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If you’re searching for Dark Web Links to access the Deep/Dark web, chances are you haven’t been successful in finding more than a handful of links which work, and are useful to you at the same time.

That’s exactly what this list is about, we’ve compiled a list of nearly 150 dark web links which are working beyond doubt (as each single link has been manually verified)  and are extremely useful to you.

By useful, we mean links which let you buy services, products, or provide services of one or other kind. Everything that exists on the Dark web, starting from simple E-book download sites to more advanced Bitcoin cleaners and whistle-blowing platforms have been enlisted over here.

Not just that, each link has a detailed description, with the most crucial information about the links present in them hence you know the core of the sites even without visiting them!

Note: Whether you are learning or browsing deep web, security should be your primary concern. Tor browser doesn’t offer you full secure environment. You can be traced if Tor has any vulnerability which are happening more often now. Hence, always run your VPN software then go to the web browser for reading about deep web/browsing deep web. VPN gives you military grade security. If you ask me best VPN software, I will recommend you NordVPN .

One more thing, according to most recent updates, Now if user will explore the deep web then user also count in illegal activity, I am saying that because recently authority seized many clearnet or darknet directory sites. This is the main reason, I removed all tor or onion links from my website.

Now this site is not offering any type illegal or legal tor links, Only share red text, if you will force to your mind then you can easily find the right working text, but for that you need to think how onion links works or what is the format of onion links?

Now I am not telling you or recommending you to explore the deep web or dark web, right now choice also your. but I will say to you one secure point. Make sure never ever explore the dark web without VPN services.

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Here are some essential steps which you need to follow to create a secure environment.

  1. Close all active applications which are accessing Internet.
  2. Now unplug webcam or hide this with the help of black tape.
  3. Start NordVPN Software and choose any VPN server. Now wait until connection is established
  4. Once connection is established, start Tor Browser
  5. After starting Tor Browser, you need to disable Java Script and choose safest level(first click on Tor icon and then security setting and choose safest level)

Now all set. You can learn about deep web/browse deep web.

t2didmjqj7yqzlc44oiqmwr3u62xdg4pvzfrtxdy2wsewgrt2zelwhydMarketplaceTor2Door Market – Its a ‘multi-vendor market with about 20,000+ listings. Vendors can join after depositing $500.00. They also have to pay 5% of each sale to the market. XMR and BTC can be used for payments. External payments not supported, on-market wallet must be used. Remaining funds can be withdrawn, withdrawal fee can be chosen by the user. 2-FA (PGP-based), and a PIN (for withdrawals) is used for security.

Check out for Alternative Tor2Door Dark Market Mirror>>

bbzzzsvqcrqtki6umym6itiixfhni37ybtt7mkbjyxn2pgllzxf2qgyd.onionDrug Forum  – Breaking Bad –  This is a forum that teaches you nearly everything about chemicals and drugs. How to manufacture drugs, side effects, purification and everything else can be learnt here. It also can be used as a marketplace to buy/sell items. Optional escrow (5% of the trade) is available. Registration isn’t mandatory and is completely optional. There are groups and Wiki pages to help you learn, trade or meet new people.

torzon4kv5swfazrziqvel2imhxcckc4otcvopiv5lnxzpqu4v4m5iyd.onionDarknet MarketTorZon market – A market that accepts both BTC and XMR payments. Sells drugs, account details, cards, carded items,  counterfeit items and so much more. Even has optional paid accounts that offers prioritized support, vendor trust ratings, free raffle tickets etc. Not wallet-less. Vendor-bond priced at $25.00. Very secure, 2-FA/PIN/login phrase available.

worldehc62cgugrgj7oc76tcna45fme47oqjrei4d4aa7xorw7fyvcydMarketplaceWorld Market – This dark web link will take you to a darknet market. The market facilitates the buying and selling of everything except underage porn, weapons and hitman services. Secure Escrow provided for trades. Anyone can purchase anything via Bitcoins. Leftover funds can be withdrawn for a fee of 0.5%. Independent vendors accepted for $50.00. No logs are kept.

yxuy5oau7nugw4kpb4lclrqdbixp3wvc4iuiad23ebyp2q3gx7rtrgqdMarketplaceTorrez Market – There aren’t many darknet markets offering TOTPs, as well as dual-wallet modes (wallet-less+ centralized wallets.) Offers standard PGP 2-FA as well. 4,500+ products. BTC, ZEC, XMR and LTC accepted. $250.00 vendor-bond. Multisig transactions available. Also publishes a warrant  canary every 14 days. Community-driven. Registration is mandatory (free). Underage porn, prepaid cards, transfers, weapons and fentanyl not allowed.

sinbadiovkigdbafpqvwfwjh2tfrisahtxmrskiovt62nirragcnkcadCrypto mixingSinbad.io– One of the cheapest Bitcoin mixers with just 0.5% in fee for each transaction. Extremely feature-rich, allows 8 addresses for each transaction. Also accommodates everyone, mixes as small as 0.001BTC accepted. Using a slider, users control the fee and can increase it for anonymity. The delay and amount of funds in each address too can be controlled using these sliders.

https://protonmailrmez3lotccipshtkleegetolb73fuirgj7r4o4vfu7ozyd.onion/Anonymous Email ServiceProtonmail – One of the most well-established Dark web links for users seeking “Anonymous, decentralized Email Providers“. Gmail reportedly reads your E-mails, Yahoo and other mainstream mail providers aren’t secure either. Protonmail is free (with an optional paid plan) and offers Encrypted, secure and offshore Email accounts with servers in Switzerland.

nzh3fv6jc6jskki3 – Email – RiseUp – Another one of those “Anonymous Email” Dark Web Links although offers a lot more than just Emails, which includes VPNs, anonymous Chats, etc. It’s heavily encrypted as well as free. Special attraction being mailing lists for social activists working towards a social change. Optional donation of USD $1 accepted .

doggyfipznipbaia – Chat Server – CryptoDog – Anonymous, encrypted, Random chat-server darknet links for people who need to talk on just about any topic, including those which aren’t generally welcome in a “Gentleman’s society”. Public (Lobby) as well as Private chats are available if the exact name of the chatroom is known. The topic of the chat is pre-listed. A member’s list is available as well who can be contacted privately via Private messages if users wish to do so. It’s free, no Signup required.

campfireagz2uf22 – Chat Server – CampFire – Going with the name, it too is a chat-server created with the concept of “Campfire talk” in mind. Even though no registration is required, a nickname for identification and a password to protect the chats is asked for. The only problem with CampFire is the Captcha, which at times can be pretty hard to understand and solve.

bitmailendavkbec – BitMessage – Bitmessage – One of the simplest (for users) yet sophisticated and heavily encrypted in the background communications tool, that’s what BitMessage is. Sends your Message to every Bitmessage user’s inbox, although only the intended owner gets to decrypt it. Because it’s sent to every other user it provides for plausible deniability of not being the intended owner. Has Advanced options which lets other users subscribe to “Chans” and receive broadcasts which are sent to many users at once.

sinbox4irsyaauzo – Email – SinBox – Another one of the Dark web links which lets users send Emails (messages basically) to other users with extremely heavy encryption. Uses a “decryption key” which is used both to login to the platform, as well as to decrypt your messages. It’s not stored on the platform rather stored locally, hence the E-mails are accessible as long as a user is logged in, once you log out the messages are encrypted and can’t be decrypted without the decryption key. Has a public directory users can enlist themselves on. Offers unlimited Emails.

grrmailb3fxpjbwm – Email – TorGorrillaMail – TorGorrillaMail provides “Temporary Email IDs,” for free! Each ID is valid for 60-minutes. Handy for conversations which are one-off, or short-term and you wish to keep your primary Email ID a secret. Also best for sites and programs which require a Signup and E-mail verification but send a lot of promotional mails; using TorGorillaMail keeps your primary IDs spam free. Offers as many as 9 domain extensions.

rfwtogljhrrzxyrl – Forum – LolitaCity – One of the most popular Dark web links in the “Porn” category, it’s basically a forum with photos, videos as well as direct links to “legal porn” hence rape, child p0rn and such illegal content isn’t available. It’s super active as far as visitors go, and is mostly free although some users link to third-party porn content which may be chargeable.

avengersdutyk3xf – Forum – DNM Avenders – A forum with vigilant members who try and test different product samples, especially Drugs from Darknet Market sellers and authenticate the legitimacy of the product, as well as the vendors. WallStreet Market and a handful of other Darknet Markets have partnered up with DNM Avengers to keep their platform scam-free. Joining the forum is free, also test-results are uploaded transparently for any and everyone to check and verify .

kbyz2vu3fnv2di7l – Forum – Italian Deep Web – Another forum on the Dark Web which lets users interact with each other. No specific topic restrictions and hence any and everything is allowed (Probably not child porn). It does has a mandatory registration requirement in order to access the forum. The only problem being, The Italian Deep Web is in “French” and hence not easy for non-French speakers.

fdwmarkvokb5i7wh – Marketplace – FDW Market – One of those Dark Web Links which takes you to a Darknet Market made specifically for the “French” community. Not as heavily armed with products as Dream or WallSt. yet caters to most needs. As for security features, does support Escrow as well as PGP encryption. Even though it’s for “French” community, does welcome other members if they can understand the site. Has Adverts and Banners although takes no responsibility for the ads shown.

