Deep Web Forums Links | Dark Web Forums Sites [Working]

Deep Web Forums are great places for discussion and knowing others feedback about any deep web service/hidden service, dark web link or product.

Here I am sharing active dark web forums links which you can join to know opinion of other members about any particular services or deep web links.

Mostly deep web forums are dedicated to particular niche so please check forum’s topics and then join. Like some forums having discussion about weapons so if you want to discuss about weapon then you can join then otherwise find other forum which are relevant to your topic.


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Note: I am sharing this info for education purpose only, I am not responsible for any activity you perform on dark web.

Deep Web Forums, Dark Web Forums & Community Sites Links

Let’s get started with the list of deep web/dark web forums.

  • Breaking Bad

Link: bbzzzsvqcrqtki6umym6itiixfhni37ybtt7mkbjyxn2pgllzxf2qgyd.onion

It’s a pretty unique darknet forum on drugs. It teaches how to produce drugs! Everything from professional lab setups to kitchen setups are available here. It has articles on synthesis technology, pharmacology, business support etc.

We included it here at about 200 members, 700+ messages and nearly 300 threads in various topics. Today, it has over 10,000+ members and 20,000+ messages. Everything from manufacturing equipments, chemicals, suppliers, legalities, to marketing tactics is covered!

It also has incorporated a marketplace that sells various kinds of drugs. An escrow (completely optional) too is now available. It charges 5% of the transaction per trade.

They also made a new “drug combination” page. You can click on any two drugs to see how the combination would act in real-life!

1. World Market forum

Link: worldrmuxgp5qbmxbr27sgmau6wma75l2vx7brsiftyibaaejfqot4qd

This is the official World Market forum. It can only be accessed after registration. The username and password can be exactly alike as the market registration. As of February 2021, it isn’t very member-rich. However, does serve as a solid source for discussions either related to World Market or the darknet in general.

The forum can’t be used for buying and selling products. Content related to illegal porn or terrorism too aren’t allowed. Also has a “Promotions” section which can be used by vendors to promote their listings. The sale probably still has to happen on the market, it’s only for the marketing part of the sale.

2. Tor Chan

Link: zw3crggtadila2sg

Tor Chan is one of most using deep web forums sites. This deep web forum having many categories and each category having relation based questions and answers. Some popular category are Markets, Drugs, Hackings, Revolustion, Downloads, Hidden Services and more.

Note: If you are first time visitors on the TorChan, then you can faced problem to login related to username or password. When you click on the link you will got one notification popup screen. This popup also having username or password by which you can login on this dark web forum. Default Username or password is torchan2, torchan2.

3. Anonymous Forum

Link: rhe4faeuhjs4ldc5

If you are black hat or white hat hacker and having some queries, which solution you want to get then this dark web forum can help you.

4. Pedo Support Community

Link: support26v5pvkg6

Forum offers Teen porn related thread, if you want to know about pedo then this forum is a best place for you.

5. SuprBay

Link: suprbayoubiexnmp

The Pirates Forum: do you have question about any thread or category related to Pirate Bay. This website can solve your questions and can find some interesting answers.

6. Glazy2

Link: w363zoq3ylux5rf5

This dark web forum have the good number of users every day, if you have any question and looking solution then this dark web forum can help you.

7. IntelExchange

Link: rrcc5uuudhh4oz3c

This forum is very popular into dark web community, and every day lot of people use this forum for find his question answers. Forum have great amount threads, For Example: General, Hacking, Cracking, Dark Web Links, Software, Hardware. Note: Without registration your don’t access some thread that’s why first registered yourself then access all threads.

8. 8Chan

Link: oxwugzccvk3dk6tj

This is another dark web community, where you can ask anything and also can reply to question. If you already visit torChan deep web site, then you can know, this forum also working same as TorChan.

9. Nntpchan

Link: oniichanylo2tsi4

Here you also can ask anything and can find right answer Acording to some users site have good status and many users using this dark web forum everyday hope you will like.

10. 0Day

Link: qzbkwswfv5k2oj5d

Best deep web forum, have more than 100+ active threads, and available all major category related to deep web , like as drugs, hacking, cracking, weapons, services, counterfiet, card dump and etc. If you have any type questions and looking right place then checkout 0Day darkweb forum.

