Bitcoin Mixer Review – Is It Legit or Scam?

Bitcoin Mixing has a plethora of benefits, but only if done right, on a legitimate and feature-rich platform. Simply “mixing the coins” doesn’t add to the anonymity as much as the additional features do. This Bitcoin Mixer review deals with one such feature-rich mixer, we’ll see if it holds up to its claims.

We’d look at all the factors that the mixer provides, the amount of control users are provided over the mixes and its economical aspects. In a nutshell, there wouldn’t be much left unanswered about the platform once you go through this Bitcoin Mixer review.

Disclaimer: Using a Mixer isn’t illegal, but using it for illegal purposes is. We hold no responsibility if you use it for any such purposes, including but not limited to Darknet Purchase, Tax-evasion etc.

Bitcoin Mixer at a Glance

Here’s an overview of the mixer which would get you an outline of what is and isn’t possible on the mixer.

  • Website: btcmixnqyq7kljrr.onion
  • Registrations: Not Required
  • Fees: 1% + 0.0000001BTC/extra address
  • Fee Control: No
  • Additional Addresses: 5
  • Time-Delays: Available, User-Controlled
  • Fund-Distribution: Available, Fully User-Controlled
  • No Logs Policy: Yes
  • Clearnet Access: Yes

Ease of Use

Let’s say you’re a complete novice, and have never mixed Bitcoins prior to this. Fortunately Bitcoin Mixer requires 0 prior experience. This is what you’d see when you land on the dashboard:

The screenshot above should make it clear how easy using the platform is. It can be divided in 5 basic steps:

  1. Enter your Bitcoin Address where you wish to receive the funds.
  2. Click on “Add Address” (Only If you wish to add more addresses. This is completely optional. If you skip this, you can also skip Step 3)!
  3. Specify the amount of funds you wish each address to receive. (Only required if more than one addresses specified).
  4. Specify a time-delay after which you wish each address to receive their share of funds.
  5. Click Continue.

Advanced Anonymity Features

There are a number of features which if available, boost the overall anonymity that any Bitcoin mixer is capable of offering.

We’ll discuss each of the following in detail:

  • Additional Addresses.
  • Time Delays.
  • Fund-Distribution.

Additional Addresses

Once the coins have been cleaned, instead of getting them sent to any one address, it’s better if they can be sent to multiple addresses. Isn’t it? It makes following them, and linking them to the original input even harder.

Bitcoin Mixer currently allows 5 additional addresses. Sure more addresses could be better, but 5 is the industry standard. It keeps the overall fee low, and still provides enough anonymity for most transactions.

Time-Delays (User-Controlled).

If the time of input and output are either instant, or only minutes apart they  can still be linked together, right? Time-Delays allows us to add a delay between the unclean and clean coins.

Bitcoin Mixer unlike most other mixers, doesn’t assign these delays automatically. Rather lets you decide when you wish to receive the coins. Not just once, but for each address.

So you can set separate delays for each address. The further apart these transactions are, the more anonymous they can be.

Bitcoin Mixer offers the following delays (recently changed, and updated):

  • Instant (No Delay).
  • 1 Hour.
  • 2 Hours.
  • 5 Hours.
  • 10 Hours.
  • and  12 Hours

The availability of the “Instant” delay makes it clear that you can also opt to receive the coins instantly, without any delay whatsoever. While not the most anonymous option, it still is an option and is possible. It can be used when you’re not into something super serious and just want basic anonymity.

Fund-Distribution  (User-Controlled).

The final tweak which can be applied to a Bitcoin mix is the fund-distribution. This is the % of funds each of your addresses receive. It’s only applicable if you’re using multiple output addresses to receive your coins.

The goal again is to make the outputs seem as random and different from each other as possible.

As mentioned in step-3 in an earlier section of this Bitcoin Mixer review, the platform does allow us to select exact fund-percentage for each address.

So the three primary anonymity-features are all available and controlled by the users.

Fees (Not User-Controlled)

How much does the mixer charge for mixes? A mere 0.25%/transaction. This by far is the lowest fee we’ve ever seen. This fee was earlier 1% but was reduced making it a lot more affordable.  This fee can’t be controlled by the user, and is fixed by the platform.

For every additional address that you use, you’re charged another 0.000001 BTC. Comparing the amount of anonymity every new address adds, this fee is equal to being non-existent.

Minimum Requirements (Confirmations and Deposits)

Mixers generally have a minimum requirement, both for Confirmations and Deposits. The minimum confirmation requirement makes sure they can’t be scammed, and prevents double-spending.

Minimum Deposits make sure the mixer isn’t troubled for extremely small amounts. Although the lower these requirements are, the faster and more affordable the mixer becomes for the users.

Bitcoin Mixer excels on both the fronts. It only demands 1 confirmation for most deposits, unless you’re trying to deposit 20 BTC+. Even for 20 BTC, the confirmation requirement isn’t insane and is limited at 6.

As for the minimum deposit, it’s set at 0.0002 BTC. Again, something which makes it accessible to the general public.

Doesn’t Keep Logs

The mixer is pretty privacy-friendly (we wouldn’t be working on this Bitcoin Mixer review if it wasn’t). Among many other points which promote anonymity, its “No Logs Policy” is one that requires special attention.

It not only doesn’t store logs permanently, but also provides users the ability to delete the logs manually. So its automatic store-period for the logs is 7 days. It’s required so support can be provided regarding the mix.

But if the mix was successful, you do not need to wait a week for the logs to be auto-deleted. Rather you can just manually delete the logs whenever you feel like it.


Bitcoin Mixing means you’re dealing with money, at times a lot of money. Fortunately Bitcoin Mixer does have a team which comes to the rescue in case thins go wrong.

The official reply time is within 24 hours, although actually they reply much faster. The mix-ID is all that’s required in most cases to identify a mix and get things sorted.

Clearnet Access

When we first scribbled this Bitcoin mixer review, it hadn’t launched clearnet access by then.

As of today, June 2020, it not only offers a clearnet domain but even has a mirror URL.

  • Clearnet URL:
  • Mirror URL:

Now, Clearnet domains are less-anonymous, but more trustworthy.

As in, the owners of these domains can be more easily traced and tracked.

This leads to lesser chances of you being scammed, as compared to a .onion Bitcoin mixer.

But then again, if you truly need absolute privacy, only  the .onion mixer can do that for you.

However, if you use Tor browser + the best VPN it’s possible to remain anonymous, and yet secure even when mixing the coins on the clearnet domain.

Unless you’re mixing illegally obtained coins, the clearnet domains (Tor + VPN access) does offer sufficient anonimity.

And, we’re strictly against mixing illegal coins, or using the Bitcoin Mixer for illegal activities.


We did cover most important features for the mixer so far, didn’t we? The anonymity, additional settings, confirmations, minimum deposit and everything else. Let’s be done with this Bitcoin Mixer review then?

If I compare it to any of the other bigger names in the industry, I say it asks for less and delivers more. The UI, speed and everything else is just equal to, if not better than those other names.

The primary selling point for me as far as this Bitcoin Mixer goes are its extremely low fee (0.25%/transaction) followed by 100% anonymity. There honestly weren’t any major deal-breakers.

Did you find some? It’s totally possible that you did. If you did, do let us know in the comments of this Bitcoin Mixer review.