suprbayoubiexnmp – Forum – SuperBay – It’s the official PirateBay Forum, made for everything and anything related to the Torrent giant! Has threads which let users report extremely illegal content such as Child Porn / Real rape videos, as well as request threads which can be used to request new links which may not be easily available on the search engine. Other threads include direct download links and/or Torrent links as well.

cnwv3ycmy4uc7vou – Forum – CrimeNetwork – One of the most active Dark Web Forums, or “Darknet Forum” to be precise. It has discussion threads on everything a Darknet Market comprises of, starting from Drugs, Devices, Cashout Services to Vendor reputation and trust-levels. Because of its super-active nature it also is quite often used as a platform to buy and sell Darknet Market goods directly. Although, a fair share of threads aren’t in English which may pose a problem for some.

answerstedhctbek – Forum – Hidden Answers – Where do you ask questions which you can’t ask in your everyday society, questions related to taking too much drugs, sex within family maybe? Well that’s what “Hidden Answers” was created for, it’s basically the “Quora of the dark web” and accommodates any and all questions regardless of their sensitive nature. Users can also answer questions asked by other members.

wayawaytcl3k66fl – Forum – WayAWay – Another one of the Dark web links which forwards users to a Russian Drug forum. Because it’s all in Russian non-speakers will find difficulty navigating around the forum. Although it’s pretty active with over 38300+ topics, 2231000+ total posts. Even though it’s free to use for users, sellers and vendors are charged if and when they put up their customized banners in their forum comments or replies.

rrcc5uuudhh4oz3c – Forum – IntelExchange – As the name states pretty clearly, IntelExchange lets users exchange Intel and Information. It’s one of the most well-categorized and organized Dark web links as far as information-exchange forums are concerned. Most categories concern topics such as “conspiracies”, “hacking” “suppressed technologies”; basically information which isn’t exactly “everyday talk”. Registration is mandatory in order to participate in the forum.

pt2mftbxeczbzufi2v7b3ekmsun4khq6hi7bdjo7w23fsx3easvr73ad – Drugs – SmokerCo – If it’s Weed and Hash you’re looking for, SmokersCo can get you exactly that. It’s a registration-only marketplace and needs registrations before orders can be placed. Offers 100% re-ship in case products don’t arrive. Payments can only be made in Bitcoins, however users can select their currencies from USD, GBP, and EUR. They guarantee “lowest-cost”, in case a lower cost platform is found for the product they match the price with the lower price. They ship the products using anti-detection packages and methods ensuring higher successful deliveries.

6kqmut3dvu47kvsdkjhn4atroxipl6grtnmkrr3w5wnnnvcjaevgkmyd – Drug Market – Tom & Jerry– Despite the cute little name, it actually sells products which include Cocaine, LSD, Ketamine, Hash, MDMA etc. No automated orders. E-mails/Wickr messages required for placing orders. Single-admin market. Free shipping. Only BTC seems to be accepted. Tracking ID provided. Ships globally. Payment modes and order quantity may be negotiable.

tt2mopgckifmberr – Drug Market – Tor Market– It’s a market which requires registration for purchases. All products are solely in the “drugs” category. Over 400 total listings. Third-party vendors sell their products on the market. The vendor-bond is refundable. Is market-less, payments can be made for each product directly on the checkout page. BTC, ZCash and LTC accepted. All messages/shipping info is auto-encrypted.

amster4mdi4ls27irjhe3ul6hzha5itf6naifanpfbdbfybclbnqipyd – Drug Market – We Are Amsterdam – This is a dark web link which takes you to a single-vendor darknet market which exclusively sells Drugs. Purchases are possible via both BTC and XMR. No shipping restrictions. Over 100 individual listings. Refunds available. Registration mandatory. The interface is identical to the ASAP Market interface. 2-FA

ny4a6zwwmrvyjtlu – Drugs – Global Dreams – If you’re searching for Weed, MDMA, LSD, Hash, Mephedrone or other such products, Global Dreams has a stock of as many as 100 individually listed products on the marketplace. Does require registration; however it’s anonymous and the E-mail ID can be random (real, anonymous ID recommended for password recovery). Extremely easy user-interface; select product > add to cart > make payment (completely automated). Does ship worldwide; fastest deliveries for Europe and most delayed for Australia and UK. Only accepts Bitcoin.

dopefruqgev5v4ul – Drugs – DopeFarm – DopeFarm isn’t a new name in the industry, they don’t sell a LOT of products, but the ones they do are claimed to be of the highest quality pertaining to the Weed being imported from Netherlands, the same holds true for the HASH which is imported from the UK. Their “No minimum order policy” makes them special letting users order as low as 1Gm. of products!”

quality2ui4uooym – Drugs – QualityKing – If you’re looking for Benzos, Opioids, Prescription PIlls and Stimulants; Quality King may have what you’re searching for, with over 35 individual listings in total it does cater to most user’s needs in those 4 categories. Ordering process includes pre-specified quantities which can’t be manually decreased any further, although larger quantities can be procured. Run by individuals or groups and hence vending isn’t allowed.

serpentfeli2knox – Drugs – Serpent Market – A proper Drugs Marketplace which allows other vendors to sell their products on the platform. Takes security pretty seriously with Escrow, PGP as well as 2 out of 3 Multisig transactions being available. Finalize Early for trusted vendors is made available as well. Supports BTC and XMR as the currencies. No other products except Drugs are allowed.

xdsa5xcrrrxxxolc – Drugs – Steriod King – Steroid King is one the many deep web sites specializing in Steroids, it includes products which improve a person’s physical body either sexually, or just going towards Fitness. With 50+ Individual listings as of today, it’s a full-fledged marketplace with support for most currencies including BTC, BTCH, LTC, DASH, DOGE and even POT! They do seem trustworthy considering how they’ve already been here for 3 years without noticeable negative/scam reviews.

mollyworh4524fop – Drugs – Mollyworld – It’s one of those active hidden links founded by a team of individual sellers who sells only MDMA and Ecstacy exclusively. Vending isn’t allowed, although even though it’s a team of individuals the support seems pretty strong with 24 hour reply-time.

abyssopyps3z4xof – Drugs – The French Connection – The French Connection is actually a Drug Marketplace in English which accepts only Bitcoin as the payment currency. They’ve a strict “No refunds, and no password reset” policy. With around 46 individual listings it arguably is one of the most popular Dark web links for a “Drug Store”. They ship worldwide, except the United States, also users aren’t provided with tracking information hence use the platform only if you agree to the terms.

dedopedhvmcsxylb – Drugs – DeDope German Weed Store – DeDope is another Drug Store which sells two products only, namely Bubblegum and Marokk Hash. The order process is manual and once the payment for the products is done a contact form is made available for further detail sharing and communication. They accept only Bitcoin as the form of payment, also the lowest purchase amount for Bubblegum is set at 10gm. while that for Morokk Hash is set at 50grm.

drugss5mif4vrbws – Drugs – DrugsStore – As the name makes it obvious, it’s a Drug-store. As for the number of products it offers a total of 45 individual products categorised into Opioids, Prescriptions, PSYs etc. It has a mandatory registration requirement for a purchase to be made, as for account security does offer a 4-digit Withdrawal PIN. Payments can only be made in Bitcoin.

weedsragjdyuimdm – Drugs – WeedStore – What else can a Darkweb link termed as “Weed Store” be about, except Weed? It sells exactly 6 types of weed on the marketplace which can be purchased only using Bitcoins. The platform can be used only after registration, which is free and offers security features such as the Withdrawal PIN, although it’s probably run by a single admin, or a group of individuals and hence vending isn’t allowed.

pushingtabu7itqj – Drugs – Pushing Taboo – One of the oldest Drug stores in the industry on its 6th year now, Pushing Taboo has quite an established reputation. MDMA is the only drug that’s not available on the marketplace and has been permanently banned. Available drug types include LSD Crystals, Tryptamines, etc. The only way users can purchase the drugs is using Bitcoins.

bbzzzsvqcrqtki6umym6itiixfhni37ybtt7mkbjyxn2pgllzxf2qgyd – Drugs Forums – Breaking Bad– This forum has everything covered, from the exact drug manufacturing steps, required equipment, sources to get those equipment, to marketing, legalities and sales. Also has discussions on Cryptocurrencies and anonymity. Is 100% free to access for everyone. Has about 300 members and 800 threads so far. Seems to cover every scale, from home-level production to industrial, mass empires. (Do not use to manufacture drugs, that’s illegal)

bigsexzwankdb27a – Porn – [email protected] – Big Sex is a personal collection from the admin spreading over 15 years, the said admin hates censorship and other interventions and hence has hosted the content on the Tor network. Users need to create a mega.co.nz account and pay a one time fee of USD $30 for lifetime access to the content. It does provide free samples to build some amount of trust.

wirtin67ywc72pjq – Porn – GermanGirls – German Girls is a site run by “Real german Girls” who let people talk, chat, E-mail or basically do anything with them for USD $30. Even though most of the girls shown on the homepage are MILFs, they do have a “preview” section which provides free preview to users before they actually have to pay.