11. AnonGTS

Link: ocu3errhpxppmwpr

Another darkweb forum, but this forum is different from other because this forum is dedicated to art, cartoon or 3D design, if you art lover then checkout AnonGTS forum.

12. Hidden Answers

Link: answerstedhctbek

Another active hidden wiki forums, forum have more than 50000+ active threads related to all pupular deep web categories, If you are looking highly active dark web forum then you need to try Hidden Answers forum.

13. French Deep Web

Link: fdwocbsnity6vzwd

This dark web forum is only for French people who is looking deep web related information into french language, if you are looking this type forum then french deep web site can help you.

14. Anonyweb

Link: anonywebix6vi6gz

This is another darkweb forum, this forum offering you all type services, like here you can ask anything which you want.

15. The Explosive and Weapon Forums


This darkweb forum is entirely based on explosive and weapons. If you have any questions related to explosive and weapons then you can ask here, also you can reply to previously asked questions.

16. Wall Street

Link: z2hjm7uhwisw5jm5

This anonymous forum offers financial service related questions and answers threads. Here you can post a financial query related question, and also you can reply your thought means what you are thinking about thread.

17. DBA Forum

Link: anonymzn3twqpxq5

This forum is related to DBA. Also you can find some hacking craking DOS, Exploit related thread.

18. Deep Web Ministries

Link: hxnibog5m2ocjeef

Another forum which have some cool treads. Previously available treads are General(Open Discussion, News, Prayer Request, Privacy, The Confessional) Christian Doctrine(The end times, The trinitym salvation, sola scriptura), Apologetics(Reaching Muslim Through Christ), Surviving and Thriving(Surviving and Overcoming Rape, abuse, death and Trials of life), Deepweb vices(Pornography, pedophila and drugs) and much more.

19. The unethical Forum

Link: phorumserwxwww7p

Not a very member-rich platform, but totally one of the best dark web forums. Has 48 members as of now. Everything that’s “unethical” can be discussed and learnt from this forum. It teaches shoplifting, street-smart techniques, pyramid schemes, fake-document creation, carding, stealing, swindling etc. Can also be informative as has a “Drugs” section which talks about drawbacks, effects, recovery process treatments etc. Even has extreme threads such as “Hire a hitman”.

20. Dark Web Forums

Link: 4gj66ltkilkyutyw

This is a forum that has topics about carding, hacking, tools, fake IDs, Cryptocurrency, leaked databases etc. Extremely professional interface. Has a “marketplace” section for selling cards/tools and services, includes Escrow. Has 9000+ registered members and over 200 online users can be found at any given time.

21. Best Carding World

Link: cplfk4kp5dzeakwc

It’s a carding forum with about 6400 registered members. Primary sections include hacking, carding, anonymity/privacy etc. Tutorials and guides on all of that’s made available. Buying/selling is possible in its “marketplace” section. There’s a forum-escrow to minimize scams. Not extremely active but does see a few new posts each week.

22. Verified

Link: evsoaebzfasqxnw5osvmupehnw6rsc5ophv43yokajhrpgavfwan7tyd

It’s a forum primarily dedicated to hacking services. It facilitates hacker hiring/ buying tools & exploits. The joining fee is $125.00 USD paid via Bitcoins. No access is granted without the paid registration. No fixed prices, the payments depend on the exact services requisitioned.

23. Gerki

Link: gerkipwhfuqeeizl

Even though the forum is in Russian, with a little help from Google Translator it can be still be used. Almost everything that you’d expect to find on a Dark web forum is available. This includes spammers, gold scam, activation keys, accounts and cards with balances, Instagram accounts, botnets and RATS etc, DDoS attacks, etc. Is extremely active, at any given time nearly 500 (active/registered) users are online on the site.

24. Italian Deep Web

Link: d2wqyghspuskthbpnppl6qgvlzaychpjuv6mv24gile53q5ybojrk6qd

The name has “Deep Web” clearly indicating it’s a deep web forum. It’s completely in Italian, and registration may be a bit frustrating (as it requires complex passwords, no similarities between the username and password and so on). Cards, Bankdrops, Sex/Porn, OpSec, Counterfeit documents, sharing your experiences, Pentesting etc are some available threads. Has 2035 members with an average real-time of around 15-30 members. Is just around a year old, has 732 threads so there should be enough content.

