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New darknet markets seem to get creative and feature-rich with every passing day! This ASAP Market review covers one such market.

Markets no longer believe in just facilitating the “trades”. They seem to actively focus on other aspects as well. This market for starters takes special interest in vendor-legitimacy, anti-scam measures and even secure shipping and deliveries!

Sure, the statements may seem vague for now. Keep going on this ASAP Market review and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

We’ll try to explain the market best by answering the following questions:

  • What makes ASAP Market different?
  • What can be bought and sold on ASAP Market?
  • How can you pay on ASAP Market?
  • What are the minimum deposit and withdrawal requirements on ASAP Market?
  • What are account security features on ASAP Market?
  • What are the trade security features on ASAP Market?
  • Can you sell on ASAP Market?

Before we start, we’d make things easier for you by getting you an overview of the entire marketplace.

ASAP Market in a nutshell

ASAP Market isn’t even a year old and yet boasts some of the most exclusive features in the industry! Here’s a sneak-peek:

  • TOR URL:   asap4u2ihsunfdsumm66pmado3mt3lemdiu3fbx5b7wj5hb3xpgmwkqd.onion
  • Mirrors:  http://asap4u7rq4tyakf5gdahmj2c77blwc4noxnsppp5lzlhk7x34x2e22yd.onion
  • Vendor fee: $400 one-time + 5% per sale.
  • BTC: Yes
  • XMR: Yes
  • Wallet-less: No
  • Deaddrops: Yes
  • 2-FA: Yes
  • Multisig: No
  • Security PIN: Yes
  • Total listings: 7500+

That got you an idea, didn’t it? Dive right in for more details.

What makes ASAP Market different?

We’re sure you’ve been with other markets before. Even if that’s not true for some of you, you’d still see innovation on ASAP Market.

There actually are three primary features which are totally unique and exclusive to the market:

  • Scam Hunter
  • Fake Review Detector
  • DeadDrops.

Scam Hunter is a back-end feature that the market uses. It somehow is able to detect fake vendors, as well as buyers. Practically speaking, the buyers can just create new accounts however it sure hurts vendors and hence decreases their chances of scamming users.

The Fake Review Detector is another back-end feature which is a vendor nightmare. It detects reviews which are fake and published purely for driving up sales.

Finally, the DeadDrops are the most impressive of all. They allow vendors to ship and deliver while buyers to receive products with utmost anonymity and security.  It even has an in-built map.

Users can use a “secret phrase” as well as an “authorization code” for validating their DeadDrop trades! Even the availability of vendors can be checked within a 100 mile radius!

The identities of both the buyer and the vendor is kept completely safe. All in all, it’s a never-before feature which takes ASAP Market to  a completely different league.

What can be bought and sold on ASAP Market?

This ASAP Market review is both for the buyers as well as vendors. So yes, you can both buy and sell on the market.

For one, you won’t be disappointed with the quantity of products available. It easily has over 7500 listings. Sure, quite a few of them are one or the other type of “Drug” but hey, isn’t that what darknet markets are famous for?

Obviously you can buy other products such as Digital Goods, Fraud-related items, and Counterfeits etc.

Need a more detailed insight? The Digital Goods category will give you products such as gift cards, social media signals, accounts etc.

More interested in the “Fraud” items? Hey, the name hints at it, doesn’t it?

Well yes, it’s primarily for finance-related items which are either stolen, cloned, copied or just obtained illegally.

The “counterfeits” category will let users buy and sell items which are mostly “duplicated”. It may be jewellery, cash, documents or anything else.

If you’re a potential vendor reading this, well, you’re allowed to (but you shouldn’t) sell almost anything and everything, as long as it’s not:

How can you pay on ASAP Market?

ASAP Market requires centralized deposits to the account wallet before things can be purchased. In other words, it’s not wallet-less. Being honest? That’s a bit of a downer although it’s still not a complete deal-breaker.

If you don’t like centralized deposits either, you can only make specific, exact deposits which amount to your purchase amount.

As for the Cryptocurrencies, ASAP Market accepts payments in:

  • Bitcoin
  • Monero.

What are the minimum deposit and withdrawal requirements on ASAP Market?

So, do you need to deposit a large amount of funds on ASAP Market? Fortunately, no. The market accepts deposits as low as 0.0005BTC. That’s less than $30.00 going by Bitcoin’s current rate.

Even for XMR, the requirement is set at just 0.06XMR. Given XMR’s current price, this too is a pretty affordable limit.

No one likes keeping excess funds on darknet wallets, do you? Keeping that in mind, ASAP Market does allow withdrawals, with pretty low limits.

E.g. Bitcoin can be withdrawn even if it’s just 0.0009BTC. On the other hand, XMR’s withdrawal limit is set at 0.06XMR.

What are account security features on ASAP Market?

By “account security” we mean the features which prevent your account from being hacked. It’s pointed out explicitly because there’s another type of security I’ve discussed in the next section on this ASAP Market review.

So, the market offers 2-factor authentication via PGP. This locks your account with a PGP key in addition to your password. The password alone is useless and can’t be used for accessing the account.

Then there’s a six-digit PIN which can be set during registration. This PIN is primarily required for withdrawals. It makes sure even your 2-FA and password, when compromised, do not compromise your funds.

What are the trade security features on ASAP Market?

Now, this section will primarily tell you how secure the “trades” on ASAP Market are. Will you be scammed? Can you avoid scams? Let’s see.

Remember those “Scam Hunter” and “FRD” features mentioned earlier? Those too are trade-security features, aren’t they? They help detect scammers and fake reviews hence making the market scammer free.

On top of that, there’s Escrow facilitated by the market on most trades.

Just in case that’s not enough, the market also offers very transparent vendor-profiles.

By clicking on any vendor’s username, you can find details as shown in the above screenshot. This includes data such as the registration date, last active date and feedback from many different marketplaces.

Now, while this is “okay”, it’s surely not impressive. It doesn’t show the number of sales, the number of refunds, or even the number of disputes.

Obviously, the market trades are extremely still secure because of the other features. However, its vendor-transparency is one feature  that needs work.

Can you sell on ASAP Market?

Yes, ASAP Market accepts independent sellers and allows them to sell on the market. In order to obtain a vendor account, users need to first create a normal buyer account. From the profile option, the vendor application can be accessed.

The cost of selling on ASAP Market is USD 400.00 which is a one-time fee. It’s not refundable.

For each sale, an additional commission of 5%/sale is to be paid. If you’re an established vendor, this commission can be negotiated.

Do note that PGP while is optional for buyers, is mandatory for vendors on ASAP Market.

ASAP Market review – conclusion

To sum this ASAP Market review up, we’d rate it a 4/5 market for now. It’s primarily based on the pros such as its product-stock, the exclusive features, and payment policies.

The one star it lost isn’t random either. It’s deducted because the market needs improvements with its vendor transparency, and a wallet-less payment mode would be appreciated as well.

However, overall, it sure is a market that doesn’t leave much to be desired. If it keeps on the track, it may soon find itself on top of the darknet industry. If you’ve read this far on this ASAP Market review, go check it out, you  clearly are interested.