Deep Web Stories: Horror, Scary and Creepy

Today, we will discuss a few horrific, scary and creepy deep web stories that have happened on the dark web in the past or it still does happen.

So, if you are faint hearted or unable to withstand horror stories, I’d recommend you to stop reading right here.

Or else, tune in for some of the most creepy and scariest places on the planet and dark web stories revolving around them.

How to differentiate horror, scary and creepy?

It is semantics meaning different words which has the same base meaning.

There are a few subtle differences which differentiate the 3 words.

Based on that subtlety, we will discuss a few darknet stories which may keep you up for nights going forward.

Here we go.

18 True Horror & Creepy Deep Web Stories

These disturbing dark web stories will change your perspective on life itself, so another friendly reminder to stop if you are not up to the task.

  • Human Meat Selling and Cooking

There are restaurants who specialize in selling and cooking human meat.

Cannibalism taken to the next level, as far as my knowledge only the most remote tribes with more or less no development were practising cannibalism but it is evident enough that even the most literate people do too.

Human meat being cooked and served restaurants which are by all means very hard to find and the location of these type of restaurants are available in the deep web, you just need to keep digging until you find one.

When somebody asks me if I am fond of human meat, I’d get angry and say no.

Human Meat Selling and Cooking

But, selling human meat is rather a very good business illegal nonetheless.

People show up in good numbers just to consume dishes made from it.

Any dish that is prepared by using animal meat is also made using human meat.

Cannibalism is real and it may consume the world sooner than expected.

Deep web stories keep getting weirder and weirder with humans literally consuming the meat of their own species.

  • How to Cook a Live Woman

How to Cook a Live Woman

This is not a joke of bad or worst taste, scary deep web stories like these really does disturb me.

A detailed guide to cooking women along with videos showing the same sounds ridiculous but it is present on the dark web.

The details of even the minute cut on the body to make the cooking better are provided in this guide.

Cooking live women seems even more gruesome than cooking dead human meat.

This guide focuses on keeping the subject alive for as long as possible while she’s being cooked.

How to cook a girl in order to ensure her survival to the longest possible time is explained here and people have shown interest in these videos.

  • We See You

We See You

You know that accessing the deep web is basically inviting a lot of malware and spyware to enter your system.

Even with a VPN and top-notch antivirus, people or deep websites from the dark web can still hack your system without your knowledge.

I visited a weird website with nothing but login options.

I just blindly logged anything works here, you don’t need a username or password.

Once you have logged in, you could see a Hello.txt file create on your desktop.

This next thing that I saw really scared me to death, the text file Hello.txt had only 3 words – ‘We See You’.

When such things happen to you, what would you do?

I would relocate to a remote place with limited or no internet connectivity and live these for the rest of my life.

After I closed the website and deleted the Hell.txt file after every restarts the file would pop up on my screen until I had to reinstall the operating system.

  • Bugchasers


People who are sexually attracted towards transferring or receiving STD’s – Sexually Transmitted Diseases are known in the deep web as bugchasers.

There are lots of dark net websites which support this idea and darknet ensures that these like minded people talk to each other.

HIV, Chlamydia, and Syphilis are the most common among STDs and many bugchasers are boasting about spreading these diseases to unwitting people.

There are many dark web forums with scary deep web stories and this is one of the creepiest since spread STD on purpose is not a good thing to do.

It is a heinous act committed just for the bodily pleasure. A group of men was injected with HIV positive blood as a way to reach climax during a sex party in 2007.

  • Sad Satan

Sad Satan

A fiction turned into a sliver of reality, Sad Satan is one of the deep web stories related to games.

A typical glitch game which made the system behave erratically after downloading and installing from the dark web, Sad Satan became popular very fast.

Images of demonic children with the relevant eerie music along with two celebrities Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris who are linked to sexual child abuse and more really did bring out the worst gaming experience nonetheless, people liked it.

The images of kids were actual photos of kids being molested as some sources claimed.

People were confused at the beginning about the existence of this game which was later cleared when a game house released its own version of Sad Satan.

  • Pink Meth

Pink Meth

Are you thinking that it Pink Meth is a kind of drug?

I don’t blame you if you do.

Since the name has Meth in it, we conclude it to be a drug site.

However, it is a completely different scary deep web stories shared here.

Pink Meth is a website which stole nude photos of both genders and allowed visitors to share them.

The other shocking option as that the visitors can update information about the person in the image which led to harassment.

Due to victims of the brave face spoke out the truth, the government had to intervene to shut down the website.

However, rumors about Pink Meth still being active is scary news for those who are dating.

  • The 255K Job Opportunity

The 255K Job Opportunity

One of weird deep web stories is The 255K job opportunity. You are offered $255000 for 6 months and you have to work on a ship at the same time.

Are you willing to take the job?