25. DNM Avengers

Link: avenuydzuyjhdy6b

This is basically an “awareness” forum, and is practically helpful, for those trading on the darknet. As the name suggests, it’s linked to the “Avengers”.

In other words, the forum tests, verifies, and proves legitimacy of darknet vendors/buyers and their products.

It’s a good place for buyers to start if and when they’re looking to buy something on the Darknet.

Check if a vendor’s ratings or review is available on the forum. The forum really tests the products and at times publishes concrete prove either accepting or rejecting the claims made by vendors.

26. Dread

Link: dread5pjihquldyuc4s47yrjqm5ozkpk55mbyfwtqfgqvmycw4dqpnqd

Dread is another “actually helpful” forum on the Darknet.

It’s basically an identical clone of Reddit. (Dread = Darknet reddit, maybe). It’s a free-speech, no censorship forum.

Primarily useful again to the Darknet users because Darknet admins and teams directly post news and information here.

This makes it easy to filter out legitimate news and announcements.

It’s also often used as the official forum by Darknet markets.

You can post anything (almost) without the risk of being banned.

27. Global Carding

Link: qr5rw75na7gipe62

It’s a carding forum.

Facilitates trades such as buying/selling of cards, money transfers, or just shares carding information.

Has a freebies section, as well as a premium section.

Has nearly 525,000+ members, which says it may be legitimate and informative.

However, we haven’t verified any of this data and the entire forum may be a scam.

Registrations are mandatory.

28. Zooville

Link: Zoovillez7yc3pa3

Zooville goes by the tagline “Zoophilia and Bestiality forum“. Clearly indicates that the forum deals with animal porn, doesn’t it??

The primary threads on the forum are related to animal mating, solo animal discussions, furry & feral animals etc. However, it also has threads for human content such as “Males and animals“, “Females and animals“, and also “Trans and Animal“.

It’s not just limited to photos. There’s also a section for stories and writings. Even has a “meetup” section for various countries on the globe. Many non-English threads exist as well, e.g. French, German, Polish, Russian.

It’s pretty popular and active as well. Currently, over 54,579 registered members exist who have left over 288, 814 messages on the forum.

29. Thunder’s Place

Link: http://thundersplv36ecb.onion/public-forums/

Only on a deep web can you find a forum dedicated to “Penis Enlargement”. And, fortunately it’s not a place spammed with self-proclaimed doctors pasting lines from Wikipedia. Rather, the information there actually seems to be well-researched.

It has very to-the-point threads such as Penis Hangers, Penis Extenders, Penis Enlargement Basics, Injuries and Treatments etc. The total number of members isn’t publicly displayed. However, it has nearly a million posts which says something, doesn’t it?

More importantly, unlike most dark web forums, this one isn’t dead. It has hundreds of posts every single day, in almost all the threads. Just in case you need it, the forum also has a separate website with articles on Penis Enlargement.

No registration is required to view any thread/topic/discussion on the forum. It’s 100% free.

30. All Natural Spanking Forum

Link: http://7haz75ietrhjds3j.onion/forum/

As the name suggests, it’s a forum dedicated to “Spanking”. As of today, it has over 27000 registered members and nearly 3000 posts.

No registration is required to view the first page of the gallery. It has albums which generally show someone getting spanked. These albums have views in the millions which tells us it’s an active forum.

Some of the categories and albums are boys, girls, birthdays, and even videos. You can even leave comments on these photos once you register.

31. 8Chan Moe

Link: http://4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion

You may have heard about 8Chan. It’s one of the most popular dark web image boards. 8Chan Moe is actually an independent, non-affiliated project. Obviously this too is an image board.

As of today, it has over 1433447 messages and nearly 240GB of media files uploaded! Technology, comics, Furry etc. are some of the available boards.

No registration is required to view or even make new posts. No “password” (for deleting the post later) feature is available though.

32. Red Pill

Link: http://bnknyskwn3ssewa3lcmdo376omd522npyqxytlivrgnv4ryfzj24w7qd.onion/

This deep web forum is probably inspired from the red/blue pill moment in the Matrix movie. It seems to have posts about everything!

We found posts about good VPNs, COVID-19 vaccination, programming, politics and so on. It doesn’t require registration and anyone can create a thread. A “name” and “password” combination can be used for instantly logging in or creating posts.