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Here is a list of working deep web books onion links at one place for book lovers. I keep updated this list to provide you active dark web links. I added short description for each onion link so that you could understand a bit before visiting.

If you are new to the dark web then check out this guide to access hidden web anonymously.

Note: I am sharing these deep web books link for education purpose. I am not recommended you to visit them. If you perform any activity, I am not responsible for your any harm or damages. It is your own risk.

Warning: Always create an extra layer of encryption and anonymity. Yes, using Premium VPN services, you can create complete secure and untraceable environment which Tor Browser doesn’t give you.

Follow below given steps to create untraceable and fully secure environment.

  • Close all working programs in your laptop/mobile/PC whatever you are using.
  • Run NordVPN Software and Connect Onion Over VPN Server.
  • Start Tor Browser and disable java script. And ensure you are using latest version of Tor.

Now you are ready to browse these dark web books links on hidden web.

Dark Web Sites to Download Books

Here we go.

mx7rwxcountermqh  – Bibliomaniac knows your onions

If you are the person who loves to read the deep web books, then you are going to love this website. I must say this is a tor directory for dark web books link. They keep updated their database with books onion links.  Some onion links have huge collection of books. Give a try once yourself.

genotypeinczgrxrLibrary Genesi

This dark web site is the official Tor mirror of Library Genesis. It has a vast collection of several type books at topics like Technology, Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computers, History and many more. You can also get Comics, Fiction, Magazines, Standarts and Paintings. This dark web link also has forum section, you can join that too, if you want to discuss about books or at any topic. They claim they have reached 2 million files mark. It’s really great in itself. It can be go to destination for book lovers.

libraryqtlpitkix/library– Index of/Library

One of the simplest deep web books links. It’s not even a site, rather a file directory. Someone uploaded a bunch of books on a server. They can be downloaded in a single click. No interface/button or any other graphical interface available. The parent directory has a number of “subjects”, such as Chemistry, Computing, Physics, Space, Fiction, Games and so on. Pretty popular and established, files go back 10 years or so. 100% free.

52wdeibt3ivmcapq– Liberated Books and Papers

Another darkweb book download site with a basic interface. As the name suggests it’s primarily focused on hard to get and rare books rather than just  commercial ones. It too is a kind of directory, void of any graphical elements. Two links for each book available, the BibTeX and the one-click download link. Books on evolution, venom, animals, religion etc. available. Free, no registration, signup or payment required.

5h5ps743nnqsjq4l– Calibre Web

Offers a graphical interface and thumbnail for all the available books. Primarily offers commercially successful authors and books. Books can either be downloaded, or read directly on the website. Links to Amazon listing of the books offered as well, either purchase it or read reviews. An advanced search-filter lets us search using book name, author name, publisher, publishing date etc. Optional registration.


This deep web book link is written in other language which I don’t understand. So it is hard for me to tell you what this dark web site is offering to users. You can visit once to make sure you understand offered language or not. If you understand then you can know exactly what they are offering.

kgycm2bjsc75u4acThe Crazy Bastards Cookbook

If you are in mood of reading some crazy and far more interesting than simpleton assholes, then this fuck book is just for you. As much I understand, person who designed this, have added all hidden gem which s/he found on internet into this Crazy Bastards Cookbook. To enjoy this book, you can visit the dark web link and download this dark web book.

2bu5puxp6afwjgql  – Z-Library

Z-Library is world’s largest ebook library. Currently, it has 3,502,988 books which you can download for free. Also, it has 52,429,917 articles which is very large number in itself. All books and information are available for free for all users. Even you don’t need to register yourself here to access all info.

clockwise3rldkgu  – Clockwise Libraries

This dark web book link has very vast collection of books. Don’t be confuse they don’t offer their collection at home page. To see their books collection, you need to click given book image and you will get their hidden collection of amazing books. They have organized their database in very friendly way. I really like it. They categorized as Alphabetical index of the 48448 authors, the 2293 series, 5127 publishers, 15367 tags, 9 ratings, 25 languages, 51469 books, 50 most recent books. You could take an idea of these records how large collection they have!

muflax65ngodyewpLies and Wonderland

This dark web link offers hypergraphic information about muflax’ mindstream Articles About Stuff, muflax becomes a saint Daily Practice, The Unchanging Gospel (a work in progress),Crackpottery Warranted Crackpot Belief, Meta-Ethics Solving Morality, Languages Attempted Polyglotteary. If these topics interest you, then visit this website.