tssa3saypkimmkcy – Porn – The Secret Story Archive – One of those unique Dark web links which lets users read Erotic Stories; more like an E-book platform with sensual content. Users don’t go in blind as the name, as well as category of the book is displayed before going to the main content pages. It’s absolutely free although if you read only those books which have graphics and images in them, it isn’t for you as it’s completely text-only content all over.

xnyvcjj6ybauprjx – Porn – The Phedophile – The Pedophile is one of the very few Pedophile’s handbook on the dark web, it helps users research, understand, or just take pleasure in reading extremely detailed and graphic material related to Pedophile interests. Even if you’re not a pedhophile yet, the site does have a warning in place stating you may become one after going through the handbook.

n65xqgf3qj423wfj – Porn – SumoGuys – For 0.012BTC you can have pictures of SUMO guys (extremely overweight korean/chineese and other Asian people) having SEX, or at times just other sensual activities. It’s mentioned though that the site is completely illegal and hence it’s up to the users to maintain their privacy and anonimity. They need the one-time fee to be paid to a Bitcoin address after which access to the content is granted.

zoopp2w6ets2cbze – Porn – Zoo School – if you’ve got an extra USD $35, ZooSchool lets you buy Animal-girl porn packages for the amount. The purchases are anonymous and private as payments are made using Bitcoin, LTC, ETH, BTCH or DogeCoin. The Porn however isn’t illegal and should not get you into any legal trouble. No registration is required in order to make the purchases.

beautyboysj2sgq3 – Porn – The Beauty of Boys – A site with legal photos of young Boys, just boys in general doing one thing or another such as swimming, walking, looking and so on although most pictures seem sensual such as those without tops or proper clothes. Even though the photos are legal, the site will mostly interest people with pedophile interests. It’s absolutely free both to browse as well as view/save the images.

7haz75ietrhjds3j – Porn – All Natural Spanking – For 0.012BTC you can have pictures of SUMO guys (extremely overweight korean/chineese and other Asian people) having SEX, or at times just other sensual activities. It’s mentioned though that the site is completely illegal and hence it’s up to the users to maintain their privacy and anonimity. They need the one-time fee to be paid to a Bitcoin address after which access to the content is granted.

32avzir6unmcg2y2 – Porn – My Secret World – A personal blog where the admin shares his day’s journey, or special happenings. Although what makes it special is its chat-server where just about anyone can come over and talk about anything, except child porn, forced POV and other such stuff. It gained popularity with its Cicadamail (hint: Cicadapuzzle) although the service isn’t active anymore. It’s totally free and no registrations are required.

xplayyyyyirxui4n – Porn – xPlay – When you can’t find your type of porn on the clearnet, XPlay is where you go to. It’s a full-fledged porn site on the Dark web and has proper organization of the videos into Lesbian, forced, gay and what no. What’s special is, it being one of the Dark web links, you may also stumble upon videos which aren’t allowed or considered legal on the clearnet.

oxwugzccvk3dk6t – Porn – /gore/- Bloods and Guts – If you love blood, torture, intestines and livers hanging loose, this is one of the best Dark Web links you’ll ever find for exactly what you’re searching for. Basically a “gore oriented” dark web site where anyone can post images and video clips related to gore. Both uploading/posting as well as viewing the material is free as well as doesn’t need any registration.

amputefruj4rzgz5 – Porn – Amputee Porn – Amputee Porn is a site which lets users watch and download porn consisting of amputee girls, i.e. girls without a certain body part. They have three packages, three month access costs 0.025BTC, 6 months access costs BTC 0.045, and finally the yearly plan costs BTC 0.07. They send back some amount of money to the depositor which needs to be verified before access is provided.

c7ooac5dc5iub6jc – Porn – C700 The Best Animal Site on the dark web – C700 is an Animal-porn site, meaning it lets users view and download porn consisting of a girl and another animal which vary and may comrprise of horses, dogs, or anything else. Accessing the site isn’t free and they charge a whooping USD $59.00 for the content. It provides a text file with the membership details which can then be used to download the videos directly, for lifetime.

grannytnglrvaaf7 – Porn – Old Granny Sluts,#,JOIN PAGE NOT FOUND

boyvidscckevqedz – Porn/Community – Boy Vids v4.0 – Even though BoyVids 4.0 is a porn site, it has this unique “reality” about it, meaning most often actual, real people share real photos and videos of themselves, mostly with “Boys” either during sex, or before/after it. The forum has multiple categories such as Models, Toddlers, Hardcore and so on. As it’s a forum, it also lets users request photos with special conditions or positions and they’re fulfilled by other members. Accessing the site is absolutely free.

3dboysn3o5d7dk3i – Porn/Community – 3D Boys Home to Boys and Art – If “reality” isn’t your thing, 3D Boys home should cater to your needs by getting you digitally rendered 3D photos of Boy-porn! Even though registrations are free, the only condition is that the username has to be something “meaningful”, for e.g. Bottlecap410 isn’t acceptable. The registrations aren’t always open and hence only the lucky ones get in when the window is still open.

tgirleexw34kdbx6 – Porn – Tgirl World – TGirl is another dark web porn site which sells porn videos and photos again with three types of paid plans, a 3-month, 6month and 12 month plan priced at 0.025, 0.045 and 0.07BTC respectively. It too alike some other sites on this list sends back a small payment as a verification password, which needs to be entered before access to the content is granted.

hijabhawzxipgzfp – Porn – Hijab Fuck Girls – Hijab Fuck Girls even though is a porn site, is a site with a slightly different concept. It doesn’t “create” its own content, rather hacks into social media accounts of normal HIJAB girls and steals their real nude and compromising pictures as well as videos. The girls can be of any age (even under 18s) and nationality, but they all are Muslim girls, with HIJABs. It charges a one-time membership fee of USD $34.95″

familybw6azkhjsc – Porn – Family Love – If you don’t mind paying for photos and videos of family members having sex, this is the site for you. For 0.0008BTC the platform activates your account which then lets you access the above-said material. It’s pretty automated and auto-generates an ID and password for users once they click on the register button. Even though downloading is allowed, users aren’t allowed to share the downloaded material anywhere else.

swkcw6eudl7lciek – Hitman – Azerbaijani Eagles (Scammer) specializes in physically fatal and lethal services, such as Killing, Rape, Kidnapping etc. Killing costs USD $7K, accidents are priced double. Mandatory registrations. No logs kept. XMR and BTC payments accepted. Failed attempts mean retrial or refund. Global presence. All targets accepted, No “do not touch” list.

h4gca3vb6v37awux – Hitman – 18th Street Gang (Scammer) is a Darknet Marketplace which lets people hire Hitmen. You can either get someone killed, hire for Arson, or Assault. Two types of Hitmen available- Basic (starting at USD $5,000) and Advanced (Snipers, Starting at USD $30,000). Completely anonymous. No identification required. Payment is made in Bitcoin, only after successful job completion.

idomquol7lannf22 – Hitman – The Mechanic – Those deepweb creepy stories of people hiring killers on the Dark web aren’t all false. The Mechanic is one of those Dark web links which let you hire a hitman, and it’s all automated as well as anonymous. All you need is the victim’s social media profile and some BTC. There’s no age or gender limitations, and the site also provides “proof of work” from earlier contracts. Does require some upfront payment. No registrations required (obviously).

stkonsbado54og4t – Hitman – Murder Incorporated Hitman – If you have the photo, address and other details of a person you’d like killed, you can order one such service from Murder Incorporated Hitmen. It’s a site using which you can order the death of anyone, even choose the way the hit goes down (natural/accident etc). all without having to reveal your identity. Payments too are completely anonymous via Bitcoins. Does provide proof of work once the task has been completed. Requires 50% Upfront payment.

yo4jmu6dsfaeekt3 – Hitman – VeniceMan Killer Hitman Service – If you’ve got an extra EUR 70,000+ expenses (including travel, accommodations etc). you can get anyone killed using this hidden Tor link. It differs from the above Hitman service as you get to select specific injuries, or other custom tasks such as finding people and what not. The only limitation is that the victim needs to be a common person and not a VIP, Celebrity, Politician or a Billionaire.

zy3dkytcaubkq2y3 – Hitman – Slayers Hitman Service – Another one of the “Hitmen” dark web links which offers a lot of choices to users, apart from killing other custom jobs which are offered include rape, torture, acid attacks, specific injuries, framing, scaring etc. Works just like a normal Dark web e-commerce site, has attacks and types included along with their prices which can be ordered directly from the site. Rape costs the lowest and is priced at USD $1,000. While the lowest death-option is for USD $15,000 if killed by gun, prices differ based on the weapons used.

ytteyiazq2xyazjws45lxjpqie5krxdcoe4nr5vysldu54olnbtrg5qd – Hacking – Pseudo Harmer Hacker – If you need hacking jobs done on or prior to deadlines, Pseudo Harmer Hacker is one such website which may cater to your needs. They offer everything from Cell phone hacking to E-mail Hacking and everything else in between. Use an anonymous E-mail account to mail them on [email protected] and place your orders. Exact price and delivery-time will be notified after job details are shared.

huomyxhpzx6mw74e6jfxtj5kmxov6wdmc62ylk6oc7feht5gntuawaqd – Hacking – Hacker’s Bay is a Hacking service marketplace on the Dark Web which sells services such as Phone Hacking, School Database Hacking, Computer Hacking, E-mail Hacking, Social Media Hacking and so on. Prices for each service are displayed on the homepage, orders can be placed by mailing the team. The platform claims respecting deadlines multiple times. Follows a “no traces left” policy.

vscvkdcnjpwkdumrrnxsfhmx5shkztqzehnkvelpfrzj7sqkra7bcjid – Hacking – Pundit Hackers’ Group is a group of hackers, who claim themselves to be an expert at everything related to “Hacking”. “Pundit” is a Hindi word from the Indian subcontinent, meaning an “expert” of sorts. They claim to be capable of not just bypassing passwords, but also of expunging records, Increasing Reviews, attacking (DDoS) etc. Rather brief on information, payments, refunds and everything else is explained only after first-contact via E-mail.