There is no other information about the job but it does provide a few services required or few talents required to be even considered for this job. Some of those criteria were:

  • Combat experience
  • 6 months on a ship
  • No communication with the outside world
  • $255k is the total payment for 6 months

When you offer little over quarter million dollars for 6 months of work, you would certainly consider it but the other options or points mentioned were screaming red alerts.

Combat experience and no communication with any one of 6 months sound like a death door invitation to me.

  • Daisy’s Destruction

Daisy’s Destruction

There were a series of Snuff videos released in 2012 which had a huge impact on the society.

A 19-year-old girl who was found out to be Peter Scully’s girlfriend and a prostitute by profession tortured toddle in between the age of 18 months to 4 years.

The most horrific series of 3 to 4 videos caught mainstream media, torturing toddles in the most heinous way reminds everyone of the lowest standards of a human being.

The mental depravity or the pleasure they get from torturing young children describe a new level of insanity.

The introductory scene invited all the viewers to see the mental breakdown of Daisy, who is a toddler.

The thought of injuring a little baby around 18 months in itself is horrific and they did it for so many children up to the age of 4.

These videos were uploaded with a cost as high as $10000 per clip which says a lot of people who were interested in watching such terrifying act by paying for it.

In the end, it was Peter Scully who was the mastermind behind the pedophile ring and the last news about him was that he was arrested and up for trial in a foreign country.

Child pornography is illegal all over the globe and watching it can be considered illegal too.

We don’t need to see another Daisy’s destruction videos made, be aware of your surroundings and keep your children safe!

  • Saved by the bell… err… Slow internet

Saved by the bell… err... Slow internet

The more you search for deep web stories, the more shocked and amazed you would be!

There are many sites which will redirect you to weird places.

A similar site had a link that was anchored as “For journalist and people new to deep web”.

Just out of curiosity, we click this link to see what it is all about.

The new web page started to load and the image of an old Asian man with blood on his chin was still loading and I closed the tab since it was making me sick to see the rest of the image.

We still keep wondering what the rest of the image is, it may be a severed head or body in a bad state.

Nonetheless, these images will disturb you psychologically.

I really should thank the slow internet since I stopped it before I could see the entire image.

  • The Human Experiment

The Human Experiment

Experimentation on humans is completely forbidden and considered if you do an experiment.

As per the history, Hitler had an entire science division dedicated to human experimentation during the World War II.

Some of his will to experiment on humans have lingered over the decades and people are still doing it.

There are many websites in the deep/dark web which invites people to human experimentation.

The common target individuals would be orphans and kidnapped victims.

If an orphan goes missing, none would care since such is this world these days.

People are forced into experimentation while others willing agree to be experimented on.

Hidden Wiki redirects you to these sites which are related to human experiments.

These sites have lately been inactive as per many deep web users.

They may be shut down or laying low due to the radar of authorities being focused on them.

Nonetheless, an urban legend of deep web stories ‘Human Experiment’ is not a myth but it still happens, maybe not at this point in time but it will reemerge again in the future.

  • Dead Girls

Dead Girls

Dead Girls, as the name indicates is a site which shows images of dead girls between the age of 5 to 16 years only.

It is a horrifying view and endless images of dead young girls.

Out of the many deep web stories that we pondered upon, this is certainly the scariest.

The site warns everyone of its viewers to not take or save these images the dead girl’s ghost will haunt you forever.

The photos can be many of the same dead girl or different girls but it is still confusing or illogical as to why someone would want to see images of dead girls?

Mental depravity or insanity can be defined here at best by looking at the state of this site.

The worst part is yet to come, many people have shown interest in these sites since they like seeing images of dead girls.

Various dead scenarios of girls will be portrayed here which excites a few of the populace.

The society that we live in would have these depraved people, it is always better to be careful than regret after things have happened.

  • You Better Start Running

You Better Start Running

We know that deep web can be accessed with a different browser usually, people prefer Tor.

This Deep web story that I’m going to reveal is a true story which has happened to many deep web users.

It is as scary as it gets the phrase ’You better start running’ does sound like a threat to me.

When you are unable to find what you are looking for online, we tend to click on every other link.

The same thing happened to many of the deep web users who went all crazy on clicking random links.

This led to a random Wiki page which had a few random links.

Curious to know about the link, a few more random clicks by users led to a new page to load.

Here comes the climax, the new page loads which had only these words in bold “YOU BETTER START RUNNING”.

It could be a hoax or it could be real since the users who got this message closed the deep web immediately.

  • Hi There Mr. X

The anonymity of deep web is what makes it unique and easy to use.

However, how would you feel if your identity is revealed in deep web?

It certainly scares me to death.

A similar thing happened to one the deep web users recently.

You being completely anonymous, comment on a random video while browsing the deep web.

A few minutes later someone replied to your comment along with your actual last name addressing you as Mr. (your last name).

The next thing I would in cases like these is run away, reinstall my entire operating system or even buy a new desktop and sell this one.

This is how a normal human would react.

If the anonymity is removed, you are completely vulnerable in the deep web so it always better to have a VPN while accessing deep web.