This dark website is go to destination for your all needs. Yes they offers music, TV Series, Video, Software, Magazines, Comics, Newspapers, Games, Graphics, Girls, Vinyl & HR, AH News, eBooks and eLearning.

b2fxrnttdue72ntq  – Anarchist Bookstore

Another good place to read privacy, security and training based books. If you are looking for such stuff, then visit this dark web link. You will found some amazing books here like A Recipe for Survival, Ditch Medicine, How to be Invisible, Improvised Radio Detonation Technique, Expedient Homemade Firearms, The ANARCHIST COOKBOOK and etc. To read any book, simple click on book image and you will get book pdf.

r6rfy5zlifbsiiymComics Book Library

If you are in mood of reading Comics, this hidden web link can be your favourite place. Currently, they have 1201 comics. They have categorised their collection in a standard way for your ease. You can read or short Comic by Title, Comic by Year, Comic by Publishers, Comic by Scanner, recently Added, and Random comic etc. I must say this is the best place at dark web for comic lovers.

yuxv6qujajqvmypvBeginner Anonymous Guide

This dark web link is offering a beginner friendly comprehensive guide to Installing and Using A safer anonymous operating system. Recently they informed Version 1.6.0.Beta1 is complete. If you are interested in testing then you can contact @jetbalckcloud on Twitter. This is given info at their website. If you are interested in testing, once check website, in case they update contact info.


This deep web website has a huge collection of documents which are prohibited by governments worldwide, in particular material on freedom of expression, dual-use technologies, privacy and secret governance. If you are interested in reading secret documents, then visit the dark web site and enjoy reading secret info at hidden web. They claim they have Archive USB of over 70,000 files from 1996 to July 2013. It is really huge.

ibgk7stvp6bov6x6 Anonlib

This dark website has a collection of popular religious books and some books on other topics. These books are easily available on clear net but if you are the one who prefer to read on hidden web as compared to clear net due to anonymity. You can visit this deep web link. Some popular books from their collection are The Koran, The Bible (King James), New Testament, Panchatantra, Discourse On Method by Rene Descartes, The Descent Of Man by Charles Darwin, US Emancipation – 1863 etc.

3cvpkfx4gdnkcduj – Non English

This dark website has a huge collection of books.  Interface seems user-friendly. You can easily search any ebook buy enter the name into search box and click at enter. Or you can search by category also. For example, you want to read books about dating so simply type dating in search box and you will get collection of relevant links of dating books.

xfmro77i3lixucja –  Imperial Library of Trantor

One of the best deep web links for book lovers. If you love to read deep web books, then you must bookmark this dark web site. They have a vast collection of different category books like fiction, crime, general, mystery, computer etc. Yes, they have almost every category book in their database. As they claim they have 116174 books. This dark web book link also has forum section, you can join them to discuss about books with other forum members. If you want to know what’s the new at Imperial Library of Trantor then you can visit their News section. You can simply search your favorite book by typing in search box. Home page is well designed. You will found Last books added Most visited books and most download books at home page. If you want to read or download the book, just click at book image. You will find two options here, one for read and second for download. You don’t need to look further if you have this dark web link.

zlibraryexau2g3p B-OK

B-OK is another World’s largest ebook library dark web link. Yes they are since they have 2784617 books and 52429917 articles in their database. They don’t charge a single penny.  You can download any book which you like, all are free. But to download your desired book, you need to signup. You can download maximum 5 books in 24 hours. Yes, you can bookmark this onion link if you are a book lover. I think they will never disappoint you. They have almost in their library.

kpynyvym6xqi7wz2 ParaZite

Parazite has huge collection of secret papers and files. You can access these secret documents by visiting given onion link. Main categories they cover are Documentaries, Porn, History, Weapon, Hacking, etc. This dark web link has some illegal stuff like drugs related research paper, CP documents and much more. If you are interested in know such type stuff, then visit the website.

Now, I have reached at the end of list. Keep visiting to know about more deep web books onion links. I will update this list soon. If you found any active onion like which serve ebooks, you can write us via contact form. I will happy to update this list of dark web ebooks.