2ogmrlfzdthnwkez.onion – Hacking – Rent-A-Hacker – A dark web link which lets you hire “Hackers”. Again, it’s pretty automated and has a cart-system which lets users order different hacks and attacks directly off the site. It accepts only Bitcoin, and the services offered include hacking Facebook accounts (EUR 250), Database hacking, or network hacks or attacks going up to EUR 500. It’s run by an individual hacker and not a group of hackers.

rsprjqyxhf25l3qd.onion – Detective – DW-Detective Check anyone by access special database – DW Detective is a plaform which grants users access to a number of govt. and private databases and enables them to find just about anything on the planet, starting from Tor-nodes to birth-records, adoption records, property records, bank-account details, lost people records, even Military records to name just a few. It charges a one-time 0.15BTC fee for lifetime access to the claimed records.

hackerrljqhmq6jb.onion – Hacking – Hacking Group – Yet another one of those Dark web links which let you hire hackers, although this one isn’t an individual venture, rather consists of a group of hackers. Hacking being the primary commodity on the marketplace, also offers other services such as background checks, social security number checks, identifying people on the web and so on. Also sells credit card and Paypal information for 0.1063BTC, hacking on the other hand is cheaper and is priced at just 0.0369BTC.

escrowytu7s7rlqn – Hacking – DarkLocker is a feature-rich Darknet Escrow, which charges a 1% fee and allows trade of almost everything. The fee isn’t refunded even in case of failed trades (to stay unbiased). Complete escrow details can be verified by both parties before the trade. Uses Multisig transactions making it more secure. Escrow-creator chooses who pays the fee. It’s completely anonymous, no e-mails/registration required.

escrowq5tus5jpgw – Escrow – Escrow Defense – Buying goods off Dark net markets or standalone Dark web links isn’t technically safe, or trustworthy. Escrow Defence eases the situation by providing a safe Escrow for transactions between two parties. Verifies goods shipment, as well as delivery for the buyers, also makes sure the vendor isn’t scammed by verifying received funds before allowing shipment. Each party is charged 1% of the transaction amount.

escrow3e7meryzm5 – Escrow – Escrow Service – Another one of the Escrow services which helps facilitate trade between two or more parties safely and transparently. It does charge a 1.50% fee which is paid by the vendor. What makes it different from the other Dark web links providing Escrow is that in case of a Dispute, an impartial third-party handles the case and not the Escrow service.

safebtck4qejiero – Escrow – SafePay BTC – An automated Escrow service helping two parties buy and sell goods easily off the Dark web. Has a dispute option on-site, as well as a 5-day correction period for the vendor to either correct the mistake, or provide their side of the story. If the dispute isn’t answered the case goes in the favor of the buyer, else both the parties are heard and a decision is made. Needs a 1% transaction fee.

fakeidskhfik46ux – Document Fraud – FakeID – One of the best Dark web links for users who need to buy Fake IDs. The IDs are available only for a select number of countries including Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Sweden, USA, UK etc. and include everything from Driving Licenses to VISAS. They accept Bitcoin which keeps things anonymous although 25% upfront fee needs to be paid, then within 5-days proof of documents is uploaded and shipped after the remaining amount is transferred.

cmarketsiuhtiix5 – Hacking – Cmarket – CMarket stands for “Criminal Market” and is a dark web marketplace which sells both Digital goods, as well as physical products, items such as records, credit card informations, personal records etc. as well as Fake documents, are available. The site isn’t automated and hence purchase needs to be made by contacting the admins manually via Email.

vfqnd6mieccqyiit – Document Fraud – UK Passports – For users who need UK Passports, along with established bank accounts UK Passports is one of the best Dark web links which should cater to their needs. The passports are priced at 1000 GBP, while the bank accounts cost 700GBP. They also pre-stamp the passports with the stamps of the buyer’s native country for easy immigration.

c5qvq3kr6ddpopeu – Carding/Paypal – TrueDeal – is a darknet market which lets you buy cards and PayPal accounts. Each card holds funds which can be withdrawn, the same is true for PayPal account as well. Approximately USD/EUR 5000.00 is claimed to be available in each account/card. Manual orders (via E-mail). Bitcoin payments. Tracking ID provided. UPS and DHL are the two shipping modes used.

gxut3nthkyjq5j7pd66ppfzegblxledhcfz4qs2mavfq2oym7jrcgzad – Carding/Paypal – Shitty – It’s a darknet marketplace. The products can only be accessed after registration. A total of around 300 individual listings available. Primarily deals in “financial” goods and services such  as PayPal accounts, Wire Transfers, Western Union, Debit Cards etc. Only Bitcoin payments accepted. No escrow accepted. Third-party/individual vendors not allowed. 3 shipping modes available, prices differ based on delivery speed. PayPal cashout services offered as well, cashout to BTC, PayPal ID or Bank accounts available, charged extra.

xb635ncim63dlahg – Carding – CardZone – Custom embossed (with any user-specified name) cards, PayPal accounts, or Western Union transfers is what CardZone sells. Also can be used as a mixing-service for a fee of 1-4% (randomized). Registration is mandatory. Offers an account recovery-seed. No Escrow entertained. BTC/LTC accepted for payments. Socks provided with each account for bypassing geo-detection. Ships worldwide without any geographical restrictions.

g7x63x2a6yrnlhvnlidekwtc2ivk5zrwrf64z7kqgkflsycw5l5qrvyd – Carding – A very basic card-selling site on the darknet. Sells all cards for a fixed price of $100.00 for each card. Minimum $3500.00 is guaranteed on all cards. Claims to use TrustBTC Escrow, it may or may not be true. These are physical cards and not just card data. Payments must me made within 2 hours or the orders are cancelled.

qpz3rshx7f53x3syr4saweqkhol24rtv3lh3w7vav4vcv5rtreufvbid – Carding – Physical cards, card transfers, PayPal transfers, WU transfers and gift cards are sold. Also offers a cashout manual with each order. Only Bitcoin payments accepted. Guarantees protection against accounts getting blocked, does offer refunds. Is single-vendor and doesn’t accept third-party vendors.

juxvsx23ud7ck7qroro5mdqam23v6hgesob66ki7cnrauf33skhvfvid – Finance – MoneyWave – Primarily  sells “transfers” for Western Union, PayPal, MoneyGram, PerfectMoney etc. Although also has listings for gift cards (Amazon, iTunes, Google Play). 8 different Cryptocurrencies accepted including BTC, ZCash, ETH, XMR, DASH and many others. Automated buying.Â

64fgu54a3tlsgptx – Carding – A1 Quality Credit Cards Store (Scammer) – If you need real, physical, pre-funded ATM cards this is one of the many Deep web links providing the same. The cards can either be used as Credit cards online /offline, or just ATM cards. Payment can be made in Bitcoin, LTC or even ETH. Amount of funds in the cards vary depending on their prices, for e.g. a USD $100 card would contain around USD $2,000 in it.

deepmar57fbonfiw – Finance/Carding – DeepMart Store (Got Scam Report) – DeepMart resembles Walmart not only in the phonology, but also when it comes to the professionalism of the site’s layout, one of the easiest DNMs to navigate around or order products from. The number of products isn’t extensive, although is acceptable and is 225 to be exact (supposedly will grow with time). Vendors can deposit a vendor-bond to sell on the marketplace, the bond is refunded at a later time (T&C applicable). Accepts Bitcoin as the payment currency. Also has Multisig payments for added security. Ships worldwide.

lgt3ubtwx3kwfxba – Carding/Finance – Ghost Store (Scammer/Fake) – sells “free money”. Some of its products include cards, PayPal accounts, gold, diamond, money transfers etc. Buyers get to choose if they need the card data digitally, or the actual physical card. PayPal to BTC ($20.00) and PayPal to PayPal ($35.00) options offered for each PayPal account. Self-cashout is free. Both BTC and LTC accepted. Mandatory registrations. No Escrow. Is wallet-less (pay for each order individually).

j6ktoixcmcr7avgf – Finance/PayPal/WU – InCash – Bitcoin can be used to purchase Bank Transfers, Paypal Accounts and Western Union Transfers from TorCash. They claim to be safe, and provide an easy User interface. Anonymous registration is required, no logs are kept. Third-party Escrow services aren’t accepted. Advance payments required. Delivery time is impressive.