  • No Love Deep Web

No Love Deep Web

An alternate reality game called No Love Deep Web surfaced which was basically a scavenger hunt.

You were asked to do random things at random time by this game which was found exciting and at the same time scary by many Tor users.

This is an augmented reality which was a marketing strategy to promote the new album from Death Grips with the same name – No Love deep web.

One of the tasks that were provided was to go to a different city to answer a payphone.

Someone who was daring enough did it and all they could hear was heavy breathing on the other end.

A similar task was done by a girl when she was asked to go fill up gas in some part of New York at 3 in the morning.

These random tasks had no meaning or logic behind them but people were interested in doing them.

  • Watch People Die

Watch People Die

An addictive website as per the subscriber reviews shows that people are interested to watch others die.

The last dying moments of a person being recorded is only being a host on this site.

Anything else will be strictly removed.

You can post links to these websites of last moments of a person and they will host it for you.

Out of many deep web horror stories, I found this to have had quite an effect mentally speaking.

With more than 15000 subscribers, this site accepts any link redirecting to videos or images of people dying.

Seriously, why do so many want to see people dying?

I don’t understand the logic behind this and it certainly is a mystery to me. And off course scary and weird deep web stories for me. Is it not for you?

Some of these videos show the execution of a person by beheading or hanging or forms of the death sentence which is quite gruesome to watch.

  • CreepyPasta Comic

CreepyPasta Comic

Have you ever heard of a digital paranormal activity?

Well, out of the many deep web stories, this is something weirder or creepy than normal ones.

A Korean comic which starts like a normal scary story tends to get creepy the more you read it.

Whoever wrote this comic and designed the website has coded paranormal activity into it.

As you move through the pages, a ghost takes control of your mouse.

To be honest, none of the darknet stories sounds weirder than this.

A digitally created entity which takes control of your mouse sounds ridiculous but it does happen.

Reading a comic leading to a ghost controlling your mouse initially, who knows what else it starts to control over time, please be away from this site if you don’t wish to experience a digital ghost.

  • Mariana’s Web

Mariana’s Web

It is named after Mariana’s Trench, the deepest point on earth due to the fact that Mariana’s web is buried very deep even in the deep or dark web.

Many only say it exists in theory but none prove its existence.

However, it is beneath the code itself housing many secrets of mankind like the location of Atlanta, communications with other life forms like aliens and subset of internet used by these extra-terrestrial beings monitor us via these routes.

These secrets will certainly through the world off balance, with the proven existence of Mariana’s web, none of the experts in the field have to yet gain any information from this part of the web.

You need some high-power tools and software to look beneath the code for information.

Imagine contacting another life form and its proof will certainly through the Scientific field in chaos.

  • Bad Self Eater

Bad Self Eater

A social experiment went wrong in all possible ways, Bad Self eater was started in 2016 by a man who physically started dropping fake currency notes with ominous things printed on them.

When I say ominous things, things about Illuminati, end of the world stuff, apocalyptic symbols and hidden messages.

People were so obsessed with it and started to research and decipher hidden messages to make their own theories.

The even fake note had one thing in common, the website

People started checking this website which welcomes you with an ominous track and a eerie countdown music.

This currency started to circulate in the WWW network and you know how things progress once it is online, a wildfire began regarding this topic online.

The worst part was the waiting for the clock on this website to tick down to the last second.

Once the time arrived, everyone with their apocalyptic theories and researches were completely disappointed.

A video of man criticizing all the viewers played and then he started educating about evils of abortion in the same site.

Here, the article about deep web stories ends now time to wrap it.

  • Hire Hitman

You’re here for scary deep web stories, aren’t you?

What if I told you, anyone can get you killed, with 100% anonymity, without having any mafia or killer connections?

Well yes, the dark web has many websites which offer hitman services.

All a user has to do is, go to the site ,upload the photo and other details of the victims, and deposit Bitcoin.

It’s literally that easy.

Being on TOR, and because Bitcoin is used, there’s no way to trace the user who orders the hit.

Also, for the same reasons, the user ordering the hit never knows who the hitman is.

The hitman never knows who ordered the hit. Hence, 100% anonymity.

Once the payment goes through, the order is executed.

Note that majority of these hitman sites are scam, probably 99% of them.

But, legit and authentic ones exist as well. They may be ultra-expensive, or require special invites for a hit to be placed.

But, they do exist.

Final Thoughts

Deep web stories are always shocking and can have a different impact on different people.

You need to understand the fact everything is not real, some of the stories are fake.

If you really want to read more, there are lots of websites which talk about it non-stop with live forums, you could voice out your opinions or share something that you may have experienced.

Before you do that, please ensure that your system is well protected and get a good VPN software if possible.

Note: This article is just shared for information purpose.  There is no intention to encourage you to browse deep web/dark web or do any illegal activity. If you do anything, it’s your own responsibility completely.