This website is a result of our own experiences as well as research on the Deep/Dark web. That been said, we’ve never ordered products or used the deep/dark web for any illegal or illicit activity, neither do we intent to.

We visit these websites, talk to other users who’ve used these platforms on Reddit or other such forums, gather information from law-enforcement portals and websites (videos/interviews) and combine them with our own perspective of the website to form the articles that we publish over here.

We do not encourage, rather discourage you from using these sites for illegal means and any action, either illegal or otherwise is completely your own responsibility. If it’s just “information” you’re seeking, our articles should be more than enough to fill that gap; or there are other articles on the web you can go through.

Using the Dark Web to order products or services which are illegal by law in your country is still illegal and would land you in legal trouble if apprehended.

Also the Dark Web is one of the “least trusted” places you can ever be, even the most trustworthy and reputed marketplaces/vendors have scammed and/or exit-scammed taking money by the Millions; hence we can’t be held responsible in any way if any such company/platform/website changes its course for the worse.

In a nutshell:

  • Never use the Deep/Dark web for any illegal purpose (ordering products, services).
  • The Deep/Dark Web can never be completely trusted.
  • Our reviews are solely for “educational and research purposes”, any and all use of any of the websites listed on our site, including simply browsing those sites is completely and solely your own responsibility right from the moment you click on one of these links and land on a deep/dark web site.