p2dxfdbzpqosi3f5 – Carding/WU/PayPal – Onion Lab (Scammer) – With 1-hour delivery time for Digital products such as Paypal accounts and Wire transfers and three different shipping options available for physical goods, The Onion Lab does seem like one of the most promising financial Hubs on the Darknet. Western Union and Credit/Debit cards are some other products available on the marketplace. Products can only be purchased using Bitcoin. Standard shipping is free, express costs USD $25.00 and overnight USD $60.00. Registration is anonymous yet mandatory.

pdf6uqyd4nxmghgw – Carding – DeepDeal (Scammer) – If you need physical, pre-loaded Bitcoin Debit cards (from Uquid, CryptoPay etc). W.U transfers or Bank transfers, DeepDeal claims to offer exactly those services. It also sells “PayPal funds” which you can either receive in a PayPal account, or to a BTC address. Registration is mandatory. Only Bitcoin is accepted. No third-party vending allowed, is admin-only marketplace. Express and Overnight shipping available.

o3gaovlzc3d3x4oa – Carding – MakeMoney (Scammer) – MakeMoney is one of those Tor sites links which lets you purchase cards, Bitcoins or Western Union transfers for a fraction of the actual transaction amount. Paypal accounts too with pre-funded balance are available. Registration even though free and anonymous, is mandatory.

bh3ly32l2b5gjqdc – Carding/Counterfeit – BigDeal (Scammer) – An automated, well organized carding deep web site which sells credit cards, paypal accounts, western union transfers, Moneygram transfers and so on. What separates them from other similar dark web links is their tracking and communication system which transparently lets users track their orders and get in touch with the team. They accept only Bitcoin as the payment currency.

eqnbwy4b4k4lrlq5 – Carding – Card Validator – One of the most advanced “Card checking dark web links” which lets you check the status of a card to be live, or inactive. Handy when buying cards off Darknet markets or individual sellers. It uses quite a few advanced checks including IIN, AVS as well as Luhn Algo and displays the card status without you having to actually spend funds to do so.

buyccoq36hlj6etg – Carding – BuyCC Shop – Carding is definitely one of the most popular products/activity on the Dark web. BuyCCShop too lets users real, physical cards. It’s one of the very few Dark web links which offers refunds if the cards are botched. Additionally, Money transfers for Western Union as well as Moneygram are available as well.

ccguruetr5jwye5g – Carding – CC Guru (Scammer) – Another site selling cards with pre-funded amounts for a much lower price; for e.g. cards worth USD$3,000 cost as low as USD $250. The site is run by a single person who either clones or procures the cards some other way and then ships the actual, physical cards to the buyers. The payments are done via BTC and hence are completely anonymous.

acteam2nmbucjnht – Carding – AC-Team – A group of carders came together and founded AC-Team which specializes in products such as Bank accounts, credit cards, paypal accounts and so on. They accept third-party escrow as well which establishes some amount of user-trust for the site. Additionally they’re also listed on the Hidden Wiki as a verified vendor. Payment can be made in Bitcoins.

dreamrvfuqrpzn4q – Carding – Dream Weavers (Scammer) – One of those dark web links which specializes in “CARDS ONLY”, no other products such as Paypal, Western Union, bank details etc. which generally go with Carding sites are available on Dream Weavers. Both the Magnetic as well as Chipped cards are available. The cards have anywhere between USD $2000- USD $5000. They accept payments via Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and also Ethereum. They’ve got discount as well, the more cards a user buys the better discount he/she gets.

prepaid3jdde64ro – Carding – Euphoric Oblivion (Scammer) – Another card-only dark web site which sells both Magnetic as well as Chipped cards. They can be paid using Bitcoin, as well as Monero. Although the cards seem to be available only for Americans or UK citizens, the USD cards can be purchased by the Americans while AUD cards exist for the citizens of Australia.

torcvvq44o7ofjuu – Counterfeit – TorMarket – Tor Market too is a carding site, although rather than selling real, physical cards it sells “card information” hence the cards can’t be used in ATMs although are fine for online purchases. Registration is must in order to access the platform, although it’s anonymous. A deposit of USD $30 is required before they allow purchasing on the platform. Payments can be made via Bitcoin on the automated platform, or a manual mail to the admins also lets users pay via DOGE, BTCH, LTC etc.

easyvisa5i67p2hc – Carding – EasyVisa – Another addition to the list of the dark web links which sell Cards. EasyVISA too is a carding site and sells “card information” rather than physical cards. They’ve this unique concept of “packages” and hence cards can’t be ordered individually, rather need to be ordered in packages of 5-10-20 and so on. The lowest order amount is USD $50, offering 5 cards with a minimum total balance of USD $1500. Only Bitcoin is accepted.

moneyplheq37vfyk – Carding – Plastic Cards – This is a site which doesn’t sell Credit or Debit cards, rather prepaid, pre-funded cash cards which can be used worldwide in ATMs as well as online. What makes them special is they can’t be frozen and aren’t as risky as a credit or debit card. US and EU cards are available which also can be embossed with your own name! The site also offers paypal accounts. Orders can’t be placed automatically and require users to send a manual mail to the team.

fakebillkelmwaos – Counterfeit – FakeBills – Fake Bills is one of counterfeit deep web links which sells fake, counterfeit bills for 40% of the Bills’ actual worth on an average. The bills are physically shipped via UPS; although they keep it transparent by providing tracking information to the buyers. It lets users order as low as USD $200 worth of bills, for USD $80. Both USD as well as EUR bills available. Payment can be made only via Bitcoin.

dollarsfn45wiq4f – Counterfeit – USD4You – Another tor link selling fake notes in 10-20-50 or 100 Denominations. USD4U sells only USD notes as is evident from the name. It’s one of the very few dark web links which offers a 100% refund if the bills are found to be not good enough, although they must be returned within 14 days. They do offer discounts for bulk buyers.

cfactoryxecooa6l – Counterfeit – Counterfeit Factory – Even though most other Dark web links selling fake notes on this list are limited to US/UK notes, the Factory here breaks all bounds and offers counterfeits for CAD, RUB, CFH, SGD, CNY in addition to the US/UK notes. The denominations are 20-50 or 100 and the payment can be made only via Bitcoins.

accountlwghunkeg – PayPal Account – PayPal – If you need to purchase Paypal accounts, “Paypal Accounts” quite literally lets you do so. Everything except the account login data is displayed transparently such as the account’s origin country as well as the available balance ,along with the price for the account. Once the payment is made the login data is made available. They even bundle in a free proxy for added security.

platypusxchhwv6z – PayPal Account – KryptoPlatypus – KryptoPlatypus is an instant PayPal buying service, it has a simple tabled list of Paypal accounts along with their account balance and purchase amount. Users generally pay a 25% fee on accounts, although this price is reduced for higher-balance accounts and hence most high-balance accounts can be obtained for 13-15% of the Paypal account’s balance. Payment is made via Bitcoins.

blenderiocpxfema – Bitcoin Mixing – Blender – Another one of the dark web links redirecting users to a Bitcoin Mixer. Blender.io too charges a dynamic, random fee between 0.5-3% to keep things random and anonymous, although it does charge the extra 0.0001BTC/extra address fee. Offers 8 additional address and needs 3 confirmations for the deposits to be mixed. No logs are kept permanently.

smartmixnjmuoixj – Bitcoin Mixing – Bitcoin Mixer – One of the simplest Bitcoin mixers in the industry, with a pretty low “minimum” mix requirement of 0.001BTC, the fee too is standard and is set at 0.5%+mix with an additional 0.0001BTC/extra address. Supports as many as 5 additional addresses. The maximum limit is displayed at the final order page, although it’s big-enough for most transactions. The deposits need 2 confirmations before being cleaned.

btcmixnqyq7kljrr – Bitcoin Mixing – Bitcoin Mixer – doesn’t require any registrations. It doesn’t keep any logs. Accepts a very low minimum deposit of 0.0002 BTC. Seems to allow mixes exceeding 20BTC (requiring 6 confirmations), while deposits less than 20BTC only need 1confirmations. Entire process can be completed within minutes, text-based UI, no sliders. Control over delays and fund-sharing for each individual address. Demands a fixed 1% fee. 0.000001 BTC charged for each address.

bmcmix4soyfddcvqone5nj6za3ezil3rlbdcndlzr6ajlvux4p4sdzyd – Bitcoin Mixing – BMC Mixer – A Bitcoin mixer as well as currency-convertor (from BTC to Monero) is what BMC mixer is. Coins can be deposited to more than one address for anonymity. Output too can be received in as many as 10 addresses. The fee is a minimum of 1%, or a maximum 4% randomized for each mix. Adheres to a strict “No Logs Policy”. No distribution control. Time-delay available and partially user-controlled. Easy user interface both for registered and non-registered users. Minimum deposit- 0.0018 BTC.

bitmixbizymuphkc – Bitcoin Mixing – BitMix Bitcoin Mixing Service – A Bitcoin mixer which helps users make their Bitcoin transactions anonymous by mixing and sending a clean set of coins to the users. Doesn’t keep any logs whatsoever, and provides custom delays as well as customizable fee. Has mixed over 200 Bitcoins till date for 1,000+ users. No registrations are required.

cryptomixer.io – Bitcoin Mixing – CryptoMixer,#,Not Functional Anymore.

