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I found DarkMarket on some Reddit thread, or maybe some onion links’ directory, or probably on a clearnet article. I remember not, but the marketplace was interesting enough to make me stay and finally chisel this DarkMarket review.

The primary key-points which piqued my interest were its “exclusively women” staff, wallet-less deposits, and a community-controlled feature implementation. While maybe not unique, they still are rare finds on a Darknet Market.

Let’s answer one basic yet most important question first before getting into anything else.

Is Accessing DarkMarket Illegal?

No, it’s just a website which “claims” to sell illegal goods. The claims may or may not be legitimate. So as long as you’re simply “accessing” the marketplace it’s not illegal. There are researchers like us who register on the platform purely for educational and informative reasons.

But buying/selling or getting involved in anyway with any of its illegal activities are obviously illegal. So do not take this DarkMarket review guide as anything more than just an informative article on the same.

DarkMarket Summarized

Everything that the market is built of, or brings with itself has been summarized in the next few lines (Or you can just refer to the graphical list).

Alternative Mirror:

Let’s get you a closer look at this DarkMarket review then.

Can I Use DarkMarket Without Registering?

No, you can’t. Infact unlike some other marketplaces, DarkMarket doesn’t even allow users to browse the products unless registered.

Unfortunately that’s not the case with Darkmarket. A registration form asking only for:

  • A username
  • and a Password

Needs to be filled in order to register on the platform.

I personally feel that allowing access to the product-list without registrations is a faster and better approach, simply because if whatever a user is searching for isn’t available they wouldn’t waste any more time on the marketplace.

How Easy (Or Hard) is it Using DarkMarket?

DarkMarket upon login doesn’t redirect user’s to the product-pages like most other marketplaces do. Rather, it redirects users to their profiles.

The left-sidebar on the profile page is where the Navigational links reside and this is what helps users reach the vendor-application page, their messages, notifications, PGP and Bit Message configurations etc.

In order to reach the products’-page, users can click on the Darknet Market logo on the extreme top-left, and then choose from one of the available product- categories on the left-sidebar.

Once the user finds a product they’d like to purchase, they can click on the “Buy now” button, make the payment and that would finalize the order.

What Products Are and Aren’t Available on DarkMarket?

Most Darknet marketplaces allow the sale of anything and everything illegal, with the exception of a number of things on their “Restricted” list.

As for the types of products currently available on Darknet Market, the following screenshot directly from the marketplace will probably get you a better idea:

The total number of products is displayed to be 16298, which if true (as there are some marketplaces which cook their numbers) is pretty impressive.

The standard Darknet Products seem to be available, which include Digital Goods such as Software, E-Books, Serial Keys for software; Drugs such as Alcohols, Opiates, Stimulants, RCs, Benzos, Ecstasy etc.

Fake documents such as Passports, Licenses, Bills and Tax returns too can be purchased, Gold and silver Jewellery, Counterfeit, clothes, electronics, Currencies can be seen among the products as well.

DarkMarket didn’t try to go out of the traditional Darknet market rules. It too doesn’t allow the trade of:

  • Illegal Porn.
  • Violent depiction (Photo/videos).
  • Organ trading.
  • Guns or Weapons of any kind.
  • Explosives
  • And obviously Murder Services.

Is DarkMarket Wallet-Less?

I personally look at Wallet-Less marketplaces as a faster, modern, and more trustworthy mode of payments rather than those traditional wallets attached to a user account.

Fortunately DarkMarket does too and hence allows wallet-less deposits. The prime difference is, because now payments are made specifically and exclusively for each order to a new address, there’s no possibility of a user depositing funds on the marketplace, but not using them right away.

Or in other words, if you make a payment for an order, it’s considered “Paid for” and is shipped. While with traditional wallets, a user may deposit funds to his/her account, and may wait days or weeks before using those funds.

Here’s a graphic we designed which explains the difference better:

Is Escrow and Finalize Early Available?

Yes they are. Even though DarkMarket is wallet-less, it doesn’t mean that each deposit address is that of the vendor. The funds do not go straight to the vendors, and rather are kept with the Marketplace Escrow till successful delivery of the items (or dispute resolution).

Finalize-Early is primarily a feature for the vendors, but only is allowed for those vendors who have atleast 6 months of experience on the marketplace. Hence, they also act as a “trust-metric” for buyers indicating that any vendor with F.E enabled is a trustworthy seller to buy from.

Is 2-FA Available on DarkMarket?

Yes. 2-FA is available. 2-FA can be enabled via PGP and would require users to decrypt the PGP-encrypted message in addition to using a successful password in order to login.

2-FA while is optional for buyers, it’s a mandatory requirement for users applying to be a vendor on the marketplace.

Is DarkMarket’s Search-Panel Filter-Rich?

For a market boasting over 16,000 individual products, it’s important it have accurate and precise search-functionality, don’t you agree?

This is one of the few disappointing aspects on this DarkMarket review. For starters, a basic keyword search is completely off the rails. I searched for “Guns”, and the search panel displayed everything except “Guns”.

If you’d argue that Guns are banned on the platform, I searched for “Clothes”, which indeed has its own sub-category on the marketplace. And even then it returned results containing money-making guides, Drug & drug-making guides and so on.

It sure contained a couple results related to “clothes”, but the extra non-related results are pretty confusing and not professional.

Although taking purely of its search-filters, it’s pretty impressive. Price-range, geographical filters (source & destination), category etc. can be specified.

Which Cryptocurrencies can be used for Payment on DarkMarket?

DarkMarket alike almost all other Marketplaces out there accepts Bitcoin (obviously). But in addition to that, if you’d rather use XMR (Monero) as some believe it to be more anonymous, that’s available as well.

Note that while the marketplace supports both the Cryptocurrencies, it depends upon each vendor to accept or reject a Cryptocurrency. Hence not all vendors are forced to accept both the currencies and they aren’t available for all the purchases.

Does DarkMarket Accept Sellers?

Yes, it’s a P2P marketplace and connects buyers to sellers and vice-versa. Vendors need to pay a price of USD $100.00 (in BTC). However for vendors who’ve an established reputation on other marketplaces and have a positive history for atleast 6 months, this fee can be waived.

Similarly, Finalize-Early too requires atleast 1000+ positive reviews on other marketplaces, or an active profile on DarkMarket for atleast 6 months.

Closing Words:

Lastly for this DarkMarket review, note that DarkMarket operates globally, except in UAE and Russia. So this probably is the only major downer for the platform.

Apart from this, it’s easy to use, accepts Multiple Cryptocurrencies, has an extensive number of products, prompts users to verify a vendor’s stats before placing orders and is overall secure.

Bottomline, there aren’t many reasons why a buyer would refrain from using DarkMarket (apart from the legal reasons, ofcourse). But you may be the odd one out. If so, do let us know why or where the marketplace failed to please you and which marketplace you think has an advantage over DarkMarket.

This is me signing off this DarkMarket review folks, come back in a couple weeks for updates on the marketplace’s then-status.