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This Dark0de market review will dissect the marketplace to its core. What can you buy/sell on the market? Does it accept your payment modes? Is it feature-rich? Well, we’ll see.

I must say though that the marketplace is still pretty new, hence, be not quick to judge it. However, I still will be answering the following questions throughout this Dark0de review:

Once you’ve gone through the answers, you should have a pretty concrete idea of its potential.

Dark0de market overview

Is this Dark0de market review, and the market itself worth your time to begin with? Let’s see.

Let’s get started with this Dark0de market review then?

Does Dark0de market require registrations?

Yes, Dark0de market does require registration. No amount of access is granted without registration.

The registration form is privacy-respecting and doesn’t ask for any information which can be linked to a user in real-life. Here’s what it looks like:

Apart from the username and password, you may notice the “public username” and “private username” fields. It’s the anti-phishing measure by the marketplace. You can learn more about the feature in the “security” section on this Dark0de market review.

The market doesn’t seem to believe in mnemonic codes which is a bit of a downer. Overall, the registration is instant, free and fast.

What are Dark0de paid accounts?

This is something that we don’t often see on darknet markets. While normal registration is free on Dark0de, there do exist completely optional paid accounts.

There are two variations. The “Premium Buyer” and the “Premium Buyer Plus” account. The former costs $15.00 and the latter is priced at $20.00 one-time payment.

These basically grant  a user access to the market’s “Buyer request” feature. Using this feature, buyers can request products which aren’t currently listed on the market. It’s available on both the paid accounts.

The “Premium Buyer Plus” account however also includes a “Dark0de gift card” worth $15.00. The gift card can be used for actual purchases on the market, or be shared with others.

What products can be found on Dark0de market?

The total product stock on the market stands at around 5,000 today. Everything that you can (and can’t) find on other darknet markets is allowed on Dark0de. The top-categories obviously include drugs, digital items and databases.

In fact, it has 2686 listings in its “drugs” category, 1125 listings in the “digital” category  and 224 “database” items.

Needless to say, each of these categories do have “sub-categories”. E.g. if I click on “drugs”, this is what I get:

As is evident, I can choose from Benzos, Opioids, Prescription, Stimulants, Steroids and many other drug sub-categories reveal themselves.

If you’re thinking it’s just your everyday darknet market, you’re wrong. Its product-categories will surprise you once you look past the normal darknet products.

Even for a darknet market, categories such as “escort network”, “media and influence”, “intelligence”, “diamond trade” etc. are pretty rare, aren’t they? Personally? I’m seeing these listings for the first time ever.

Is Dark0de market secure?

Is it secure, as in, will it keep your funds, and your trades secure? I know not. I can only walk you through the available security features and let you make the decision.

The standard 2-FA via PGP is available. This will protect you against password leaks. Remember the “security PIN” we set during registration? It protects your funds.

However, I’m sure you’re wondering what those two “Public” and “Private” usernames were for.

It’s the same thing as the “anti-phishing” code used by most other markets. However, the anti-phishing codes on other darknet markets are displayed after logging in, on the user-dashboard.

These “usernames” on Dark0ode on the other hand are displayed before logging in, right on the login page. You enter your private username, and your public username is automatically shown to you. If not, you’re on a phishing page.

As for trade-security, there’s Escrow, as well as Multisig transaction. The multisig transactions make sure you aren’t scammed by any one party of the trade. In case you’re new, multisig transactions require at least 2 out of 3 signatures in order to be approved.

The involved parties are the vendor, the market and the seller. Hence, no one party will be able to scam you independently.

And hey, there’s even a bug-bounty program. I do consider this to be a security feature. The market pays out 0.1BTC in case a bug is discovered.

What deposit/payment modes does Dark0de accept?

Bitcoin, Monero and gift cards. There’s your answer if you’re in a hurry. If you need the details (cause, there are finer-details you’d not want to miss) do read through this Dark0de market review section.

The market uses single-use deposit addresses. So, you can’t deposit multiple times to the same address.

Also, it’s the only market I’ve ever seen which uses “gift cards”. You can purchase gift cards using your Bitcoin balance. These can either be redeemed self-reedemed, or can be passed onto another user.

Now, as for Monero deposits, they sure are accepted. But, you can’t use them. The market says that you must convert the Monero to BTC in order to pay using XMR. How do you do that? There’s an in-built BTC to XMR and vice-versa shifter on the market.

Do note that no minimum/maximum limits are mentioned for the deposits.

Does Dark0de market allow withdrawals?

Absolutely, it does. Because it’s not wallet-less, it must let users withdraw excess or unused funds, right?

Now, withdrawals are priced at 2.5% of the total transaction amount. Also, do note that you’ll need to have access to your security PIN in order to be able to withdraw (which is a good feature, obviously).

Who can sell on Dark0de market? What are the vendor requirements.

Anyone who can afford its $200.00 vendor-fee. Well, that’s the required amount in order to obtain a vending account.

There aren’t many requirements. Anyone can apply, as long as they aren’t selling illegal porn, fentanyl, weapons or terror-promoting items.

There’s also an additional 3.5% fee on each sale. However, if it makes a vendor feel any good, the fee is also to be paid by the buyers as well. Seems the market really does believe in “equality”, a bit too strongly if you ask me.

For established vendors, the $200.00 vendor bond can be waived. Given that they can prove their trust and repute on other established markets (e.g. Empire Market, Dark Market, White House Market etc.)

There’s a 14-day hold on Escrow funds before a vendor receives them. This keeps the transaction safe for the buyers.

Finalize-Early is available for those vendors who have a minimum of 250 sales, and a 4.90 rating.

How good is the search-feature on Dark0de market?

Again, my intention with this Dark0de market review isn’t to “influence” you. But, I must say the search-feature did disappoint me.

Why so? Are the filters that bad? That exactly is the problem. There are no filters to begin with.

Users only get a search-box. They enter their keywords there, and the products are displayed. No filters whatsoever.

Users can however choose their “country-preferences” using a scale available. That is the only “filter” available on Dark0de. You can’t choose preferred payment modes, min-max limits, or basically anything else.

Is it a deal-breaker? It isn’t. But, it does make searching for products hard and time-consuming.


That’ll depend on your definition of “trustworthy”. If you’re familiar with the history, no darknet market is 100% trustworthy. However, for now, Dark0de does seem like a market planned for the long-term.

It also offers multisig which should be some comfort for those unsure of its legitimacy. All in all, the market is extremely feature-rich. Probably, one of the most feature-rich markets in the industry.

If you look at its coin shifter, coin mixer, the equal-fee for both the parties, and security-features, it does seem impressive, doesn’t it?

All I can say for now is, do check back on this Dark0de review a few months back to see how it’s doing. We update our pieces very frequently.