coinpigih6i444lm – Bitcoin Wallet – CoinPig – A Bitcoin mixer which also doubles as a Bitcoin wallet; CoinPig too charges a fixed 0.5% mixing fee, although has a slightly higher fee for additional addresses set at 0.001BTC/additional addresses. As for the wallet, it stores the encryption keys on user’s systems which makes sure they can’t be leaked, or accessed by third-parties. Also provides a kind of “interest” upto 8% on the total transaction amount done by users on the platform.

penguinsmbshtgmf – Bitcoin Mixing – PenguinMixer – Not as advanced a Bitcoin mixer as SmartMix or Blender.io but does offer a simpler solution to users who simply need to get their coins mixed without a lot of customizations. Charges a random fee between 0.5%-1% of the transaction. It’s randomized and not controlled by the users, the same holds true for time-delays as well. No registration required.

coinmixibh45abn7 – Bitcoin Mixing – CoinMixer – Mixing your Bitcoins with Coin Mixer would cost you a random fee between 1-3%, not controlled by the users, with a static fee of 0.0001BTC/extra address. Has security features in place such as the “Letter of Guarantee” making sure the company pays you.

blockchainbdgpzk – Bitcoin Wallet – Blockchain.info – Blockchain.info is without doubt one of the first services to offer a Bitcoin wallet in the industry, although recently they integrated a purchase system letting users purchase Bitcoin as well as Ethereum on the platform, even though it’s not globally supported. Also the purchase requires ID-proof and isn’t anonymous. It’s pretty secure with login verification for each login along with 2-FA!”

redroomfing27toi – Red Room – Red Room – One of the most commonly cited Dark web links when someone asks for a “Red Room“, it has room sessions once a week or month, other days it displays the timer for the room and this is when users can deposit Bitcoins and book their seats/roles. The price differs based on the role selected by users, spectating costs 1BTC, while if you wish to give orders it’s 5BTC followed by “Grand Master” worth 10 BTC.

facebookcore – Social Media – Facebook – If you need to use Facebook, but would rather keep your IP address somewhat (although not completely) off Facebook’s radar, this official, Dark web version of Facebook should help you do that. There are no other major differences between this and the clearnet Facebook version.

7qzmtqy2itl7dwuu – Social Media – Dispora*(Tor) – Dispora is another social network although it’s a lot more liberal than Facebook, Twitter or any other clearnet network, and hence has no requirement of the ID, name, photo or anything else being real. Basically it’s just a platform anyone can be anyone, and meet other people from around the globe.

mango7ujh3rmxgoh – Social Media – Middle Earth,#,Registration Page not working.

occ4c3gx3w5esnmn – Social Media – AnonSteem – Steem accounts generally require quite a bit of verifications which lead to user privacy being compromised. With AnonSteem you can let the platform act as a middle-man and create Steem accounts for you, for a price of 0.0025BTC or 0.1LTC; because the accounts are created by AnonSteeem they can’t be linked back to you.

steemlohs6air4h2 – Middle-Man for Steem. – PSN 1.0 – PSN is a social network which is the home to rapists, gore-lovers, torture admirers and so on. Basically the creepiest people who exist on the planet with the darknest intentions and mindset can be found and interacted with on the platform. The only thing fortunately banned is Child Porn. Anyone can register on the platform absolutely free.

psycnets7z6tvqpa – Social Media – Poster.Ninja – If you need to copy-paste text, just like PasteBin, Paster Ninja is where you go to. Being on the Darknet, what you paste can’t be linked back to you, additionally the pasted data is encrypted so it can’t be read by the platform either, just the people you share the link with. Users also get to set an “Expiry Time” and a “Password” which further secures it.

pasternjaui2k53d – Text Sharing – ZeroBin.net – Another Pastebin Dark web link where users get to copy-paste any and all text, with full anonymity and privacy as no registration or personal information is asked for. Advanced options include Expiry-time, Password and client-side encryption which makes sure the data can never be read by the site, or any other unintended third-party.

zerobinqmdqd236y – PasteBin – Turkish Citizenship Database – As shown in movies, the site lets you download the personal information of as many as 49,611,709 Turkish citizen! A 1.5GB file holds it all, no registration or payment required. The data includes National identity number, name, parents’ name, D.O.B and so on! Download isn’t illegal, although using the information for illicit gains is.

torc5bhzq6xorhb4 – Database Dump – SecureDrop – SecureDrop is one of those Dark web links which is used by whistle-blowers and social activists to expose corruption and malpractices either on an individual level, or of some company / govt. organization, V.I.Ps etc. It’s simply a file-upload platform which is monitored by some of the most-read news outlets including The Guardian, Forbes etc. No registration is required and hence the whistleblowers’ identity and life aren’t forsaken.

secrdrop5wyphb5x – File Sharing – Inteligence Buyer – If you’ve got any information worth selling, inside-tips, secrets of individuals (VIPs) or basically anything else which may be of some value to the admin, this is a site which you can sell to. Users are paid via Bitcoins and the complete process of intel-exchange is done manually over Email.

rrydrab7aba7hilt – Database Dump – Physhology Tools – If a “Psychiatrist” isn’t your thing yet you need to get an overview of your psychology and mental health, Psychology tool lets you take tests, mostly in the form of Multiple Choice questions. It lets users view and download their reports for free, no personal details are asked for which keep the tests anonymous.

psychk3hrpclistd – Medical – Darknet Ads – Getting Ads or exposure for a Dark Web related website isn’t exactly a park-walk, it’s hard finding like-minded individuals and companies. That’s where Darknet Ads helps, it’s a platform where you get to exchange banners, users can approach other users and finalize the exchange, both parties display the banner of the other party without having to pay anyone a penny.

dnadsjkrk57cd2fu – Ad Network – ThePirate Bay – The Pirate Bay needs no introduction, does it? This is the Deep web version of the same, it’s safer and better considering how your activities can be tracked on the clearnet, but not on the Deep/Dark web over Tor browser. There’s no difference in the links, available files or anything else between the clearnet, or the Dark web version.

uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk – Torrent – Anonymous Pirate – When you don’t have the time to search for the best Torrents Manually, this site may help you out as it lists the top 300 best Torrents from Piratebay. The listed torrents comprise of every category including Movies, Games, Porn and everything else, hence you simply select the category and the best will be brought to you.

smk4dw5cbxd6lttl – Torrent – TorTube – If you need a Youtube on the Tor browser, something which doesn’t ask for registrations, or doesn’t log the videos you watch or your IP address and other personal details, TorTube is the Torlink you should visit. It’s exactly Youtube, even though with much lower number of videos, yet a lot more privacy.

rlujtxikez5kicwj – Media – TorSnake – One of the most basic, yet most grasping games ever made- “The ball eating snake” is what this site is about. The game gained immense popularity on basic gaming consoles and early-day mobile phones. If you’ve got a lot of time to kill this sure is an option.

fubmhhm7j6esuprg – Game – Ninja LR Casino – Like Gambling? Not a society-friendly sport, is it? Well LR is a Gambling site on Tor which keeps your identity safe and private, while letting you gamble and play games such as Slots, BlackJack, Poker and so on with BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, DOGE, Webmoney, Yandex and quite a few other deposit methods.

d7shwhjlrs45ooux – Game/Casino – Perfect Money – Another one of the Dark web links letting users play/gamble online without revealing their identity. Perfect Money Casino as the name suggests is a casino which recommends using Perfect money to deposit funds, although also lets users deposit funds via BTC, ETH, DASH, VRT, BTCH and a number of other currencies. Withdrawal without having to play a single game allowed as well. Minimum deposit accepted USD 0.001, minimum cashout accepted- USD 0.04.

by5oe7gmrt3pmn7p – Game/Casino – Cockpay Gold Games – Another cryptocurrency casino which lets users deposit funds via BTC, BTCH, DOGE, ETH and lets them gamble online. It may be run by the same team which runs “Perfect Money Casino” as all the text on both the sites is exactly alike, or maybe one is just copying the other. Either way, the minimum maximum limits too are the same with 0.01USD being the minimum deposit limit and 0.05USD being the minimum cashout limit.

6gua6qlq3scz7jam – Game/Casino – Xmatches – Fixed Match information has always been a popular commodity on the Dark web, that’s exactly what XMatches lets users buy. It’s pretty organized, you can buy the outcome of 5 matches for USD $190, the outcome with different odds for 5 matches cost USD $450 while the outcome of 10 matches costs USD $700. To keep things anonymous they prefer being paid only via BTC and LTC.

xmatchesfmhuzgfb – Fixed Match Info – FootBall Money – Another site selling information on Fixed matches, although it has couple “trust-factors” such as it gives away free information on a match or two in a month to prove they’re the real deal, and also accepts Escrows which make sure the site isn’t paid if the outcome isn’t what the site said it’ll be. They accept a wide number of currencies including BTC, XMR, ETH, NEM, DASH, as well as Ripple.

footballsge4ocq3 – Game/betting – Liberated Book And Papers – A simple site which uploads books for free, books which either are expensive, considered valuable or just rare to find. It’s absolutely free and currently has around 55 books enlisted on the platform. No registration or personal information required in order to download the books. Interface isn’t great and only book-names are provided before downloading.

