Registering on Dream Market

    The registration process is pretty simple and straight-forward. No personal details, E-mail verification or anything of that sort required.

    Dream Market

    As you can see, simply enter a username (or choose the auto-generated username, which is recommended because it’s not personally linked to you anyway), set up a password, and a withdrawal pin.

    Enter the captcha “in the box” (like not the whole captcha, but just the part that’s inside the box, and it’s case sensitive now) and Done!

    User Interface

    Talking of the user-interface, the primary screen is divided into 3 primary sections, the top bar, the centre-bar and the left sidebar, just like most other marketplaces out there.

    The top-bar doesn’t really have much except links to your inbox, account and profile. Then there’s the left-sidebar which lists links to all the different products on the marketplace and their sub-categories.

    Dream Market
    And finally, the centre screen has a search-filter on the top, and then a product listing where you get the various products you search for.

    In a nutshell, it’s not rocket-science, and anyone on their first day on Dream market can navigate around and find what they’re looking for pretty easily.

    Products Available

    After Alphabay and Hansamarket got seized, there weren’t many marketplaces left with as many products available as Dreammarket.

    In fact, Dream market can very well be the “most product rich” marketplace as of today (arguably). With its arsenal of over 124400 products, there’s almost nothing you won’t find over there.

    What separates it from other marketplaces is that, unlike other marketplaces which have a lot of different categories which do nothing else but confuse users, Dream market has just 4 prominent categories:

    • Drugs
    • Digital Goods
    • Services

    Also, just like on other marketplaces “Drugs” seems to almost always dominate the listings and is most heavily listed, the same holds true for Dream market as well, nearly 50% of its total listings are drugs, 64798 to be exact!

    It’s then sub-divided into:

    Dream Market

    • Cannabis
    • Benzos
    • Steroids
    • Stimulants
    • Ecstasy
    • Opioids
    • Prescriptions

    Which are then followed by Digital Goods comprising of 51,013 products. These hold goods such as E-books, Pirated software, hacked details of accounts for Netflix, banks etc.

    It too is sub-divided into:

    • E-books
    • Data
    • Drugs (guides and tutorials on how to make them).
    • Hacking
    • Software etc.

    Then there are the “Services” category, which lets you avail various different services from skilled individuals, the services include Cashout, document forging, hacking, etc.

    And finally, everything else which doesn’t fall in the above three categories is listed in the “Other” section, it comprises of counterfeits, jewellery, Lab supplies etc.

    In a nutshell, if you’re hunting for Digital goods and Drugs, there probably isn’t a better place than Dream market, the same holds true for its other categories as well even though they aren’t quantitatively as rich as Drugs or Digital Goods.

    Just in January this year they banned Fentanyl & Carfentany products from being sold on the marketplace, in addition to the already existing ban on Child Pornography and weapons.


    Security is a major factor for any Darknet marketplace, first because you can’t go to the coppers if your account is hacked or Bitcoin Stolen.

    Secondly, you need to make sure your communications on the marketplace are secure and encrypted so that they can’t be understood, or linked back to you by agencies or third-parties.

    Communication Encryption

    So for starters, it offers PGP encryption, both for login as well as communications. Meaning, all your communications will be encrypted with your PGP key, which can only be decrypted by the person you’re sending the message to.

    This makes sure that even if the market is ever seized, or accounts hacked, your communication remains private and your identity anonymous.

    PGP Login + 2FA

    As for login, it presents you with a message, which you need to decrypt using your PGP key in order to successfully login, this makes sure that even if your password is compromised, your account remains safe.

    You can use the PGP key to login without your password as well if you wish so.

    It also provides for 2-Factor authentication, meaning you’ll need both the PGP key + your password in order to login, this is the most secure way to login as any hacker or intruder would need both the elements in order to get into your account.

    Vendor Transparency

    How do you know a vendor is legit, and won’t run away with your coins? That’s where Dream market’s Vendor Transparency comes to the rescue.

    It provides for an insight into the vendor’s profile, their total number of successful transactions, joining date, comments from other buyers, and even the trader’s reputation on other marketplaces.

    For e.g. in the below screenshot, it’s been verified that the trader has 500 successful trades on Agora marketplace, and 23 on Nucleus this helps you gauge the trader’s trust and legitimacy.

    Dream Market

    Withdrawal PIN

    Withdrawing your Bitcoin funds requires a “PIN” which you set during registration, without this pin no matter if someone has your password, PGP key and everything else, your Bitcoins aren’t going anywhere.

    So in a nutshell, it’s as secure as any darknet marketplace generally is, and when all the security features are employed your profiles are pretty well fortified.


    The said marketplace also has an effective Escrow in place, when you place an order your funds aren’t directly released to the seller and are rather kept with the Dream market escrow.

    Only once you receive your product and have verified it’s what you ordered are the funds released to the seller, hence keeping your hard earned (or mined) Bitcoins safe.

    Search Filter

    The Search Filter is the feature which lets you search for, and easily find the products you need.

    How effective this search filter is on any darknet marketplace also contributes towards its overall efficiency, doesn’t it?

    Dream market deep web marketplace’s search filter comprises of the following options:

    Dream Market

    • Ships to (destination country).
    • Ships from (origin country).
    • Escrow
    • Category
    • Currency accepted.
    • Price-range
    • And Vendor.

    So if you know what you’re searching for, it becomes pretty easy for users to land on their product of choice on the marketplace.

    3 Cryptocurrencies Accepted

    Dream market currently accepts 3 Cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, and Monero.

    Bitcoin has relatively slower transaction time and higher fee which makes the other Cryptocurrencies a viable option for those who need faster and cheaper transactions.

    Buying Process on Dream Market

    In order to buy something on Dream Market, use the search filter to find the product you’re looking for, once you find it click on it and then click on “view offer” on the popup.


    On the next page, go through the terms and conditions of the vendor, select your shipping option > your payment method, and finally click on Add to cart.

    Dream Market

    And then on the next page scroll down and enter your shipping address > click on “order now” to place the order.

    Dream Market

    Once you receive the order and verify it’s what you ordered, you need to go to your Shopping cart and click on “Finalize Order” to let Dream market know that you received the product and your funds can be released to the seller.

    If you do not get what you order, you can dispute the trade without finalizing it and because your funds aren’t yet released to the seller, you can get a refund, or you can contact the seller and he may re-ship you the correct product.

    Dream Market Forum

    The market forum is hosted at – tmskhzavkycdupbr. It’s where you go to get your questions, problems and confusions to be cleared.


    Currently, it has 21,853 registered users, 18,154 topics and 97,897 posts which makes it one of the most active Darknet market forums.

    It has three primary threads, Product and Vendor Reviews, Marketplace discussions and Advertising and Promotions.

    It also has a “Scams” thread where you can let the administrators know if you were scammed, or suspect a potential exit-scam in the near future.

    Final Words

    So that’s me signing off folks, hope you got everything you needed to get started with the marketplace?

    Make sure you never click on any other Dream market links from random comments on Reddit or anywhere else, only the links listed above, or the ones on their official site are legit, everything else is a scam.

    And finally, my two cents, never browse the Deep/Dark web or darknet markets without using a VPN in addition to using Tor, Tor isn’t enough and you need a VPN as well to be truly anonymous.

    Anyway do let me know what you think of Dream market, and if this piece helped you in the comments.