52wdeibt3ivmcapq – Books – Calibre Web,#,Another Dark web site letting users download expensive and rare books for free. It’s completely in Russian although can be used by non-speakers as the books’ image as well as a Description is provided before downloading. No registration required.

5h5ps743nnqsjq4l – Books – The Crazy Bastards Cookbook – Some individual had a lot of free time and hence compiled conspiracies, political statements, jokes, recipes, fun-facts and what not, and made it into a book called- “The Crazy Bastards Cookbook”, for some reason it garnered a bit of attention and that’s what the site is about. The book can be downloaded for free.

kgycm2bjsc75u4ac – Books – Imperials Library – One of the most well-stocked Dark web links which offers free books with nearly 14,0000 books in its library! Every category that exists on the planet including Tech, General Knowledge, Security, Internet, Sex, and everything else is enlisted over there with couple hundred books in each of them. Downloading is free.

xfmro77i3lixucja – Books – Comics Book – A site which resembles FTP-directories as far as looks go, offers free “comics” which can be downloaded just like any file off a FTP-directory is downloaded, with a single click! All the categories of comics are available without any specific restrictions or limitations. Has nearly 250 comics on the platform.

r6rfy5zlifbsiiym – Books – A beginner comparehensive guide – A safety-guide which teaches new users how to maximise security of the Deep web tools such as Tor, TAILS etc. These browsers and OS(s) aren’t at their maximum security by default, a stroll through the guide should take them there.

yuxv6qujajqvmypv – Books – AvaxHome – Another “book download” site with extensive details displayed about the book which includes the name, a picture, ISBN number, total pages etc. Even though the site is free, the books need to be downloaded from a third-party company (icerbox.com) which isn’t. Although poses for an option when the required book isn’t available anywhere else but here.

avaxhome5lcpcok5 – Search Engine – DuckDuckGo – Duck Duck Go is one of the best deep web search engines and what makes it special is the fact that unlike Google Chrome, Yahoo and other search engines it doesn’t record the user preference, their IP address, or doesn’t bombard the users with ads. In short, it’s just a “search engine” and displays websites based on user searches, doesn’t do anything extra, at all. Because it’s anonymous, it also is the default search engine for Tor.

3g2upl4pq6kufc4m – Search Engine – notEvil – Finding Tor links isn’t as easy as finding links on the Clearnet, Not EVIL is a dark web search engine which does ease the search to an extent. It can be used like any other standard search engine by keying-in a keyword on the search bar, and it returns relevent results even though the interface isn’t as user-friendly as Google or Yahoo.

hss3uro2hsxfogfq – Search Engine – Ahmia – Another one of the Dark web links redirecting users to a “search engine” for the Dark web. It’s quite similar to Google as far as the user-interface goes, although doesn’t display any description for the sites. Is free to use, and lets users report pages which they think should be removes (such as child porn).

msydqstlz2kzerdg – Search Engine – Torch – Torch is another one of the most widely known Dark web search engines which lets users search the .onion links with ease. The results shown are pretty detailed with page size and description although it’s not completely ad-free and some ads are shown. What makes it special is unlike most other popular search engines, it doesn’t crop out the complete URLs of the sites hence the URLs can be verified before visiting them, something which helps avoid phishing links on the dark web.

xmh57jrzrnw6insl – Search Engine – Wikileaks – WikiLeaks is arguably the most popular, controversial and established site when it comes to “Leaks”. Founded by Julian Assange, it’s a site which leaks govt. or VIP secrets, confidential documents/messages/files or anything else which the public should know of but the govt doesn’t let it. It gained massive attention after the Chelsea Manning leaks.

76ssfjn22svo4vyl – Blogs/News – The New Yorks Times – New York Times on the Dark web, that’s exactly what this link is about. If you wish to read one of the world’s leading papers yet aren’t a fan of the clearnet, you can and should use the NY Times Tor link to get to their Onion site.

nytimes3xbfgragh – Blogs/News – ParaZite – For new users or even experienced ones who don’t have any specific URL to visit but need to stroll the Dark web, ParaZite brings up random yet interesting sites of interest; I found couple horror sites, drug sites and so on. There’s no knowing what the next click of yours may get you!”

qx7j2selmom4ioxf – Blogs/News – Dread – Dread is basically the Dark web’s Reddit! Primarily used by Darknet Markets and other such questionable sites which can’t exist freely or as liberally on the clearnet reddit as they can on Dread. Can be used to read reviews, know more about sites and platforms or even contact admins in some cases. The look and feel is exactly alike Reddit.

dreadditevelidot – Reddit – Sin Sity – Sin Sity is a paid video-download site where users can purchase time-based subscriptions and download any and all kinds of videos. From the name it does suggest the fact that most videos probably will be porn, or controversial in the least. It has as much as 9Terabytes of Video files along with 170,000 photos! Lowest subscription costs 0.003BTC for 7-days, while the 365-day package costs 0.034BTC.

sinsiylg577m23t7 – Video – Gore – Arguably the best destination for Gore lovers, it’s basically a site full of photos and videos of women either being tortured, or after torture, mostly bloody, dead-bodies of those women although real-rape videos too are available over there. All the photos are real and not a product of fiction. Accessing the site is absolutely free no registration is required either.

brchanansdnhvvnm – Gore – Artwork Index – One of the very few Dark web links made for “images of everything”. It includes sections such as Real life, Mangas, Comics, Horror, 3D artwork and so on. Accessing the site is absolutely free. There’s no complex interface either, a single click on the links reveals the image or content that it holds. No registration required.

tssa3saypkimmkcy – Art – ZCash – It’s the official Dark web link for ZCash, the cryptocurrency which markets itself on the fungibility of the coins. What makes zCash special is that it’s not recorded on the Blockchain, in other words previous transactions aren’t linked to older ones making it more private than most other currencies.

zcashph5mxqjjby2 – CryptoCurrency – Tor Electronic Shop. – As the name suggests, it’s one of those Dark web links which sells Stolen as well as Carded Electronic goods. Because the items are procured illegally, they’re priced much lower than the original price of the product. It sells basically everything, Apple TVs, iPhones, Smartwatches, computer parts and everything else that’s electronic. Payment can be made in Bitcoins, or LTC, BTCH, LTC and DOGE.

ulgxyuore7mbmoib – Carding – MercadoNegro – It’s one of the many Dark web links taking users to a Darknet market, the site is in Spanish and hence most of it isn’t of any use to non-speakers, or unless you’re willing to manually translate every bit of text using Google Translate. It easily has over 150 products, and every other category including Drugs, Digital Goods, Credit Cards are available. It accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash as well as Monero.

mercadouipzapomr – DarkNet Market – Gangsta Paradise – It’s basically a forum for “everything”, people can talk about Darknet Markets, Ads, Cryptocurrencies, Porn, Narcotics, Suicide and what not. The interface is extremely simple, No registration is required to access, or participate in the forum. Isn’t very active.

gangstas5qsooiz7 – Forum – BitBlender – One of the simplest Bitcoin Mixers on the Darkweb, has no mandatory registration requirements. Charges a randomized 1-3% fee; supports as many as 10 additional addresses although without distribution control. Offers mixing code as well. Minimum mix amount is 0.01BTC. Has a No logs policy and keeps logs only for 10 days for user-support. Registered accounts are optional and provide for 2-factor authentication.

bitblendervrfkzr – Bitcoin Mixer – Coin MX – One of the newer Dark web links in the “Bitcoin Mixer” industry; is anonymous and doesn’t need registration. Charges a 0.5% minimum fee + an additional 0.002BTC/extra address, has a no logs policy with no retention period. Needs minimum 3 confirmations for most transactions, while higher amount deposits may need as many as 6.

glsi365lpwsyndkt – Bitcoin Mixer – Chipmixer – One of the most unique deep web URLs as far as Bitcoin Mixers go; offering pre-funded wallets which contain “chips” worth the deposited funds. Because the wallets are funded before the user’s BTC deposit, they can’t ever be linked in any way. Provides the private key for the Bitcoins after successful deposit of funds. Also allows betting and donating in order to randomize output. Functions on a “pay what you like” payment structure. 0.001BTC is the minimum mix limit. Needs 1-6 confirmations.

chipmixerwzxtzbw – Bitcoin Mixer – Bit Cloak – BitCloak too as the name suggests is a Bitcoin cloaking/mixing service. It offers 10 additional addresses and time-delays as well, although the time-delay is only for the first output, delays for other outputs is random and not user-controlled. The fee is around 2% + 0.0004BTC/extra address. The minimum deposit limit is 0.01BTC while the maximum being 100BTC.

bitcloak43blmhmn – Bitcoin Mixer – PrivCoin – One of the most expensive Bitcoin mixers with a fee of 0.08% static fee, and 0.0005BTC/extra address. The time-delay and distribution control is completely user-controlled. Supports 10 additional addresses. The minimum deposit limit too is higher than most and set at 0.005BTC. Needs 3-5 confirmations. No registration is required. Has a no logs policy with 24 hour retention. Provides Letter of guarantee.

tr5ods7ncr6eznny – Bitcoin Mixer – BitWhisk – BitWhisk is a mixer which lets users control every aspect of their mix, the deposits can be controlled to the hours! The distribution too can be pre-specified by users. The fee however is 0.5% and can be increased by users willing to anonymize their deposits better. Requires 2 confirmations for deposits to be processed.

bitwhiskv7myl5d2 – Bitcoin Mixer – BitWhisk is a mixer which lets users control every aspect of their mix, the deposits can be controlled to the hours! The distribution too can be pre-specified by users. The fee however is 0.5% and can be increased by users willing to anonymize their deposits better. Requires 2 confirmations for deposits to be processed.

azworldjqhsr4pd5 – Marketplace – [A-Z world] (Exit Scam) – is a darknet market specializing in Digital Goods also offering Cards and Socks5 Checker. Mandatory registration required. Is secure and offers 2-FA, Profile phrase, recovery phrase and even 6-digit pin! Boasts as many as 1117 invidual products. Auto-shop sells RDP, Cards, Socks, PayPal accounts etc. Other products such as Fraud, Exploits, Software, Porn accounts, Guides and Tutorials etc. are available. Only BTC can be used for payments

wallstyizjhkrvmj – Marketplace – WallStreet Market (Exit Scam) – The second most well-established Darkweb link after Dream Market as far as Darknet Markets go pertaining to its age as well as established reputation. Offers abundant products with as many as 10,000+ listings. Has officially partnered up with DNM Avengers ensuring quality products and scam-free experience. Does offer PGP, Escrow, as well as Multisig transactions. Accepted BTC and Monero.

i5kjii2y2jumlye6etmouksvdhech357urmj4txctrneedl4vkfjbsqd – Marketplace – Empire Market (Exit Scam) – Not as old as Dream Market yet has been successful in establishing a reputation in quite a short span of time Prime attraction being its look and feel which exactly replicate that of Alphabay. Has 3550+ products, and is pretty secure. Like Dream Market offers the Withdrawal PIN (6 digit), Escrow as well as Multisig! Major currencies Bitcoin, Litecoin and well as Monero are accepted.

Wrapping Up

This must actually be, what most other lists on the internet claim themselves to be, the most extensive yet detailed dark web sites list existing on the Internet.

Note that some of these links while are definitely working, may not be legitimate or trustworthy, and deciding to go with any one of the above links is completely your own responsibility.

Also, we do not promote, advocate or suggest in any way actually hiring killers off the dark web, buying drugs or using any of the above links in any way, neither legal nor illegal, these links are solely for educational purposes, any use of these deep web sites to any end is solely your own responsibility as well.

Do let us know if this list of Dark web links helped you take a walk around the Dark web park; or if there are some other links you think should be included in this list, but aren’t!

urora7t7en7racqbytspft6myxds25hnczjk56tvqev2bziir74t4yd – Marketplace – Aurora Market – It’s a dual-currency market and accepts both XMR as well as BTC. Payments can be wallet-less or deposited in advance to the market wallet. Sellers need to deposit $400.00 which is a one-time fee. Over 12000+ products currently available. Doesn’t sell weapons, illegal porn, fentanyl etc.

courier2w2hawxspntosy3wolvc7g7tcrwhitiu4irrupnpqub2bqxid – Marketplace – The most “liberal” market on the planet. Isn’t affiliated with any darknet community, forum or anything else. Sells every single thing except underage porn. Weapons, human body parts, digital goods, forgery, cashing, stolen goods (big goods, including cars and bikes), bribing, kidnapping and many other products and services available. Is wallet-less. No other cryptocurrency except Bitcoin is accepted.

coronhls55k7oo3mzzwf3xlketww6rgdpxtpoxv3yogtvjiboohytuqd – Marketplace – Corona Market – A relatively new market and yet boasts over 4000 listings and nearly 35000 users. 4 vendor plans available, one of them is free forever. Both wallet-less and centralized wallet deposits possible. BTC + XMR accepted. PGP based 2-FA, self-destructing messages, auto-logout and mnemonic for account recovery provided.

p5eg3xsssjglu6tvwfazp2nqqwfpah55wr3ljil2bezp5shix5ruqsqd – Marketplace – DarkFox Market – It’s a Bitcoin-only market and isn’t wallet-less. The minimum BTC deposit is required to be 0.00005BTC. The product-stock stands at around 5000 listings. Seller accounts sold for $150.00. Also features an autoshop! “Scam Hunter” and “Fake Review Detector” used. Multisig escrow too supported. Both 2-FA and security PIN available.

asap2u4pvplnkzl7ecle45wajojnftja45wvovl3jrvhangeyq67ziid – Marketplace – ASAP Market – It’s a market with 7000+ listings. Both BTC and XMR are accepted even though it’s not wallet-less. Security features include 2-FA and security PIN. Registration isn’t required for browsing products. Vendor fee is priced at $400. Additional fee/sale required. Doesn’t allow illegal porn, hitman services, weapons/poison, and transfers.

torbuyxpe6auueywlctu4wz6ur3o5n2meybt6tyi4rmeudtjsysayqyd – Marketplace – Tor Buy primarily sells cards, counterfeit money, money transfers etc. Meaning, items like drugs, jewelry, clothing etc. isn’t available (for now). Vendors are accepted, vendor bond costs $750.00. Registration is mandatory for purchases and is free, anonymous and instant. Low exit-scam probabilities as it’s wallet-less. Bitcoins accepted for payments. Escrow available. 

jppr7cpe7m5fndlehgz2c76qgsgi4p4yrwrusqkdcsu76gtd7wpr5fid – Marketplace – UnderMarketReloaded– A marketplace which offers free vendor accounts. Vendor accounts can be used to both buy as well as sell. All traditional  darknet products available. Even weapons are allowed. Only accepts Bitcoins and they must be deposited in advance. Does offer vendor-history verification.

7zyl6ityktmfp5y2ilsb5dfnubkmoj3pqgvrqlayj4ogwjucn6xluwyd – Marketplace – Gladiator market– This market has a very modern/minimalist interface. Vendor accounts are available for a one-time 0.02BTC fee. It’s wallet-less. Escrow and Multisig transactions are available. Doesn’t allow the sale of weapons, illegal porn and fentanyl. Uses “Seller Level” tags which help find trusted sellers easily. No other crypto except BTC is accepted. 

hshlpewgid57veduk7k6d6rt2rmyl5d4juif3ncb5oqc6ko6qdkas4id – Marketplace – Deepsea Market – One of the most secure Darknet Markets. Has 7 mirrors and also offers exclusive URLs to level 3+ vendors. Bitcoin is the only accepted Cryptocurrency. Isn’t wallet-less. Probably ZCash and XMR will be accepted in the near-future. Carded items, Fraud, Jewellery, Services etc. make up for a total of around 1,000 products as of today. Deposits require 3 confirmations. The site is coded from scratch, yet mimics the interface from other successful DNMs for ease-of-use.

elite6c3wh756biv7v2fyhnoitizvl2gmoisq7xgmp2b2c5ryicottyd – Marketplace – Elite Market (Got Scam Report) lets us browse products without registration. Available products include everything you can imagine with the only exceptions being murder-services, weapons, prostitution, illegal porn, and harmful chemicals. Is pretty secure, offers PGP and Escrow in addition to a ton of account-security features. Vendor-transparency is impressive as well. Also offers strong feedback controls to buyers. Limited in payment modes and only accepts BTC. Not wallet-less.

samsaraccrn2jmin – Marketplace – Samsara Market – Arguably the “best” Dark Web link existing today when it comes to a Darknet Market, in terms of age, established reputation and product listings with as many as 121000+ individual products listed. Offers Escrow, Multisig, Withdrawal code as well as PGP for user and account security. Requires a 0.1BTC vendor bond. Accepts BTC, BTCH as well as XMR (Monero) as payment currencies.

auzbdiguv5qtp37xoma3n4xfch62duxtdiu4cfrrwbxgckipd4aktxid – Marketplace – White House Market – The only DarknetMarket offering “dedicated” domains to highly active vendors and buyers. Boasts 500+ products, with Drugs dominating the stocks quantitatively. 2-FA, Escrow and PGP encryption not only available, but are a “must”. Ensures product quality via various measures. Vendor accounts are free and 1-click upgrades from usual accounts offered. 5% vending fee/sale required. Vendor transparency and Search functionality are present. Only Monero payments are accepted.

berlusconifsfwkp – Marketplace – Berlusocni Market uses a traditional DNM interface, spiked with an advanced search-feature which make finding products extremely easy and fast. Anything normally associated with a DNM can be found on Berlusocni; although with exceptions. Payment modes include BTC, LTC and XMR. Is a registration-only market. Does offer 2-FA, Escrow, Multisig, PIN and probably wallet-less deposits in the near future.

lunamarmge6dadag – Marketplace – Luna Market – The most important aspects of a marketplace include its security features, transparency, and availability of products. Luna Market is one such marketplace which has aced all of these. Security features include 2-FA and Multisig, it requires funds to be deposited only at the time of a purchase, not prior to it making sure the market can’t exit-scam. Transparency too is adequate, vendor profiles can be verified for reviews, feedbacks, disputes etc. before making a purchase. As for products, it has 1112 products in total, in 11 categories which include Drugs, Electronics, Hosting, Counterfeits, Electronic goods etc.